A fairy under the high-class face conquers Hollywood! Meet Chinese actress Gemma Chan

Marvel’s new movie “Eternals” is about to be released, and the Chinese actress Gemma Chan (Gemma Chan), who plays the banner in the play, has recently become the focus of attention. Earlier, he rose in popularity with the role of Nick Young’s cousin Astrid in “Crazy Asian”. The topic of being able to speak Cantonese and being a highly accomplished legal student has once again become a hot topic on the Internet. In fact, she has been a model, not only has a good appearance and figure, but also has an intellectual classical beauty.

This participation in “Eternals” is Chen Jing’s second entry into Marvel, the first time is Minn-Erva, a sophistry sniper played in “Captain Marvel”, unfortunately died as soon as he appeared. Gemma Chan was stunned when she was invited back by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, “I don’t think they’re going to bring me back a year from Captain Marvel. I had imagined that there would be some time in the future, and now this decision has surprised everyone. 」

More eye-catching than the heroine

The 38-year-old Chen Jing is known for her performance in “Crazy Asian Rich”, in which she plays the actor Nick Young’s cousin Astrid, and the audience thinks that she is more beautiful and temperamental than the heroine Constance Wu, all because the 172cm tall Gemma has a very well-proportioned figure, wearing high-end evening wear is very showy, coupled with a natural intellectual high-end face, no wonder it is so eye-catching.

Chan Jing’s father is a Hong Kong engineer and her mother is a Chinese who immigrated to Scotland, so she knows a little Cantonese. Born in London, England, she graduated from the law department of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, and when she first graduated, she also accepted a position at the number one law firm in the UK, Slaughter and May.

Law student, model, actor

After graduating from university, Gemma ignored the opposition of her family, relying on her savings earned as a model for a year to attend the London Drama Academy to study at the London Drama Centre, she was one of the first “Project Catwalk” models in 2006, and after embarking on the fashion road, she did not forget the original intention of acting, and slowly became an excellent actress.

Intellectual strong woman

After understanding Chen Jing’s background, he understood where her intellectual temperament came from. And her style of dressing also reflects her urban strong temperament. For example, she wore this Hugo Boss dark blue tank top shorts suit, black high heels made the overall look more slender, originally puffy and cute, but Gemma’s high-end face instantly exuded the atmosphere of a strong woman in the workplace.

Strong women can also wear skirts, and Gemma’s pearl-white dress shows the simplicity and ability of contemporary urban girls.

Vintage charm

In addition to intellectual beauty, those who have watched “Crazy Asian Rich” understand that Gemma is very suitable for elegant and classical retro shapes, not that she looks old, but has a leisurely elegance. For example, when she was a guest presenter at the 2018 Independent Spirit Awards, she wore this Prada green houndstooth suit, which subtly exudes an 80s hippie playfulness.

Gemma Chan attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2019, wearing a silver Tom Ford sheer evening dress, looming sexy, with the elegant luxury of the retro style of the 60s and 70s, she wears it full of temperament and stunning.

Red carpet look

Speaking of elegant temperament, Chen Jing, who was born with a high-class face and a tall and slender figure, also looks amazing on the red carpet every time she attends a grand occasion. She attended the Oscars in 2019 and chose Valentino’s bright pink vest dress for evening makeup, which is eye-catching and comfortable to look at. The short skirt design at the front reveals her long slender legs, paired with Jimmy Choo amphibole open-toe heels, which easily overwhelm the audience.

Another Valentino evening outfit, Gemma attended the 2019 Golden Globes, a royal blue backless evening dress that made her skin tone whiter and full of elegance.

In 2019, the movie “Crazy Rich Asia” was shortlisted for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she entered the scene wearing Oscar de la Renta pink off-the-shoulder evening dress, like a fairy, and the noble charm of a light mature woman made everyone drunk.