Who is the most beautiful female celebrity wearing suspenders? Yang Mi is eighth, Qiao Xin is second, and Di Li Gerba is in rank?

Those female stars in the entertainment industry who have a good figure and high appearance can be said to be able to control various styles, such as suspenders that many people dare not try. In reality, many girls wear suspenders to look bloated and lose their beauty. But many female celebrities can be beautiful in suspenders, who are such female stars? Let’s take stock.

1. Di Li Gerba

Recently, Di Li Gerba’s studio released a set of beautiful photos of Di Li Gerba. In the photo, Di Li Gerba is wearing pink suspenders and black warm clothes, which gives people a warm feeling in the cold winter and makes Di Li Gerba more sweet and cute. This set of photos is really beautiful.

2. Qiao Xin

Qiao Xin is tall and has a pair of long legs, which is very good to wear suspenders for such a figure. Some time ago, a set of Reuters photos of Qiao Xin exposed, in the photo, Qiao Xin was wearing red suspenders and a white top, her hair was tied up high, and the whole person looked full of vitality.

3. Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong, who is also a long-legged beauty, also likes to wear suspenders, and in a set of life photos she recently posted, she was standing on the street at night wearing blue suspenders and long hair with a shawl. The whole person is very casual and refreshing. Guan Xiaotong’s recent taste in private clothes is still very improved.

4, Liu Wen

Some time ago, Liu Wen posted photos of herself playing at Universal Studios. In the photo, she is wearing suspenders and cute hair loops, full of girly feeling. It is worthy of being a supermodel, and you can control any look.

5, Xu Qing

Suspenders are by no means exclusive to young female celebrities, Xu Qing, who is over 50 years old, also likes to wear suspenders, beautiful short hair with blue suspenders and white T-shirts, making Xu Qing look very girly.

6, Zhang Yuqi

I have to say that suspenders are age-reducing artifacts, and many female celebrities become girls in seconds when they wear suspenders, such as Zhang Yuqi, who has become a mother. Wearing suspenders has a sense of déjà vu of students, simple and generous and gives people a sense of youth.

7, Zhang Xinyu

Zhang Xinyu once wore a brown suspender when participating in public welfare activities, which were wide at the top and bottom, and had large pockets, which was very unique. But Zhang Xinyu is very fashionable to wear, and such suspenders are very suitable for concave shapes.

8, Yang Mi

Yang Mi, who has always flaunted a girly feeling, is naturally indispensable to the shape of suspenders, fat suspenders with white T-shirts, fashionable and simple, such a shape is very girly, and it is also very suitable for Yang Mi

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