“Love Apartment” “sweetest” running trick, wearing slim clothes to play Pilates, showing off long legs

As a childhood memory of the post-80s and post-90s, I believe everyone is familiar with “Love Apartment”, right? Although it is not as popular as “Huan Zhu Gege” and “Wulin Gaiden”, it has also attracted much attention, and this drama has also become popular with many artists, such as Lou Yixiao, Chen He and Deng Jiajia, etc., all of which have left a deep impression on people, and even many dragon sets have attracted much attention.

There are many characters in “Love Apartment”, and there are many tricks, and now the development is quite good, just like this Yuan Bingyan, who is regarded as the “sweetest” dragon set, her fame has gradually increased in recent years, and she has participated in many film and television dramas, such as “Flying Knives and Flying Knives” and “Old Nine Gates”, etc., all of which have left a deep impression on people. Now everyone’s attention to it is not low, many netizens found that Yuan Bingyan is getting more and more beautiful, and her figure is extremely good.

Yuan Bingyan maintains good fitness habits, just like playing Pilates in a slim suit this time, and you can see from her posture and movements that this is a veteran, all kinds of movements are extremely standard, and the flexibility is excellent. I saw that she was wearing a tights suit, the upper body was a sports vest, and the bottom was a pair of tights, revealing a flat abdomen to look particularly sexy, and her legs were more like opening the “extension effect”.

Good fitness habits allow Yuan Bingyan to maintain a good state of life, outstanding appearance, slim figure, and strong control of various clothing. She sat in front of the full-length mirror in the room, with two twisted braids on her head, looking very young and beautiful; Wearing a white jumper, the fit is loose and decorated with a monogram logo in front of the body, and a pair of gray trousers underneath with small white shoes, casual and simple and generous.

Yuan Bingyan stood in the middle of the road in the community, with her long hair shawl raised straight with her hands, one foot placed on the leg bend of the other foot, standing on one foot to form a golden rooster’s independent posture; Wearing a white T-shirt, the style is simple and loose, and the pattern of a duck Cui’er is drawn in front of him, which will not look too monotonous; Underneath is a pair of jeans, straight and slender legs, and black lace-up shoes on the feet, simple but very beautiful.

Yuan Bingyan, born in 1992, is now 28 years old, but she is still full of youth and vitality, and the whole feels very young and cute; Her private clothes taste is not bad, and it also adds a lot of charm to it. I saw that she was wearing a knitted wool sweater, made of orange red and blue panels, and the hem of the dress was designed with holes, which added a sense of design; Paired with versatile jeans underneath, it’s still beautiful. Do you like Yuan Bingyan?

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