Scalp care black technology There is no longer loose comb – Ashimoore RF hair comb experience

【Preface】 With the increasingly fierce social competition and the aggravation of environmental pollution, coupled with the influence of young people staying up late, unhealthy diet, postpartum hormones, work and life pressure and other factors, anxiety has come to more people in recent years. Moreover, the troubles of hair loss have a widespread trend of rejuvenation. It is necessary to know that once the hair follicle dies, it cannot be recovered and regenerated, and the impact of hair loss in this era of looking at the face is far greater than expected.

In view of the vast market of anti-loss growth, there have been endless layers of various “head” products over the years. Recently, the author experienced that the Ashmore RF hair comb has multiple scalp care black technology blessings, which can help modern urbanites with hair loss troubles. It combines high-end technologies such as LLLT low-energy red light and RF multi-polar radio frequency of beauty equipment, combined with hair essence, combining high-end technology with active ingredients to comprehensively care for the scalp in multiple latitudes. In addition, it supports HUAWEI HiLink to realize the interconnection between smart devices, manage and control through Huawei’s smart life APP, and achieve “comb your hair well and improve every day”.

【Packaging and unpacking】 The product packaging is relatively simple and atmospheric, the set gift box type square box adopts a blue base, with a hot stamping brand and product logo, carefully observe the front of the box and the raised texture display, giving people a full of pressure, used to give gifts will be a good choice! After opening the outer box, you can see that there are two inner boxes on the left and right, which well separate the RF hair comb from the viikeep hair essence.

Let’s first see the ViiKeep Hair Serum Set, a box of 15 pieces that can be combined with a radiofrequency hair comb to care for the scalp and help prevent hair loss. It is hoped that nutrient solutions of different specifications and capacities will be put on the e-commerce platform in the future.

The hair essence in the small blue bottle extracts plant nutrients, taken from natural plant raw materials, and complex multi-dimensional nutrients provide nourishment for scalp vitality and promote the natural growth and metabolism of hair.

The packaging of the RF hair comb adopts a very design sense of unboxing design, and the box can be opened left and right at the same time with a sense of ceremony to see the RF hair comb inside.

In addition to the Ashmore RF hair comb, accessories include massage comb hair, reservoir bottle, piston pusher, push base, charging cable and a manual.

The overall shape and color matching of the Ashmore RF hair comb are very modern, the simple lines and lightweight design give people a very intimate feeling, the author received a quite stunning sea blue color matching, like a handicraft-like appearance.

200*50*30mm appearance size suitable for home and carrying, exquisite and capable it is convenient for us to put in the bag at any time, whether it is out for play or business travel, it is more convenient to carry, with the blue-purple gradient color to give people a full sense of fashion.

There is also a bundle storage bag, which is more convenient and reliable for daily storage or carrying out.

The back of the Ashmore RF hairbrush has a rounded handle, and the brand logo is printed on the top first, followed by the switch key and work indicator.

The connection switch button extends a long decorative strip, which adds a lot of color to the overall shape of the comb.

The charging interface is set at the bottom of the handle, and the interface of Type-C supports blind plug and back, and there is also a guarantee of fast charging.

Then look at the side of the hairbrush, and the handle position has a conductive ornament, which is both practical and beautiful.

The inner side of the comb has comb teeth and other devices, which look more like a comb, and the logo of HUAWEI HiLink and the parameter introduction of the product are printed on the handle of the comb.

There are a total of 4*5 total of 20 comb teeth, of which ten are metal comb teeth on both sides, the middle position is replaceable comb hair, and there is a toggle switch in the lower position, and the outer side of the plane is LLLT low-energy red beam lamp beads.

The handle of the Ashmore RF hairbrush holds a large curved design, which is lightweight and comfortable for daily use.

The base switch lock next to the replaceable comb head can be switched by finger toggle, of course, the state when installed is relatively stable and reliable, and there is no loose phenomenon at all.

Hair combs are factory conditioned, and there is also a massage comb that can be used instead.

The tip of the comb is designed with liquid holes (six holes) to facilitate the hair essence to reach the scalp, while the brush teeth of the massage comb are softer, which has a comfortable massage effect on the scalp and hair.

【Use and feeling】 Ashimore provides users with a set of digital scalp health management service system from testing to solutions to full-cycle hair volume management, and there is a one-to-one exclusive hair volume management tutor tracking service. In the early stage, online scalp health test can be carried out, and a full-cycle hair volume management solution is given, a full range of tracking services, and the establishment of exclusive hair volume management files is also more intimate.

There is also a dedicated interface design on the back of the RF hair comb, which can be installed and used with the included ViiKeep Hair Serum. In addition, there is an included reservoir bottle to clean the machine. Add water to the bottle, inject it into the port connected to the hair essence of the machine, and rinse the residual essence in the comb.

