Choice of badminton clothing and protective gear

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Today, we will continue to discuss another important topic in badminton:

Choice of clothing and protective gear

。 On the other hand, in the previous post, some golfers left messages hoping to discuss badminton clothing related content. Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that Double 12 has not yet arrived, I made this issue of the topic so that everyone can stock up on suitable clothing and protective gear. Everything in the article is my personal opinion, and basically I have bought and tried it myself; At the same time, in order to avoid advertising suspicions, I will say the brand of the clothing, but not specific to a certain model, after all, I am not a merchant and do not bring goods.

(1) Introduction to badminton clothing

At present, there are many brands specializing in badminton clothing: Li Ning, Yonex (YY), Victor (Victory), Kawasaki (KAWASAKI), Yashi Dragon (RSL) and so on. Badminton is fiercely confrontational and is known as a small marathon, so when choosing clothing:

Clothing gives priority to quick-drying series, be sure not to choose cotton and poorly breathable, try to avoid long sleeves

。 Here’s why:

Cotton clothing is very sweat-absorbent, but if after a few games indoors,

Cotton clothing will stick to the body because of sweat absorption

, very uncomfortable. If you play ball in winter, during the break after playing, due to sticky sweat, it will cause the body temperature to drop quickly and it is easy to catch a cold. If you play in the summer, the whole body feels like wearing a body of water, which is heavy, but it affects the performance.

Clothes with poor breathability, I don’t need to describe too much, absolutely stick to the body

。 Although some clothes with poor breathability look light in texture, once on the field, the whole sweat cannot be discharged, resulting in the clothes will also stick, which is more uncomfortable than cotton.

Don’t choose long sleeves, believe me, long sleeves you won’t need a few times

。 Some people are worried that it is too cold in winter, so they deliberately choose long sleeves and think of wearing them in winter, but the reality is that most golfers will still take them off after wearing them a few times, because it affects the feel too much. As for the north, if there is heating in winter, it is even less necessary to use long sleeves. If you’re worried about the cold when playing, I’ll introduce some protective gear (mainly arm guards) in the back armor, which can be used as long sleeves.

In addition, everyone’s situation is different, some golfers may be really afraid of the cold in winter, so it is better to go into battle with long sleeves, it is not good to freeze

That said, when you buy clothing, the picture is cheap, into the pit of cotton and poor breathability, and also bought a few long sleeves, and now wear it as a sweatshirt. Here, I hope that all golfers can decisively avoid these pits when choosing.

Taking Li Ning as an example, if it is a quick-drying clothing, there will be the word AT DRY inside or outside the clothes

, as shown in the following figure.

Quick-drying marking of Li Ning series

In addition, some golfers may have doubts about whether the top is a T-shirt or a vest, and here is a point to illustrate, no matter what the choice, what suits you is the best.

Here’s a brief introduction to Yonex, Li Ning and other brands, including the choice of winter clothing. In this article, I will focus on Yonex and Li Ning as introductions, because I have tried both series of clothes, and currently use Li Ning as the main clothing, the reason I will explain in the introduction.

(2) Purchase of winter clothing

Let’s introduce winter clothing first, after all, many golfers will wonder how winter clothing should be matched when they see the previous title. The first is the top, the choice is still based on quick-drying fabrics, and even summer clothes can be used directly. If you are worried that it is too cold, you can choose that long arm guard as a measure to keep warm, as shown in the figure below. Regarding the arm guard, in the later protective gear, it will be described in detail.

Arm guard rendering

The only thing that differs in winter clothing is the choice of trousers: if you really like long pants, then you can choose too. My recommendation here is only a pair of sports leggings (also mentioned in micro headlines),

Be sure to buy a plush-up type in winter

。 Taking me as an example, I bought 4 ordinary models and 3 pile models (Li Ning) on Double 11, but in the end, I used more fleece models, and ordinary models basically didn’t use much. Golfers don’t have to worry about whether the pile model will stick to the body, I measured 2-3 hours of continuous play, and it didn’t stick to the body. The effect of sports leggings is shown in the image below.

Rendering of sports tights + shorts

In addition, some golfers feel that this kind of sports leggings are too sexy to wear and feel awkward, then you can also choose pants with better breathability, I only recommend them here.

(3) Yonex series clothing

Yonex as a professional full range of badminton experts, then its badminton clothing will not be bad, especially after Yonex sponsors the national team, in the next few years, the price of its related equipment will definitely rise. Especially when making like-for-like comparisons, Yonex tends to cost 1.5 times or more than similar clothing. The price is high, and the profit is also high, which also leads to

The Yonex series has become the hardest hit area for counterfeiting and high imitation

Therefore, if you decide to buy clothes from the Yonex collection, you only need to guarantee one thing and buy the original product.

