The right way to do the work? Do you want a pair of Air Jordan 1s?

Sneaker transformation has always been an operation for sneaker enthusiasts to prove their creative ability, and the transformed shoes not only show their own personality, but also unique shoes are also envious. Today, a sneaker enthusiast shared a modified version of the Air Jordan 1 “Bred toe”. The shoes shown in the picture use Air Jordan 1 as the shoe base, using the new color of “Bred toe”, which was only released in the first half of this year, as the main color of the shoe, and the transformation part is to replace the entire outsole of the shoe with the standard heel of working leather shoes, and the laces are also changed to khaki similar to the color of the sole, and the overall shoe style adds a touch of formal wear commercial style on the basis of the trendy atmosphere. I wonder what you think after watching this commercial version of Air Jordan 1 “Bred toe”? We welcome you to express your views~