The bitterness of carrying a milk mother, choosing the right breast pump is really important!

With the arrival of the baby, the real family brings a lot of joy, of course, there will be troubles. The average woman’s maternity leave is about half a year, and the time with the child really flies by, and in the blink of an eye, when the maternity leave ends, mothers have to face the choice of continuing to work or resigning.

Of course, it is difficult to say which option is better for mom and child, after all, every family situation is different. But once the mother chooses to continue working, the child will face the situation of not having breast milk. Therefore, the term “carrying mother” was also born, which simply means that on weekdays, breast milk is expressed out with a breast pump, stored and taken home at work as food for the next day.

The bitterness of “carrying milk mother” is really only experienced by the mother herself, I don’t know when and where I will feel breast swelling, always hide in the toilet when no one is paying attention to suck milk, busy so dizzy that I have to care about the situation of breast milk… There are so many problems in reality, so choosing a suitable and easy-to-use breast pump can really help the “back mother” a lot, so let’s take a look together!

1. Medela

Speaking of breast pumps, I believe that even mothers who have never used it know Medela’s famous name, after all, their family’s publicity is still in place. As a world-renowned infant products R & D and manufacturing enterprise, headquartered in Bar, Switzerland, founded in 1961, has a global footprint. All Medela products are of Swiss origin, there are currently no manufacturers of Demeile in China, and all products are 100% BPA-free.

Features: At present, the world’s smallest double-sided electric breast pump is Demeile’s Feiyun series, which is lightweight and can save a lot of troubles for mothers who often have to go out to pump. Medela Electric Breast Pump uses dual rhythmic inhalation mode technology, which has a 2-minute massage program before each pump, and then switches to the pumping program, which stimulates the milk array and mimics the baby’s natural pumping rhythm, which is very user-friendly and can use better time to absorb more milk.

Disadvantages: Many mothers will feedback that this breast pump is easy to cause milk to flow back into the catheter, which may damage the motor, but unilateral pumping is easier to reflow, and if you use a double breast pump, it is relatively difficult to return.

Price: Taobao flagship store about 2,000 yuan

2, Ameda Ameda

Compared with Medela, Ameida is much more low-key in China, but in fact, it is also a brand with Medela in foreign countries. All of Ameida’s products are designed and manufactured in accordance with European medical equipment standards, and the quality and safety are strictly higher than commercial standards, and until now, Ameida is still a professional medical breast pump provided by many hospitals, and all their products do not contain BPS and DEHP.

Features: The Ameta breast pump is the only breast pump with an FDA-proven air isolation system, which allows the baby to eat the purest milk without contamination such as bacteria and the milk pumped through Ameta. And his breast pump has an isolation system to prevent milk backflow from damaging the motor. Many mothers have also said that breast pumps are more convenient to clean, catheters, catheter caps and catheter joints generally do not need to be rinsed, and can be wiped after use, and other kits need to be cleaned.

Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, Ameda’s suction is not as soft as Medela, after all, everyone’s tolerance is different, so some mothers say that it is more painful after sucking out.

Price: Taobao flagship store about 1600 yuan

3. AVEN Avent

Unlike the above two breast pumps, AVEN, which also has a 30-year-old old brand, is more famous for its manual breast pump. In the army of overseas amoy, Avent’s manual breast pump is also a hot selling item, not only Chinese, but also in the UK, France, Austria and Russia are in the sales champion position.

Features: Avent’s breast pump features a unique petal massage design, patented petal massage pads and silicone control valves that work together to simulate the rhythm and movement of your baby’s sucking breast milk, massage the areola and nipples around the nipples while pumping, and naturally simulate the reflex that stimulates the milk production of the mammary glands. In addition, their breast pump material also does not contain BPA, which is safe for babies.

Disadvantages: Compared with electric, the manual breast pump is of course a strength job for the mother, so it may be more tired, but this manual breast pump is already very outstanding in the use of the experience compared to other brands, so mothers who are troublesome with the machine can also consider this Oh!

Price: Taobao flagship store about 500 yuan

4, Lansinoh

Lansinoh is an American brand and the only brand recommended by the International Breast Milk Association. Lansinoh’s lanolin cream and milk storage bag are also well-known products in the breast milk world, and these two are actually their Internet celebrity items compared to breast pumps.

Features: Lansinoh electric breast pump is a double rhythm, in the pumping mode can not only adjust the force, but also the pumping cycle. The anti-backflow design isolates contact between the sucked milk and the air in the hose. Many mothers have tested that this breast pump is relatively gentle, and mothers who are afraid of pain can try it. And the user interface is very simple and easy to understand!

Disadvantages: Some mothers said that their home is too soft, the suction power is average, and I personally recommend that you try it yourself.

Price: Taobao flagship store about 1800 yuan

5. Pigeon

As a very well-known mother and baby brand in Japan, Pigeon’s bottles, pacifiers and other baby products are believed to have been pocketed by many mothers. However, their breast pump is not particularly well-known among similar brands, but for big brands, the price is not high.

Features: The pumping principle of Pigeon breast pump is the same as that of Avent, which uses a plug-in pressure valve at the connection to the flare, and the motor generates suction through the catheter, and the milk sucking capacity of their home is quite large, and it is easy to clean and disassemble.

Disadvantages: The size and weight of the Pigeon breast pump are on the large side, which may be a bit burdensome to take out, and the noise is relatively loud when pumping.

Price: Taobao flagship store about 800 yuan

Of course, for different mothers, breast pumps are not necessarily necessary, and whether each mother is suitable for using a breast pump needs to be judged by doctors or professionals.

However, if you decide to buy it, I think it can be frugal and frugal. Functionally, the comfort and technical content of Medela and Ameta are relatively higher; And if you prefer manual, Avent is a good choice; Mothers who are very afraid of pain, you can consider Lan Sinuo; And moms with limited budgets, Pigeon is also a good choice.

I hope that mothers can choose their favorite things and live a comfortable life of milking!