(4) Li Ning series clothing

Here I want to focus on the clothing of the Li Ning series, for a simple reason: as a manufacturer who has sponsored the national team, the performance of its clothing is not bad, and

The important thing is that it is very cost-effective, especially for the purchase of Double 11

。 Take me as an example, buy Li Ning’s quick-drying series set (T-shirt + shorts), Double 11 various coupons superimposed, 120 yuan set (hang tag price 299 yuan); The kind of plush trousers pictured above is only about 70 yuan (the tag price is 139 yuan); 46 quick-drying T-shirts (hang tag price 99 yuan), I bought 6 at one time; The sports arm guard pictured above is more than 20 yuan a piece. In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will not put pictures here. Especially when buying a quick-drying series in winter, that discount is still very cost-effective.

Similarly, if you decide to buy the Li Ning series, you only need to pay attention to one point: buy it fast drying series.

(5) Purchase of other brands.

Since I use relatively little of other brands, I will only make a simple explanation here, badminton has a large amount of exercise, and in other series of choices, try to be based on fast drying. It is better to buy an authentic Yonex suit and then compare the clothes you buy with it,

If you find that the difference is too far, you can use the seven-day no reason return and return it

(6) Badminton protective gear

Common badminton protective gear is divided into the following categories: wrist guards, knee pads, waist pads, elbow pads (arm pads), ankle pads, etc. At present, the protective gear series is better: LP protective gear, although the price is more expensive, but it is worth the money. One of the main factors is:

LP protective gear has good air permeability

Whether it is winter, or the picture below, it basically does not leave too much sweat on the protective gear. The following is a detailed introduction to protective gear.

Bracer: Since badminton often uses wrist force, if the force is not good, wrist pain is a clear sign

。 Therefore, in order to avoid badminton becoming a “broken wrist” sport, especially violent smashing flow, it is still necessary to recommend the use of wrist guards. After all, badminton is a long-term sport, not a short-term play. My previous strength was not very good, and my hand was injured, so the wrist braces are also often worn, and after wearing them, they will have a little impact on the kill, and the impact on other aspects is small. My first bracer has been used for 7 years now, it is still very good, it is still in use, and I have to say that the quality is still good. Below is a diagram of the protective gear of the LP.

The wrist guard of the LP

Knee pads: Knee pads depend on your knee capacity. If you often have sore knees after playing, then you should consider buying knee pads

。 Also, if the field is hard, then knee pads should also be considered. We have a field here, in order to save trouble during the decoration, the badminton mat was directly laid on the cement floor, and when I first started playing, I didn’t think about it, and I played a few more times in the back, and my knees hurt, so I bought knee pads in the back. Don’t think that wearing knee pads is an amateur or an older manifestation, there are also some professional athletes who also have knee pads. At the same time, the purpose of wearing knee pads is also to protect the knee meniscus, as far as I checked:

Muscle soreness can be relieved by rest, but knee meniscal injury is irreversible

。 So to play badminton, you still have to cherish your knees. Put a diagram of knee pads below.

Knee pads

Elbow pads (arm guards): If you feel pain in your elbow joint when playing badminton, this time is usually caused by force

, or tennis elbow. If the elbow joint pain is caused by poor force, then you can consider using elbow pads or arm guards, mild pain can use the arm guard shown in the top picture, and slightly more serious can consider professional protective gear for elbow pads.

Ankle pads:

Ankle protection is also important. In badminton, professional badminton shoes will protect the ankle to a certain extent. If a sprain occurs, you need ankle protectors, and to be honest, this protective gear really affects play. Therefore, before playing, we must do a good job of stretching sports to avoid injury.

Waist Protection:

Waist protection is generally aimed at golfers with poor or injured waist, which can only depend on individual needs. Moreover, I personally have never used waist and ankle pads, so I can’t give you good advice.

Other protective gear: such as shoulder pads, leg covers, etc. These are sports protective gear, and interested golfers can see for themselves.

(7) Warm-up before exercise

Having said all this, the main purpose is to hope that everyone should protect themselves more and avoid injuries when exercising. I have a golfer, after resting for a while, did not do any stretching, went directly to the field, and as a result, the Achilles tendon ruptured, although the surgery recovered, but the doctor recommended that no more intense sports, it can be said that the whole badminton career is over. So

I hope that before exercising, especially before someone pulls you on the field, you must do a good warm-up exercise before exercise, including stretching the legs and feet, especially the wrists, ankles, and knee joints, to avoid sports injuries

In addition, I wish all golfers a great increase in their skills, all the content of this article belongs to my personal views on amateur sports, some immature places, welcome everyone Li Yan to discuss, thank you.

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