Warmer and more reliable than the male ticket, high-value snow boots are recommended! I really want to take it all home!

It snowed for several days in the city where the mushroom is located, and it didn’t feel romantic at all! Because it’s true… Cold… Make the most of the Buddhist post-90s thermal equipment – thermal underwear and snow boots, plus a long cotton coat! This is much more reliable than your boyfriend making you drink hot water!

Here I want to recommend snow boots that are N times warmer than the male ticket…

Spicy and beautiful snow boots, I really want to take them all home!

1. Energetic tassel elements

The first thing recommended for everyone is snow boots made of tassel elements.

When you walk, the tassels flutter in the wind, full of movement!


The following pair are also the hearts of dirty mushrooms! The seemingly random tassel decoration gives the whole pair of snow boots a lazy feeling, and I want to wear them to wander

2. Warm the fur element

Warm fur element snow boots are also essential this year~ The following pair of pure white fur snow boots look like heavy snow, I really want to wear it to step on the snow!

Or fur snow boots with lapels like this one are just as super trendy, and with jeans, you can make your legs as thin as chopsticks!

Animal-print fur snow boots have a bit more of wildness and are suitable for cool girls who are so different

I don’t like heavy fur snow boots, so it’s good to choose snow boots with raw trim like this, and it’s easy to take care of.

3. Cute bow

The cute bow element is back this year ~ There is no girl who does not love bows, add a small bow behind the boots, don’t be too cute is good~

The combination of warm knitted fabric and bow makes the originally tough snow boots instantly gentle~

The bow on the side of the boot is also very cute and playful, so even passers-by should look at you a few more times

4. A different kind of ethnic style

In recent years, national style has been a hot word in the fashion circle. Even today’s protagonist snow boots are catching the trend! Classic embroidery is the most representative element of national style.

The ethnic geometric print and snow boots collide equally super chic and go well.

The combination of embroidery and rivets is also a good choice, delicate and attractive. With so many choices, it’s really eye-catching

5. Casual snow boots

If you want to try something different this year, then casual snow boots are your best choice, especially for babies in the south!

Coupled with the design of the outer fur, it has a warm feeling of winter, which makes people love it

Even indoors, it’s not surprising to wear it bare-legged, or wear it with stockings, which are lightweight and easy to match

Wear it outdoors, match it with jeans on weekdays, and of course, you can wear a couple model with a male ticket~

With so many beautiful snow boots, have you decided which one to buy?