The real king of the big screen SKYWORTH G90 restores the real to conquer users

As we all know, Generation Z young people are not only keen on the performance release of DIY accessories, but also have a high pursuit of peripherals, especially monitors that affect the actual visual senses. They will “require” that the display should be both office and entertainment, 4K ultra-high resolution to clearly display text and pictures, 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate to play 3A masterpieces, and preferably a higher-end OLED screen to provide better picture quality effects.

  On September 23, Skyworth TV’s 2021 autumn new product launch conference was held in Beijing, Skyworth Display’s SKYWORTH G90 quickly ignited the passion of Generation Z with its ultra-high display quality and super high appearance, attracting the attention of industry media and professional users across the network.


1 light up the real, the king of the big screen is well deserved

  A good screen is the soul of a monitor. OLED, as a panel configuration that will appear on high-end display devices, benefits from its natural technical advantages, with the advantages of extremely high contrast, no light leakage at all, and more thin, and is naturally favored by many users. SKYWORTH G90 adopts a 4K OLED screen, with more than 8 million self-illuminating pixels to achieve independent light control, bringing pure darkfield performance. The excellence of the screen is not only based on the natural properties of the panel, but also repeatedly pondered when determining the size. 48 inches is the optimal solution for PPI of large-screen e-sports, the fidelity and details of the picture are enough to make the wonderful “nothing to hide”, the combination of 48 inches + OLED makes SKYWORTH G90, the king of the big screen, well-deserved. In addition, the screen-to-body ratio of SKYWORTH G90 is very amazing, reaching 99%, with the boundless design on all sides, the bright screen and the screen off are very shocking.

  In addition to the quality of the screen, the SKYWORTH G90 also starts from another real need of the user group – considering that gamers are almost the “hardest hit area” of vision problems, SKYWORTH G90 has its own solution. Thanks to the OLED screen body and the creation of eye health technology, SKYWORTH G90 has OLED natural no harmful blue light, no screen flash, anti-glare and Skyworth ALS eye protection light screen change and other functions, the built-in light sensor can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the picture according to the brightness and color temperature of the surrounding environment, so that the display is always maintained on the best display effect, to achieve the purpose of comfortable and healthy viewing, and is in eye protection mode at all times.

2The speed is real, and the strength of esports cannot be underestimated

  For the player group, esports strength must be very strong. Taking the hit “Cyberpunk 2077” as an example, the protagonist of the game needs to experience high-dynamic scenes such as drag racing, shopping stores, and black boxing, especially when there is a fierce gunfight in first-person perspective, the delay performance of the display is particularly important. SKYWORTH G90 WILL THE RESPONSE TIME TO 1ms, AND AT THE SAME TIME INTRODUCE VRR VARIABLE REFRESH RATE WITH 1ms EXTREME RESPONSE, SO THAT THE DISPLAY IMAGING SPEED AND GRAPHICS CARD RENDERING SPEED TO KEEP PACE, CAN REALLY ACHIEVE “BOUNCE WITHOUT BULLETS” IN THE GAME, AND ALSO GREATLY REDUCE THE GAME SMEARING AND MOTION BLUR, USUALLY PLAY 3D GAMES WITH VERTIGO SYMPTOMS PLAYERS CAN TRY IT, MAYBE THE PROBLEM IS ON THE MONITOR. The high refresh rate of 120Hz allows players to stay full of blood in the virtual world.

  In addition to the delightful esports speed experience, the SKYWORTH G90’s esports sound quality experience is also quite impressive. With the blessing of Dolby Atmos, the sound effects of the game are vividly displayed, and the excellent sense of sound orientation brings players into it instantly, and various scenes such as conversations, arguments, chases, and fights seem to be happening around them. Whether it is games with high control requirements such as “League of Legends” and “PUBG”, or 3A masterpieces with extremely high requirements for picture quality such as “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Civilization”, you can use SKYWORTH G90 to gain shocking sound quality enjoyment and smooth operation experience.

3 True colors, for esports players and creators

  I believe that no player can refuse the “temptation” of picture quality, in the play of “Tomb Raider”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Civilization 6” and other masterpieces in the magnificent scenes and shocking fighting details, in the battle “Cyberpunk 2077”, the urban jungle made of reinforced concrete constitutes the general appearance of the city area of the night, in a towering skyscraper stationed all kinds of large enterprises, these buildings, greenery, celestial phenomena, lighting and other elements can be perfectly restored by SKYWORTH G90.

  SKYWORTH G90’s 4K RESOLUTION NOT ONLY BRINGS PLAYERS STUNNING GAME GRAPHICS, VISUAL EFFECTS “FULL FIRE”, BUT ALSO ALLOWS MOVIE-LOVING USERS TO IMMERSE THEMSELVES, 99% OF THE DCI-P3 WIDE COLOR GAMUT PRESENTS A MORE GORGEOUS AND FULL PICTURE, CINEMATIC QUALITY IS STRIKING. In order to present every frame of the picture to the extreme, SKYWORTH G90 also adopts Skyworth 30+ picture quality adjustment 3D LUT movie original color technology, broadcast-level monitor level restoration, with 10bit color depth, further optimize the color of the picture, so that users can fully control the rich details of the picture. When Dolby Vision is turned on, some pictures with strong contrast between light and dark will present a very attractive tension. For professionals engaged in retouching, imaging and other fields, the SKYWORTH G90 is simply a “peripheral ceiling”.

4 Experience real, interaction as you like

  Early monitor buttons are placed under the fuselage, although this can make the monitor look more neat, but it is difficult to use, want to set the volume or picture color options, it is really blind operation, complicated, and it is easy to press the wrong button. The SKYWORTH G90’s innovative interaction with both remote control and side shortcuts helps players stay one step ahead of the curve. The smart small screen function design allows the screen to display four sizes: 43, 40, 32, 30, and 23.8 inches. In this way, when playing some games with not particularly excellent picture quality, there will be no blurred feeling of being “dominated” by the large screen.

  The “match made in heaven” of HDMI 2.1+WiFi6 is perfect for adapting to the next generation of game console boom. Through two HDMI 2.1 ports, you can not only eat the RTX 3090 high-end graphics card, but also give full play to the performance of the PS5/Xbox Series X next-generation console, and with the smooth network speed of up to 1.2Gbps, you can quickly transmit real-time game pictures to cope with the ever-changing battlefield.

  As a leading enterprise in the display field, Skyworth enters the game as a disruptor every time it enters a field, never sticking to the rules to make replicas, but has its own ideas and puts them into practice, bringing users the ultimate experience of professionalism, technology and health. As a very mature product, SKYWORTH G90 continues the excellent DNA of Skyworth display, introduces VRR technology into the display field, adheres to the restoration of reality to conquer users, and brings users a different sense of innovation. Whether it is e-sports players or creators, it is difficult to choose a product that satisfies them before this, and the emergence of SKYWORTH G90 can be said to give a better choice, perhaps more accurately, it is worthy of the praise of “almost no opponent within 10,000 yuan”.