Little Broken Flowers: Cute Girl Jumper Knitted from Top to Bottom in Doll Home 2.0 (with weaving illustration)

『 Little Broken Flowers 』

With Line:

Mrs. Meow Doll Home 2.0 cotton thread


Clothes 5 and a half balls + half balls of hair circles

With needles:

Twisted thread 12 bar needle, front body 12; Hair Loop Crochet 2.0


Bust 37, Length 41, Yuke 14, Armpit Length 29, Armpit Sleeve 28, Hem 41


Weaving instructions:

Weaving process: 116 stitches, see the distribution of the number of stitches

Although the body of the garment is knitted, the number of stitches is arranged according to the weaving sheet

The anterior and posterior underarm flowers are symmetrical


Below is a basic illustration of self-drawing: a symbol in the illustration: is the upper right 3 and 1

Weaving Record: (FYI) Worn around 4 years old

The remaining half of the thread hooked a hair circle:

It has 8 flowers and is about 38 cm long

Original illustration:

—- just for memen!

Thank you all for liking and entertaining!

• end •

Author | Fingertips fly