Test a few foundations with zero negative reviews, and the effect will amaze you imagine, and anyone who sees it will be crazy

Test a few foundations with zero negative reviews, and the effect will amaze you imagine, and anyone who sees it will be crazy


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Xiao Yi recommended

Affordable liquid foundation

Xiao Yi has been preparing for a long time

Just sorted out this article planting grass

Why study these affordable foundations?

Because big-name liquid foundation really can’t afford it!

I can’t bear this pain alone

Let’s feel it

Slum grief

Seeing someone like me can’t afford it

I am relieved of my poor nature

Everyone still uses it together

Flat replacement


In fact, the difference between big-name foundation and affordable foundation

Not really as big as their price

Liquid foundation ingredients

It’s basically the same

But big-name foundations will have a good portion of the price

It is used in branding and marketing advertising

Just pick carefully

Everyone has a choice

The right affordable foundation for yourself

First of all

Know your skin type

Dry skin

of choice


Texture of foundation

Oil skin

Just choose


Some foundations

There are many flaws

of choice

Strong concealment


Other than that

Choose a relatively long-lasting foundation in the summer

And while

Choose a relatively moisturizing foundation for autumn and winter

Again, it’s how to choose

Suitable shades

First of all, it is best to go to the counter to try colors

Secondly, you can also buy a sample first

The worst is also to look at the comparison of assessments

Never try colors on the back of your hand

There is still a color difference between the back of the hand and the face

Preferably in

Under the neck or ears

Also choose a few more shades for comparison

Choose shades that are a little whiter than your own skin


This is the name


of parity alternatives

Won many beauty awards in Japan

And it’s a few

Foundation for dry skin


The packaging is a frosted glass bottle with an open design

Although the texture is a relatively thick frost body

But applying makeup with a make-up egg is also good to push away

It’s a comparison

Thin Moisturizing texture

So it’s perfect for this season

If you use it in summer, you can do a good job of oil control

Yes after applying makeup

Gloss muscle


The overall coverage is also good

As long as it is not particularly large, it can be covered

The durability is probably

Five or six hours

The look of it

One hundred and eighty dollars a bottle


It can be used for a long time

Because it is

Makeup developed in Japan

So the color number is also very suitable for our countrymen

You can choose the right one according to your skin color


The bottle body is a simple transparent glass design

The bottle mouth has

Press the pump head

Easy access

Powder is comparative

Hydrated and delicate

Good liquidity and ductility

The biggest highlight of this foundation is:


White version

Can blend foundations in a variety of shades

It is simply a big savior who will not pick a girl with a color number

You can make any color you want

Applying makeup is comparative

Natural watery cream skin

The most powerful is

Cover pores

The effect is superb

Brightens skin tone,

Comes with a dermabrasion effect

of luster

Most imperfections on the skin can be easily concealed

The makeup egg application effect is very good


Long-lasting makeup without peeling powder

You also don’t have to worry about floating powder and greasy at all

Wearing makeup for eight hours a day is stress-free


Foundation added

Vitamin E and bisabolol


Prevents oxidation

Repairs skin


So don’t worry about dullness after applying makeup

It can ensure the freshness of makeup for a long time

The concealment is also not bad

Blackhead pores are well covered

This foundation is oil-friendly

Presented after applying makeup


Durability is really right

24 hours without makeup removal

Eight hours only got some oil out of the nose

Look at the color of the cap before purchasing

The black cap is suitable for mixed oil type

The white transparent is suitable for medium dry type

The hybrid type has a refreshing texture

Medium dryness is closer to a moist texture


Sure enough, liquid foundation

Very moisturizing

Ductility is also good, and coverage is slightly weaker

Suitable for dry skin with a white base

Bring makeup

Five or six hours

No problem

No powder jamming and no visible makeup removal

Oil skin is recommended to choose Myo Paris

Fruit therapy series

It contains

Lychee, goji berry, pomegranate extract

The foundation of Myo Paris will not be dull

Beautiful and nourishing

is a major feature of their products


This foundation is

No. 1 in the U.S. in sales

China also has a lot of stars playing for it


In total


Custom color formats can be selected

Asians can also find suitable shades

The pink glossy version is suitable for dry leather

Effortlessly conceals pores and comes with dermabrasion

The makeup effect is more moist and natural


Eight hours

The base makeup is not mottled

The green matte version is suitable for oil skins

The oil-controlled type is really touching for coverage

Small freckles, red blood

can be covered


It’s also very good


This paragraph

Good value for money

of popular products

The packaging is a vial design with a pump head

The compact shape is easy to carry on the go

And there is


of sun protection index

Powder is more suitable for dry ones

Oily skin

of sisters

Good liquid ductility, Good to push away

A little foundation can make the whole face

Applying makeup with bare hands also fits the skin well

The blemishes are so good that freckles can be covered

Probably because Thailand is hot

This foundation holds very well

One day

Totally HOLD


This is a small bottle of liquid foundation

Its packaging is

Matte texture

of glass bottles

The design is simple but very good

Big name sense

Xiao Yi really wants to boast about it

Sense of design

I remember taking it with me on a business trip

Even Saint Laurent’s boss didn’t guess

This foundation turned out

Eighty dollars is less

The bottle finish is a push-to-pump head design

The dosage can be well controlled

The texture is very

Light and moisturized

Spreads well on skin

Small acne after applying makeup can do anything


As for very serious facial blemishes

It is still necessary to hand over to professional concealer products

Wearing makeup for five or six hours is perfectly fine


The name of this foundation sounds like that


In fact, there are also very good products for domestic products now

Like lipstick, eye shadow, skincare products and so on

Xiao Yi has also used good products from domestic products

Xiao Yi started after seeing Lin Yun’s Amway

Its packaging is very fresh Chinese style

The bottle mouth is

Pressure pump design

, convenient and hygienic

This point alone should be praised for domestic products

The foundation texture is a silky, semi-flowing liquid

Yes after applying makeup

Velvet matte finish

It is the natural shine that distinguishes it from matte

The colors are very suitable for the skin color of the Chinese people

The concealer effect is also very touching

Staying up late to write

Dark circles can be covered

Makeup time is on

More than six hours

In winter, you can resist eating hot pot with makeup

It is also added

Centella asiatica

of ingredients

So there is

Soothes and nourishes the skin

I use a soft skin tone that is suitable for oil skin

If you have dry skin, you can choose their home

Hydra version


Semi-matte, strong coverage

of texture

So this foundation is more suitable

Oily skin

The packaging is hose makeup, so it is more portable

The texture is relatively viscous though

But put on makeup

It’s better to push away

It has a good fit with the skin

Makeup is

Semi-matte texture

It will look very high-class and atmospheric

The coverage is excellent

It is easy to cover the traces of the eyebrow pencil

But again, it’s very

Light and breathable

And because added

hyaluronic acid

So yes

Long-lasting hydration without makeup peeling

Oil skin is really suitable for summer use

Just moisturize before makeup in autumn and winter

The above foundation is purely a personal recommendation

There is no commercial benefit

If any merchant wants to sponsor the poor

Warmly welcome the background message to comment to Xiao Man




Because it is

Cover pores


Eight hours

Recommended high-quality packaging materials: 1oz Foundation glass bottle.