Spend a lot of money on big-name bags, and spend a small amount of money on heart bags

Why do women need to buy bags?

No why, because of nature.

“If I could, I would like to smell different bags and wake up from sleep”

“Burning goose, I can only smell the aroma of meat buns and get up to work”

Today, Sakushi Jun recommends summer beauty bags for everyone, the main one

Light and cool

。 While appreciating the big-name summer bags, some of the bags are powerful

I deliberately found a niche bag that sold for less than 3,000 yuan

, Girls who eat dirt can afford it~

Cross-body (hand-carry) bag

Portable utilitarian bags for all ages and styles; The slender straps are also perfect for carrying shoulders in summer, and the coolness adds a lot of points.

Marques Almeida、Chloé、Loewe

Of course, there are pure shoulder bags like the Chloé Faye mini;

Fresh and refreshing like Emma Roberts.

Recommended by Saku Jun:

The summer cross-body bag is not Furla’s Metropolis bag, even if I find that it has become a street bag, because it is too small and easy to carry, the color is jumpy and stable, very pleasing to girls; The price is not expensive, and it can be done within 2000.

Fashion blogger Monique Romanowski

This year, Xiao S also took the Valentine’s Day version of the Metropolis bag to shoot a fashion blockbuster

Half-month package

Victoria brought the popularity of half-moon bags back to this spring/summer, which were all the rage in the 70s, and Michael Kors also produced similar bags, smooth leather and strong integrity, which is also a casual and versatile fashion satchel choice.

If you think it looks too monotonous and lacks flexibility, you can also choose a half-moon package like Jason Wu.

A.P.C. also has a very cost-effective half-moon bag called Moon Clutch, because it is practical and easy to install, looks simple and generous, and the cowhide material is really high-grade, so it is very rammed abroad, the point is that it is priced at only 3000RMB.

Chain bag

Metal chain bags have been intermittently moving between the mainstream over the years, but since last year, various brands have designed chain bags that fit the theme of the season, and the materials are also diverse, suede, cowhide, snakeskin, crocodile leather, etc.


Many girls find it very troublesome to carry their bags in their hands, but it is still indispensable to attend some important occasions. Sakushi Jun will prepare the new clutch bag this spring and summer to every girl who has the intention to marry into a wealthy family, or is a wealthy family herself~

Remember that the technique of holding a bag is also exquisite, see the picture for details:

Dlane Von Furstenberg、Valentino、Lela Rose

Phillip Lim、Balmain、Dries Van Noten

Handrope bag

Handrope bags and bucket bags are basically inseparable, and most handrope bags are designed to be quirky and better than one dexterity.

There’s also Alexander Wang’s mini bucket bag:

About such a small handstring bag, the people-friendly Building Block Bag has the most right to speak, its mini bag is not good, if you think it looks a little boring, you can DIY some tricks on it, the price is slightly cheaper than the normal size, about 2500RMB.

Tassel bags

A large number of tassels appeared in clothes and shoes from 15 years old, and it is not surprising that the enthusiasm for tassels was revived in the spring/summer 16 bags.

Different colors and fancy patterns can have a good chemical reaction with the tassel bag, which looks retro and fashionable.

BCBG Max Azria、Dlane Von Furstenberg、Roberto Cavalli

Altuzarra、Balenciaga、Badgley Mischka

Saint Laurent’s tassel bag was liked by the local tycoon Kardashian family as soon as it was launched, and the price must be expensive, right? No. This Anita tassel bag comes out of the Baby model, which is very small and especially suitable for summer. The important thing is that it costs about 3500RMB, which is definitely a summer hot bag in the big brands.


This is a large category of bags, including doctor bags (square in shape, flat bottom), bowling bags (rounded corners), Boston bags, etc., in addition to Dior’s red half-sky Dai bag You really have a lot of choices:

Florian London, priced at 2500-3000RMB, is a cost-effective choice, from doctor bags to bowling bags, and they regularly produce graffiti bags with different themes.


Some girls feel that backpacks can bring her a sense of security more than shoulder bags and handbags, and now backpacks are no longer stereotypical and boring, they are smaller and more varied, such as Versace’s bag:

Good-looking backpacks look literary and age-reduced, and Kara’s backpacks will never look childish. It uses fine leather and zippers, and the design is very integrated; The price ranges from 1800-3000RMB.

Square box bag

Fashion is always cyclical, and this year it’s home to box bags. Even if there is no complicated print, complicated pendant, Box Bag’s crisp bag shape looks straight and simple.

The particularly malleable Building Block Bag is a very good square box bag choice, and its colors are very atmospheric: black, milk tea, dark green and so on; The price is about 3000, depending on the size and material of the bag.

Ghost Horse Bag

It is the mission of the ghost horse bag to hold the imagination in the hand, and they risk “most of them going straight to” the classic versatile “girls”, opening a bloody path for girls who like to be different.

In fact, no matter how you wear it, carrying a bag like this will look crazy and unique, provided you are unconditionally confident.

Animal Buddy Bags (Animal Pack)

Food Shaped Bags

Item Shaped Handbags

After recommending so many beautiful bags, Zuo Shijun was reminded of a debate before “Strange Words”: should I buy bags by flashing cards.

Money makes people feel safe, bags make people happy and decent; And no matter how we prepare, we will encounter heartbeats that we cannot afford. Of course, the bag must be bought, and in retrospect, these rare moments in life are worth smiling and warm, and like love, happiness (bag) missed is missed.

Sakushi Jun believes that in a person’s current temperament, there are hidden paths he has walked, books he has read, and people he has loved. Now I think I can add another one: the bag that ta bought.

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