Diana’s niece and Harry’s 27-year-old cousin, this look and clothes are the most eye-catching at the wedding!

Lord Fan said: Niece like aunt?

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The British royal family held a happy event last weekend, and there is still heat left until this week.

And reminiscing about the whole wedding, the most impressive thing is that Harry missed his mother Diana throughout the wedding.

For example, Meghan’s banquet look, paired with a aquamarine diamond ring, is a gift from Harry to her and a relic of Diana.

Another example is Meghan’s hand holding flowers, hidden Diana’s favorite forget-me-nots.

And Diana’s sister Lady Jane Fellowes, as a representative of Diana’s maiden family, became an important speaker at the wedding.

At the same time, a girl who is related to Diana became the most eye-catching and wearable guest at the wedding that day.

She was Diana’s niece

Kitty Spencer

From a certain angle, Lord Fan really resembled her aunt.

Kitty was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress that day, with a very 50s style on the shoulder line and skirt, a print on the skirt and a color system of handbags and high heels, with a top hat of the same color, a beautiful image of a British celebrity is fascinating.

Compared to when she went to William and Kate’s wedding 7 years ago, she was much more recognizable.

But you may not know, because of not paying attention to diet control, Kitty used to be like a balloon, once fat to fly, it seems that she is completely unable to associate her with the image at the wedding…

Presumably, after hearing the title of her Diana niece, everyone began to be curious about her, so today Lord Fan will talk to you about this cousin of William and Harry.

———-I’m the dividing line———-

A royal relative with a golden spoon in his mouth

Kitty Spencer is 27, her mother Catherine Victoria is a model, and her father, Charles Spencer, Diana’s younger brother, not only holds the title of earl, but also is the godson of the Queen.

The parents’ wedding was also grand, and the aunt and uncle, Diana and Charles, were also present.

Kitty was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, the eldest daughter in the family, and she has several younger brothers and sisters under her.

However, the marriage of parents is not happy, father throws flowers everywhere, not long after the death of Aunt Diana in 1997, parents announced divorce, and because of property issues, fought a divorce lawsuit for nearly 9 years.

However, Kitty has a good relationship with her cousins William and Harry, as well as her cousin Princess Kate, and she was first photographed by the media that year at the 10th anniversary memorial of her aunt Princess Diana.

Kitty’s parents were very good looking when they were young, especially her mother Kitty, who is a model and has a “cold face” loved by the fashion industry, and her unfocused eyes are very similar to a mixture of Kate Moss and Stephanie Seymour.

Kitty’s parents divorced, and she lived with her mother in South Africa. After attending a private school in South Africa, he moved to London in 2012 and completed his studies in luxury brand management at Regent University.

She has a very good relationship with her mother, often calls her mother her best friend in interviews, and also writes photos of her mother when she was young in INS.

And Kitty also inherited her mother’s beauty and figure, with clear angular facial features and eyes that are particularly similar.

Kitty as a kid vs. Kitty as an adult

A plus-size model weighing over 100

After graduating, Kitty embarked on the road of modeling, signing with Storm modeling agency, which has signed Kate Moss, Carla Divai and other first-line madou.

And Kitty embarked on the road of modeling, more or less influenced by her mother. On the cover of this “Tatler” magazine, both mother and daughter have appeared separately.

Kitty is a British girl, but she is loved by Italian brands.

She was brought in to lead Dolce & Gabbana’s spring/summer 2018 campaign, and Kitty’s sleek image is in no way incompatible with Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicilian ladyly style.

At the same time, on the Dolce & Gabbana runway, Kitty also became a catwalk model many times.

Many of her looks on the show are more or less the shadow of her aunt Diana

However, you may have found that for a model, Kitty’s relatively wide skeleton and rounded body shape are “taboos” in the modeling industry.

It’s not that no one has discussed her figure, once she was ridiculed by INS netizens for a photo of a vacation by the sea:

“Stop eating cake, honey, you’re too fat”.

As an INS big with nearly 300,000 followers, Kitty responded immediately: It’s sorry to see you make vicious comments under the photos of people you don’t know, and I haven’t seen anything good for unkind behavior. ”

In fact, Kitty is basically unmoved by such comments, because she has declared more than once that she does not care about weight, and she does not even have a scale at home, and she is almost

I don’t know the size of my clothes

Although in the current modeling industry, it is “politically correct” to be opposed to too thin models, and even many plus-size models have appeared on the catwalk, Kitty’s Storm modeling agency will still urge her to control her weight properly.

And Kitty’s weight has not always been rising, such as this time at Meghan’s wedding, her figure obviously has the inspirational effect of “throwing 10 pounds of meat”.

Before the wedding, it was already possible to see her slim appearance at Bulgari and other events.

The fat girl’s method of hiding meat

Therefore, although Kitty Spencer is a relative of the British royal family, she has a wide skeleton and a small fleshy body, and she is no less troubled than us ordinary people in how to promote her strengths and avoid her weaknesses.

Kitty, who looks older, also has a history of dressing black in his early years, with a slightly brighter color, a little less fabric, and a slightly thicker makeup, which will look a little cheap.

However, mature looks also have advantages over her, such as sequins, fur are particularly eye-catching to interpret, and she can hold many gorgeous jewelry

The style that ordinary people can’t hold, she wears but has a special taste.

After successfully stepping into the modeling ranks, Kitty officially began the “Hidden Meat Journey”.

The versatile black color is the most friendly for busty girls, and various styles and cuts can modify the figure, which is the safest choice.

Although light colors such as white and pink are not as obvious as the black meat hiding effect, the effect of raising the waist line and tightening the hem is also not bad.

However, for slightly fat girls, dress with umbrella skirts should be tried carefully, and the fluffy hem will visually show the effect of increasing area.

Black and white, with a touch of bright color accents, is a great way to hide meat in winter.

In addition, as a slightly fat girl, it is most taboo to wear complex nail beads, prints and other elements on the body, which accidentally disturbs the vision and widens the figure by several meters.

If you want to try prints, the combination of elegant small flowers and body-defining styles will be much refreshing.

In addition, complex elements such as ruffles and large lapels are also something to try with caution, because they also increase the area of the upper body, giving people a more bloated visual feeling.

If you are tired of black, white and gray and have a soft spot for prints, you can try a style with proper skin exposure and a more conformant fabric.

Isn’t the effect much better?

See, although popular and beautiful are important, dressing is actually more about promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, only what suits you is the best.

So was Diana’s niece, and even more so for us. Big-name trendy brands are crazy for everyone, not to mention the high chance of colliding shirts, and may not be suitable for themselves.

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