Is it the same as milk, “bag” and “boxed”? Different needs to buy different packages

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I still remember when I was young, my hometown will ride a car every morning.

Send milk


People, now think of it is already a good memory of a generation.

Milk is an important source of nutrition,

Rich calcium and protein

Especially for children who are growing, they should drink more milk.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the types of milk on the market are also dazzling.

Like the boxed, bagged, filling, etc., then the difference between the packages, where is the difference between the two?


The same brand of milk, different packaging methods, the difference is not small

Milk has a good disorder, even the most common bag and boxed milk, there are many gaps.

1) Positioning and price

In fact, for the same brand of boxed and bagged milk, there is no difference in nature, and the reason for the boxing and bags.

Mainly in the form of different products of different consumer groups.

Different in the cost of the box and the bag, although the box may only be more cooked than the bag, the image brought by the box is far from the bag.

Even the same milk, after the box is packaged, it will

Attracting more high-end consumers also add more benefits.


2) Different shelf life


In fact, those who are careful people will find that the biggest difference between the boxed milk and bags is the gap between the shelf life.

The shelf life of the boxed milk can generally maintain half a year to one year, and the shelf life of the bag milk is short, generally dozens of days, the longest is only about one month.

So, if you want to pick up the goods, it is best to choose the boxed milk, and the preservation time will be longer.

It is worth noting that no matter whether it is a bag or a box, even if there is a price difference between the two,

The nutritional value of itself is also no significant difference.

So if there is no special requirements, it doesn’t matter if you choose a bag or a box.

How do parents choose a suitable milk?

In the face of the five hundred milk in the market, many mothers feel that they have not started, in fact, it can be found very well in accordance with the form below.

Of course,

Children who are untrophially, milk is to avoid

, Lactose is not resistant to the crowd, once exposed to dairy products, will diarrhea, vomiting, and severe dehydration.

Of course, not all lactose is not tolerant, can not drink fairy products, each person is different, and some people have no problems.

Protector reminder: choose milk to children, it is best to pure milk

In life, parents will often give children milk, but it is worth noting that not all milk is pure milk, some milk is not only nutritious, but drink more will only let the child get fat.

So when you buy milk to your child,

Pay attention to the composition table, mainly to see three standards of fat, calcium and protein.

In general, good milk, fat is more than 3%, the calcium content is at 100 mg of calcium per 100 g, the lowest standard is 2.8 mg, the higher the higher.

So, on the child’s dietary problem, you have to brighten your eyes.

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On the market, there are many ways to pack the milk, and even the new year is constantly being new, then it is also a liquid, why don’t you have a bag of cola, bag mineral water, etc.

In fact, each liquid can be designed according to the characteristics of the liquid itself.


The selling point of mineral water is clean, the bottle is just a selling point, if you choose a bag or opaque box, it is indeed “Pearl Dark Turning”.


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