Without a baguette, how can one know Fendi

In 1997, a handbag named Baguette was born, which quickly swept the world and became a well-deserved “it bag” in the fashion circle. Because of its slender and small shape, it can be clamped under the armpits, which is reminiscent of the dashing scene of French women walking out of the bakery with French bread, so it is also called “baguette baguette”.

The baguette has become


A veritable “treasure of the town shop”, since 1997, through continuous innovation and evolution, the number of baguette bags in unique tones, patterns and materials has made it difficult to count, and what has not changed is the unforgettable slender shape.

1.FENDI Women’s Black Cowhide Floral Fashion Shoulder Bag 8BS004 A0KZ F0KUR

The minimalist look is also a fashion, and this bag adds an appliqué flower pattern to the baguette bag to make it look even more cute. The flowers are centered on the “F”, the signature element of the brand, which can tell at a glance where it comes from. The metallic “F” is shiny in color, lightly showing the brand’s luxurious atmosphere.

2.FENDI Women’s Red Cowhide Flower Shoulder Bag 8BS004 A0L0 F10NS

Compared to the black version, the red model is more characteristic, and the flowers are delicate and stylish through solid colors and patterns, highlighting the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and exuding a charming charm that cannot be ignored.

3.FENDI Women’s pink cowhide stud letter chain shoulder crossbody bag 8M0365 A13J F07HE

The combination of the romantic and sweet pink color and the colorful three-dimensional studs spelled “Fendi” makes this shoulder bag not too stylish.

4.FENDI Women’s Fendi Fendi Women’s Fuchsia Cowhide LOVE Stud Chain One Shoulder Bag 8M0365 A1SI F11RA

TA brings not only light and small, but also to make you beautiful concave shape when you go out. The capacity is not large, but small items such as mobile phones, card holders, change, keys, etc. can still be put down, and it is also fashionable to remove the chain as a clutch.

5.FENDI Women’s Micro Double Bagutte Series Beige Yellow Cowhide Handbag 8M0371 A1KK F11IO

The splicing of two bags of different colors makes this bag particularly photogenic. Simple on the one hand, gorgeous on the other, it presents an indistinguishable artistic beauty, providing more possibilities for your styling and matching.

6.FENDI Women’s Pink Cowhide Little Monster Long Wallet Shoulder Bag 8M0365 9HF F10Y0

The shape of the baguette bag is already very eye-catching, and the appearance of the little monster makes it more prominent, and the cute appearance is interesting, making your whole look jump out of monotony and dullness. The three-color stitching makes the image of the little monster more three-dimensional, and the decoration of the three-dimensional rivets adds a bit of personality. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can’t do without this cute bag!