After various comics & movie releases, Mezco began to design Batman himself?

After various comics & movie releases, Mezco began to design Batman himself?

Original is a toy 2018-05-09

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Mzeco’s ONE: 12 series of characters launched the most is various versions of Batman, after N comics & movie versions, Mezco is not satisfied with just following the original, and recently an original Batman called “Sovereign Knight” (Lord Knight) was launched

The reason why it is named “Lord Knight”, Mezco’s official explanation is that this suit is an advanced equipment during Batman’s victory period, and the new suit can provide higher protection and speed than the early look, and the weapons and equipment are more diverse

Sovereign Knight – meaning “the knight who rules Gotham”, at this time the heyday Batman has become the night lord of King’s Landing Gotham, and all criminals are afraid of

In the design of “Lord Knight”, Mezco still mainly retains most of the elements of the comic book version of the retro Batman, such as the big logo on the chest and the gold tactical belt, while combining the big Ben Batman cutting style suit, and adding protective plates on the knees, wrists, and calves

The design of the split suit can add muscle lines to the cloth, making this Batman look stronger

The bat cape that can cover the whole body looks very retro and classic, and compared to the pompous style of PA modification, Mezco’s designers obviously understand the connotation of Batman in American comics. Even the comic book party should not reject Mezco’s original design, right?

The head carving design is also very similar to the feeling of the old comic book Batman, and the shape of the helmet looks very fierce, which meets Mezco’s definition of Batman’s “Lord Knight”

This “Lord Knight” Batman has a total of 3 head sculptures, in addition to the different mouth expressions, one of the helmets is a battle-damaged shape, and the length of the bat ears is also different

There is only one person who can bring such harm to the Gotham Night Monarch

In order to deal with the potential threat of Superman, this Batman has a “Kryptonite Fist” in his arsenal, and the power of one punch is enough to punch Dachao out

Other armament includes 10 small bat darts and a large bat dart, grappling guns and replacement hook ropes, and a sonic weapon called the Sonic Distributor

What’s more luxurious is that this “Lord Knight” Batman also comes with a drop-beast flying motorcycle called “Bat-Drone”! The huge turbines on both wings remind me of the Green Goblin’s flying skateboard in Spider-Man, and this equipment should also be Mezco’s original design, which is very eye-catching

With so much god-level equipment, even the Joker is no match for Batman!

Overall, this “Lord Knight” Batman combines the advantages of the comic book version and the movie shape in design, and the head carving and weapon accessories are full of sincerity, it can be said that Mezco launched so many Batman after a summary work, I personally recommend it