Jing Boran’s coat with trousers is handsome and charming, and the boots in the white shirt exude manly charm

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The coat is a great item to show off male charm, providing a stylish appearance for the gentleman and high atmosphere of men. Different from the rigidity and angularity of British military clothing in the past, the design of modern coats has a very fashionable design highlights. Jing Boran wore a black double-breasted tweed coat, black trousers and British boots, and was in the courtyard of the ancient capital of Nanjing’s six dynasties, perfect for modern gentlemen and ancient style.

In this set of Jinling autumn blockbusters exposed by Jing Boran, this pure black double-breasted tweed coat has the style of a blazer, collar buttons and four cuffs, and the gun blaze collar appropriately expresses Jing Boran’s heroism. The shoulder pad design widens Jing Boran’s thick and straight shoulders. The white shirt underneath brightens the overall look and minimizes the oppressive feeling brought by the black coat.

Such a black and white classic combination is worn on Jing Boran’s body, which looks very refreshing and comfortable, and the age reduction is slimmer and taller. Especially in the pavilion water, it is more gentlemanly and handsome. With black trousers and a white shirt to form a clear layering of up and down, the tight shirt hem is hidden in the waistband, and you can vaguely see Jing Boran’s well-proportioned muscles. Even if you put on a coat and button it, the white shirt collar can still break the dullness of autumn and winter, and at the same time have a sense of harmony of time and space, and the effect is fantastic.

With black suit pants, Jing Boran wore a pair of heavy British style mid-tube black boots on his feet, whether sitting or walking, it looks quite delicate and advanced, unlike the general shirt trousers and leather shoes, these boots have also become the highlight of this outfit. This outfit provides skills for even a little brother who is at a disadvantage in height, and there is no problem even if he is taller inside.

Jing Boran’s winter black tweed coat is very classic, combining business and fashion, and can be described as one of the models of commuting wear. Little brother, get it quickly.

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