Viikeep Hair Serum is easy to install and use, push down the base lock and remove the push fluid base. Here, push the button down and pull it up at the same time to remove the pusher base. Break off the head of the hair essence, and then clamp the bottle body into the push base, and then attach the push base to the push base.

The use of intelligent push liquid bids farewell to the traditional hand wipe and press-type liquid feeding, and the nutrient solution reaches the hair root less and wastes more. The RF hair comb is equipped with a touch sensing intelligent system, which touches the scalp to start, and the six teeth automatically and evenly discharge, and the integrated medicine is applied to the hair root evenly and non-sticky.

Long press the power on and off button to start the computer with an indicator light, because HUAWEI HiLink support can realize the interconnection between smart devices, and manage and control it through Huawei’s smart life APP. Press and hold for three seconds, and the flashing blue light machine emits a “drop” beep to indicate that the Bluetooth is turned on and enters the network configuration state. Then the APP home page “Home”, click “+” to select “Add Device”, the APP will scan the configured smart device. In the list of scanned devices, click on “Ashmore RF Hair Comb” and connect.

With Huawei’s smart life, the combination of software and hardware can bring a more intuitive and comprehensive experience, and can also enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought by big data.

The interface of the Ashmore RF hair comb in the App is relatively simple, and the functions cover the management of hair care times, accurate mode display and hair progress display.

It is also relatively simple to use, in standby mode, long press the switch key for 2 seconds, the host automatically enters the healthy mode, and the key indicator is always on. When the comb is in contact with the skin, LLLT low-energy red light lights up, pushes intermittently stepping, turns on the push mode, and the host is in a paused waiting state when there is no contact). The fixed working time of the hair mode is 10 minutes, the default duration of the push prompt is 3 minutes (you can set it for 1-3 minutes on the APP page), the push reaches the top, the system will make a short sound of “beep”, and stop the push, when the running time is completed or long press the key for 2 seconds, the host makes a long sound of “bee—p”, complete the hair process, the pusher automatically returns to the position, and returns to standby mode.

Under the start of RF health mode, LLLT low-energy red light + RF multi-pole RF function will work with the induction switch, control on the APP page to turn on or off, the first power on default is off, use this function such as staying on the skin for a long time will produce a tingling sensation, it is recommended to slowly move on the skin for care.

The RF hair comb uses LLLT low-energy red light to activate damaged hair follicles, RF multi-polar radio frequency promotes nutrient absorption, saying goodbye to traditional hair nourishment, no hand wipe, automatic pushing, essence directly to the hair root, super convenient to use. This is followed by a massage mode to relax and relieve high tension. By sending gentle, gentle radio waves through the epidermis layer to the facial dermis, the scalp and head muscles are stimulated and massaged to improve hair flexibility.

As an Ashimoor focusing on scalp health management, the RF hair comb launched this time takes the lead in integrating RF multi-polar RF technology with LLLT low-energy red light, pulse fractional massage, intelligent liquid pushing, and personalized scalp health management service system to synergize and synergize.

Ashimoore RF hair comb has been confirmed by the Pony test human efficacy evaluation experiment to have the effect of anti-hair loss, more reliable to use, after several days of use and experience, the relevant data is recorded, for different use environments and groups of people use time can also be changed in time.

Women’s common hairline shift and sparse hair seams on the top of the head, especially the wife at home after giving birth, due to physical hormones, mental and physiological wear and tear, hair loss on the forehead and hair seam is serious, the use of Ashimoore RF hair comb will have obvious results.

Ashmore RF hair dryer, hair loss began to decrease after 2 weeks of use, hair quality began to improve in the fourth week, the seam narrowed and the hairline became thicker.

At the same time, the author found that the back of the head also began to have thinning hair, in order to avoid this wordless sadness, it is important to prevent hair loss in advance.

Ashmore RF hair comb 12 beams of LLLT low-energy red light irradiate the scalp, stimulate “nitric oxide”, act on damaged and atrophied hair follicles without necrosis, open up blood supply and nutrition and restore health status. It takes into account the effect of repairing damage, balancing oil control, and anti-hair loss.

【Summary】 Combining LLLT low-energy red light and RF multi-polar RF high-end technology of theater-level instruments, Ashimoore RF hair comb double insurance opens up the hair follicle absorption channel, automatically pushes liquid through intelligent induction, combines high-end technology and active ingredients, applies to a wider range of people, and improves the success rate of anti-hair loss. Coupled with HUAWEI HiLink, it can realize the interconnection between smart devices, scientific anti-shedding design and a complete set of solutions for full-cycle hair volume management, creating a real high-tech scalp health management service, and also a gospel for anti-shedding people.