The latest Android phone performance list: Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 ranked last, and Honor did not enter the top ten

After a two-month cooling-off period in the mobile phone market, in August, many manufacturers held a new product launch conference and released their high-end flagship mobile phones, which also made the mobile phone market lively. According to statistics, in the past August, manufacturers launched a total of 6 new Snapdragon 888 Plus new machines, and there are also 4 new machines equipped with Snapdragon 888, so which mobile phone won the champion of the Android mobile phone performance list in August?

A few days ago, AnTuTu announced the performance list of Android mobile phones in August, surprisingly, although there are many Snapdragon 888+ models on the list, but the top is a Snapdragon 888 model, Black Shark Gaming Mobile Phone 4 Pro with 864614 performance evenly overwhelmed a number of models, firmly occupying the first place on the list. In the entire list, the top ten models are only two Snapdragon 888+ models, and the rest are all Snapdragon 888 models.

For the Black Shark gaming mobile phone 4 Pro ranked first, the author is actually not surprised, because this mobile phone has long been a regular on the performance list, and has occupied the top position several times in a row, the reason why this mobile phone can always maintain a high performance average, but also because it has a built-in SSD, through the combination of RAID disk array and UFS 3.1 flash memory, parallel storage read and write operations, so that it has a better performance in daily use and running games.

In second place is a Snapdragon 888+ model, which is also a new machine recently released by iQOO, iQOO 8 Pro, with an average performance score of 846351, which is the best running score among the Snapdragon 888+ models on the list. This phone is iQOO’s first bullet to hit the high-end market, and the product it directly targets is the Xiaomi MIX4. iQOO 8 Pro machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus + LPDDR5 memory + UFS3.1 flash memory high-performance combination, in addition to independent display chip + VC power pump liquid cooling heat dissipation to assist, the screen is also very sincere, the world’s first E5 light-emitting material AMOLED display, resolution of 3200×1440, support 1~120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate, overall this mobile phone in terms of performance configuration is very strong, comprehensive experience is also very good.

Then the models on the list are Tencent Red Devil Game Mobile 6Pro, IQOO 8, OnePlus Mobile 9, OPPO Find X3 Pro, OnePlus Mobile 9, realme GT, Xiaomi MIX4, vivo X6 Pro+, it is worth mentioning that among the 10 models on the list, there are only two models equipped with Snapdragon 888+ processor, and Xiaomi MIX4’s running score is not very ideal, only ranked second to last on the list, Honor Magic Series 3 did not make the list.

According to AnTuTu, Xiaomi MIX4 did not achieve better results should be due to the system mechanism, the default is to open the balanced mode, in most cases MIX 4 is in the balanced mode to run scores, did not show the highest performance performance. The Honor Magic 3 Pro Ultimate Edition is basically the same as the MIX 4, both at the cost of frequency limiting, so it is inferior in terms of running scores.

There is a saying, throughout the entire list, it is not difficult to find that the performance of the Snapdragon 888+ processor is indeed somewhat unsatisfactory, and the improvement compared to the Snapdragon 888 is not high. According to Qualcomm officials, the Snapdragon 888+ has a 5% improvement compared to the Snapdragon 888, but this improvement is only under ideal conditions, so the perception of the general new machine is not strong, in fact, a situation like this has also happened on last year’s Snapdragon 865+, so it can only be said that it is not strange.

In fact, in the author’s opinion, Qualcomm’s performance in the past two years is somewhat meaningful, such as the Snapdragon 888 processor released in the first half of this year, which brought the embarrassment of heat to many first flagships, so it was also disliked by many netizens, and now the Snapdragon 888+ processor is also suspected of squeezing toothpaste, but Qualcomm claims to have an improvement of more than 20% in terms of AI capabilities. In this way, the Snapdragon 870 seems more qualified to be called this year’s flagship core.

In general, after the release of Snapdragon 888 Plus, the performance list has new changes and new highlights, but the results it brings have not met our expectations, the Black Shark 4 Pro equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor is still strong, ranking first on the list, and the model equipped with the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor is only two on the list, Xiaomi MIX 4 won the ranking is not ideal, the honor Magic 3 series is even on the list is not nameless, considering that the mobile phone itself is more conservative in performance scheduling, can only say Snapdragon 888 The boost to the Plus processor is less noticeable!

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