Come to the whole body “big health” Omron Internet celebrity massager experience evaluation

After a day’s work, sitting in an office chair for a long time, your body will feel uncomfortable. Young age and back pain, this is the true portrayal of the author. Usually it may seem like a small problem, but long-term shoulder and neck discomfort will cause irreversible damage to the body, lumbar muscle strain, frozen shoulder and other chronic diseases knock on your door in minutes.

If you want to relax, going to the massage parlor every day is not economical and time-consuming; Ordinary physical massager, the material is usually very hard, and the muscles are more painful after knocking; In order to solve such a problem, another type of sword walking electrophysiological massager came into being, through different modes of massage effect, so that the stiff muscles relax and start the soothing effect. Today, the author wants to introduce to you the recent Internet celebrity explosion – Omron HV-F021 low-frequency massager.

Before we start today’s review experience, let’s answer a few questions that everyone is curious about.

1. What is a low-frequency massager?

When it comes to Omron, I believe that many people first think of the blood pressure monitor produced by its family. In fact, as the world’s leading medical device brand, Omron has always been deeply engaged in the field of family medical and health care, with a long history of more than half a reality. In recent years, it has continued to innovate and expand new health fields, among which the more representative is this Omron low-frequency massager.

Simply put, low-frequency massagers belong to a kind of equipment for physiotherapy, which mainly uses the lower frequency of electromagnetic waves for medical care. The air gap between the electrodes and the skin causes a pumping effect in the muscles, causing the muscles to contract or relax. When relaxed, blood is transported in large quantities, and when contracted, blood containing metabolites is sent out. This action is repeated to promote blood circulation while soothing muscles.

Low frequency massager principle

2. Is the low-frequency massager harmful to the body?

The answer is harmless.

You know, the neural activity and muscle movement in the organism are accompanied by very weak currents and potential changes, which are called biocurrents, which play an indispensable role in the normal performance of body functions. In medicine, pulse currents with frequencies below 1000Hz are called low-frequency currents, or low-frequency pulse currents. The low-frequency massager uses low-frequency current with the same properties as physiological current to stimulate nerves and muscles through the skin meridians, so as to activate the latent function of various organs and maintain the function of normalization. Low-frequency massage can promote and improve the body’s metabolism to a certain extent, while soothing neuromuscular tissue, promoting local blood circulation and analgesia.

3. What kind of people are not suitable for use?

1) Do not use implantable medical devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, CRTs, etc.) in the body, medical electronic devices such as artificial hearts and lungs, or instruments that have been connected to ECG monitoring. Because the above devices are also based on the electrophysiological principles of the human body to work, and they are all important instruments for maintaining life. The discharge of this treatment device may cause malfunction and damage to other devices, resulting in harm to the body.

2) If you have heart diseases or tendencies, do not use this device easily, or do not use the device on the torso, try to use it on the limbs.

3) The third is to try not to use instruments when other things such as headaches and brain fever are uncomfortable.

First, pink and tender appearance, small and portable

First of all, take a look at the family portrait, the product is divided into several parts such as the main machine of the massager, the electrode sheet × 2, the wire, the electrode sheet storage plate and the instruction manual.

OMRON HV-F021 low-frequency massager is very small, and girls can also hold it in one hand, whether it is used at home, taken to the office, or carried on business. In terms of color schemes, cherry blossom pink and piano black are available, and this one we reviewed today is one of the pink models.

The front of the main engine body adopts an acrylic crystal panel, which is smooth and comfortable to the touch. There are only three physical buttons in the center, namely the open key, the mode adjustment key and the intensity button, which is very simple and convenient to operate, even for the elderly at home to use it does not require much learning cost.

The back of the fuselage adopts a rounded shape, the matte texture is not stained with sweat and fingerprints, and it also fits the curve of the palm when held. The back battery compartment is printed with precautions and warning content when using, which is still very intimate.

The electrode sheet adopts a figure-8 shape, and the connection to the wire is connected by a button, and the electrode sheet can be placed in the electrode storage plate when not in use.

2. Easy to get started and soothe muscles

In the actual experience, we first use a wire to connect the host and the electrode, stick the electrode sheet to the part we need to massage, and then we can start and run!

The wires are connected to the electrode sheets

After booting, we can see multiple options on the screen, Omron HV-F021 low-frequency massager can treat 6 parts, corresponding to the waist, upper arm, joints, calves, soles and shoulders, users can choose the mode according to the needs of the massage site. , you can also customize the choice of knocking, pressing, kneading three different massage methods.

Mode selection

The lower two modules of the screen are the intensity and time of the massage, which has 15 adjustable levels in intensity to control the output current, which can be adjusted by pressing the addition or subtraction of the intensity, which can be freely selected according to the user’s needs. Everyone’s tolerance is different, it is recommended that when you first start to use, you can gradually increase to a more comfortable gear for your body, don’t adjust the intensity too high at first, otherwise it will be absolutely sour.

In terms of time, in order to ensure the health of users, Omron HV-F021 low-frequency massager sets a 15-minute time-limited function, which will automatically turn off at that time, which is safe and worry-free, and users can also adjust the use time according to their own feelings.

First of all, we choose the mode of knocking, the author’s tolerance is average, after the intensity is adjusted to 6, you can see the obvious shaking of the body, indeed feel that the arm is being constantly tapped, after 5 minutes of trying, I have felt that the forearm is very numb, and the muscles are in a very relaxed state, as if I just finished a hand “horse killing chicken”.

Tap mode

The feeling of kneading and pressing the two modes is similar, among which according to the physical therapy in the mode, the feeling of the electrode sheet exerting force from the center to the surroundings is more obvious, and the arm is softer after the massage, which is relatively comfortable.

Kneading mode

The author has also experienced the massage of the waist, legs, shoulders and neck, especially the hard-hit shoulder area, after fifteen minutes of massage, you can feel that the entire muscle of the neck is constantly contracting and relaxing, tightening and relaxing. In the “knock” mode, the feeling of simulating the force of a real person is very strong, which is very helpful for the relief of stiff muscles in the neck.

Leg massage

Shoulder massage

It is worth mentioning that the Omron HV-F021 low-frequency massager uses skin-friendly electrodes imported from Japan, which have an excellent touch and are cold and cold on the skin. At the same time, the stickiness and strength are not very large, just in a state that can be fixed on the skin without falling off, and there is no need to worry about tearing the skin when it is removed after massage, and the “hairy star” does not have to worry about their sweat.

Remove the electrode

After use, if you feel that the patch is not sticky enough, you can also clean the patch part of the electrode sheet, only need a small amount of water, gently wipe with your fingertips, dry yourself and store it with a storage plate.

Clean the electrode

It is worth mentioning that the electrode sheet is a consumable, it is recommended to wash every 30 times, each electrode can be used repeatedly about 300 times, and the use cycle is still very long. In addition, if the electrode sheet is damaged, the user can also purchase it separately on the e-commerce platform.



At this point, our review is coming to an end. On the whole, Omron HV-F021 low-frequency massager [buy poke here] has a beautiful and fashionable appearance, small and exquisite size, easy to carry, and at the same time the operation is simple and easy to understand, and the elderly can also easily get started. The product quality is safe and reliable, the use feels soft and soothing, 3 massage modes, 6 different parts, enough to meet the user’s personalized daily massage needs, is an excellent home low-frequency massage instrument.

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