The metamorphosis of a silk thread, the winding jewelry made is simple and natural, and foreign girls like it very much

Winding craft, many students who pay attention to Xiaoai, can have some understanding, there was a special issue to introduce you to winding headdress. Generally speaking, this kind of handicraft is to bend the wire into a circle or other shape, and then use the thread to wind, wrap, set and other ways to complete the whole jewelry work, because of the “winding” characteristics of the technique itself, so this craft is called winding. It is one of the very old crafts, especially loved by many girls abroad.

The appreciation we bring today is winding jewelry, which is unique in that each piece of jewelry is unique, and because of the natural texture, these jewelry have the most simple and natural taste, showing the simple beauty. If you like all kinds of accessories, then winding is a very practical handicraft. It can satisfy all your wonderful fantasies about jewelry. Bracelets, hair accessories, rings, earrings and even necklaces can be achieved as long as you have unlimited brain holes and a pair of skillful hands.

If you want to do things well, you must first sharpen your tools, and let’s first understand what materials are needed to make winding. Winding jewelry is commonly copper wire, aluminum wire, gold wire, silver wire, copper wire is better for entry-level.

The most commonly used tools are mainly as follows:

Needle-nose pliers:

Clamping operation, clamping and crimping is used, winding manual essential, you need to pay attention to not having teeth when choosing, otherwise it will damage the wire, equipped with springs, comfortable handles.

Round nose pliers:

For basic operations such as 9 needles and circles, pay attention to the round mouth to be sharp enough, equipped with springs, and comfortable handles.

Side shear pliers:

Used when cutting the wire, the wire of winding jewelry is special, be sure to choose a sharp cut, and consider the thickness of the wire when purchasing.

Nose pliers:

Compared to the needle-nose pliers, which are more versatile, it will make you feel like you have an extra finger, and you can pinch or bend the dead spots or details that the straight pliers cannot reach.

Ring Stick:

A useful tool used to make rings. The handheld version is suitable for ring ring measurement and wounding, as well as simple handmade ring making, complex models are inconvenient to make and need to be additionally fixed.

Acrylic coiled square matrix

Acrylic material, the hole is not transparent, the column pile is inlaid insertion, the relative metal should be accurate and stable, the thinnest column pile inserted is about 1.6mm, and the smallest circle of winding is more exquisite (the metal disk should reach more than 2.5mm). There are three types of winding coils: circular square matrix, square matrix and circular array, the formation is designed for different winding needs, of which the winding disk of the circular square array can meet both the winding method of the circle array and the winding method of the square matrix, so it has always been known for its high cost performance and is the most popular!

F-type fixative vice:

Fixed on the table, suitable for winding reel fixing, greatly increasing the efficiency of winding manual.

Round Head Jewelry Hammer:

It is used to hammer flat metal wire to achieve the individual effect of the work, and pay attention to the smooth surface of the hammer head when choosing to avoid wire damage.

Metal pads:

Use with a hammer, pay attention to the smooth surface when choosing, the cushion plate is relatively thick and carefully smashed, and the surrounding is relatively sharp and carefully pierced.

Twisting the twister:

Basic tools for hand-twisted twisting, metal creative twist modeling, winding jewelry.

Welding torch:

Used for manual welding of metal wire, the welding gun comes with gas, can be used up by itself, can weld silver wire below 1.0, basically meet the needs of winding manual works.

With tools, we can try Oh, the characteristics of winding jewelry are very fashionable, varied, light and simple to wear, and can also be made of complex shapes. If we are novices, we can start with simple winding and practice from copper wire, making different shapes, as shown below.

Let’s take a look at a few tutorials first

Winding earrings:

Winding bracelet ring:

Winding earrings:

Wound heart pendant:

When we make winding works, we should pay attention to whether the arrangement of metal wires is neat or regular, and be patient when making. Only then can you make satisfactory works.

Here are some simple winding works for everyone, and there are some simple line diagrams that can be made, but it is just a line and a few circles.

Necklace earrings

Bracelet hairpin


The ring is relatively simple to make, and here are some more styles for your reference.

Well, after reading it, do you want to complete a work like this yourself? There are many winding ideas, welcome to pay attention to comments, article material pictures to organize the Internet, share everyone to learn to use.


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