This year, “bare ankles” are finally not popular, and down jackets + boots are really amazing

These days are not

Eat melons and eat until you can

? Anyway, I have been switching back and forth on Weibo Douban in the past two days, for fear that melons will not be eaten completely.

In between eating melons, I suddenly saw

The lineup of “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 2”


Seeing this, I am really looking forward to it, so many childhood memories! Especially Cecilia Cheung, who is on the hot search for her beauty, this can be counted

Top look

It’s up!

Her golden dress style is also beautiful to blind me, this is a 40-year-old person, how to look at it

More beautiful than a 20-year-old

Even getting out of the car in plain clothes can be done

Shoot superstar

, I really feel that there is a comparison between stars and amateurs.

Forget it, when you can’t be a top beauty,

Watch top beauties sing and dance

Also 8 wrong. It’s about to celebrate the New Year, and thinking of having “Sister 2” to watch, I feel that this year will not be boring hahahaha.

Speaking of the New Year, everyone

New Year’s suit

Have you chosen? This winter is so cold, everyone must dress beautifully and warmly!

Today, Miya will talk about the most common collocation in winter –

“Down jacket + boots”

, so that everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy the New Year beautifully!

Let’s start with a pair of Martin boots! The first two years were a mess,

Versatile + wearable in all seasons

, with a down jacket is beautiful!

Ben Mi said that in the winter, Martin boots and denim straight-leg pants really match, no matter what style or style of down jacket you wear

Perfect match

In addition to the casual nature of the denim fabric itself, straight-leg pants can also be used

Shape the legs

, especially suitable for sisters whose legs are not very straight and their calves are a little thick, and they can also hide a pair of autumn pants hehe.

Tired of wearing jeans, little black pants are also very good to wear, more than jeans

Simple and versatile

, also suitable for more occasions.

If it is small black pants + Martin boots, remember to wear a down jacket with a light color, so that the whole body will look

More layered

If you love clean malt, you can choose white Martin boots, reduce the weight of the whole body, and stand out from the crowd of black Martin boots,

Personality and eye-catching

Sisters with better leg shape can martin boots with leggings, the overall style

More clean

, also goes well with this year’s most fashionable oversized down jacket.

Chelsea boots

It is also one of the classic boot shapes, characterized by low heels, round toe, no laces, low heels, high ankles, originally to facilitate the Queen to participate in equestrian sports when easy to put on and take off~

So there is a kind of Chelsea boots

Sense of formality

, daily wear is more testing of matching skills. Generally speaking, black is more business-style than other colors, so match the down jacket as well

Simple atmosphere

Some, do not have too complicated pattern decoration.

this year

BV boots

Especially popular, in fact, is actually thick sole, medium tube, big round toe Chelsea boots, fashion bloggers all over the world wear crazy!

Big toe of BV boots

Particularly thin legs

, the sense of presence is very strong, so other items should be relatively light, such as bright colors.

At the same time, pay attention

The fluffiness of the down jacket

, not too large, but also not too thin, otherwise it will not be balanced with the boots.

Just choose light-colored boots and engage

Wear it in the same color

, You can tell at a glance that it is a fashionable elf!

Light-colored Chelsea boots are more casual,

Suitable for everyday life

, it also looks cleaner and neat, which can balance the heaviness of the down jacket itself.

Sisters with a bit of matching skills, you can choose the one with a strong sense of design

Non-basic Chelsea boots

。 After all, most of the styles of down jackets are simple, and you can use shoes to sublimate the entire look.

This winter is the worst cold in decades, so snow boots have to be prepared. But the snow boots are a black hole of fashion,

Match the difficulty of ten stars

, the sisters of the north should take this party seriously!

This year’s fire


I don’t know if everyone has started, especially with snow boots!

Young and energetic

, the snow boots are not so bulky! The student party quickly take a small book and write it down!

If it is loose pants such as straight-leg pants and wide-leg pants,

Don’t wear a long down jacket

, and the length of the trousers should not cover the snow boots, so that they can appear thin.

If the sisters have a long down jacket, then it is necessary to match leggings + snow boots,

Wide top and tight bottom

to create a sense of layering.

Keep warm + show the legs fine full score

‘s boots are coming!

Southern sisters prefer down jacket + short skirt + boots, and the skirt length should not exceed the middle of the thigh, so that the thinnest part can be exposed. Sisters who are afraid of cold remember to add one

Bare-legged artifact


Wear it with a long straight skirt, just that

Stop wearing long undershirts

, and the down jacket is best worn open, otherwise the body will be divided into several segments, and the figure will not be modified at all.

(Error demonstration)

Boots and leggings are a great CP for down jackets that can be adapted to all styles.

Because it exposes the line of the lower body, sisters with crotch width problems can match

Mid-length down jacket

, cover the flesh on vans~

Of course, slender sisters can also engage in this year’s popular “pile pants”, wear looser pants, and then tuck the trouser tube into the boots,


, it’s too cool to go.

For sisters who are not tall and not very well proportioned, I strongly push

V-mouth boots

, visually the leg is two meters long, and by the way, it can also show the thin leg, which must be arranged!