You have to watch it with or without children! GE GE “Baby Eye Care” LED bulb review

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Talk about feelings

The landlord feels that it doesn’t matter what mobile phone to use, the mainstream mobile phone on the market, from 1000 yuan to 6000 yuan, there is not much difference in functional performance, I can be satisfied. But when it comes to light bulbs, I’m picky, I’m always looking for reliable, healthy LED bulbs, but the journey has been extremely difficult…

The plot is not not not like this

: Since seeing the GE GE “Baby Eye Protection” LED bulb, my heart has calmed down.

A Setsu is a post-85 generation, when he was a child, his family used incandescent lamps, and after studying, he basically popularized fluorescent energy-saving lamps, and after graduation, LED bulbs swept the market. It can be said that in less than 30 years, the bulb has been “upgraded” two gears in a row. But it seems that behind the upgrade, the quality of light produced by the bulb is really downshifted twice in a row.

The helpless plot is like this: “

Since the new decoration of the home unified LED light source, I always feel very uncomfortable, recently I have replaced all incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. “There are many friends who leave messages like this… (Who is that?) Stand up yourself)

However, the background of the times is as follows:

LED bulb 1 yuan free shipping; Most of the LED bulbs are unqualified and domestic mainstream brands are also listed; There are more than 1,000 LED bulb manufacturers in the country, and a very small proportion of qualified bulbs can be produced…

1 yuan free mail to buy home, while buying may be: the child’s injured eyes and dropped grades; The prospective daughter-in-law came to the door to disagree with the dishes and uploaded them to the Internet; The other half is getting less and less sexual…

Product description, unboxing display and use

My story with GE General Electric LED bulbs

Maybe many friends have never seen GE’s LED bulbs, and indeed his family has very few goods in the Chinese mainland, even didn’t sell it on its own

, other online shopping channels are not hot, and offline physical stores are even rarer. But GE’s lighting industry is indeed one of the world’s leading and core divisions that still retains under GE’s “number one” thinking. GE also announced not long ago that it will no longer provide CFL fluorescent energy-saving lamps in the US market, focusing only on the development and production of LEDs. At the same time, there are also several smart bulbs that are smart to the human body principle released (please do not compare the domestic Xiaomi and even the international Philips in this regard). However, GE’s LED bulbs are also different, that is



When I bought them, I showed these babies to a professional friend, wanting to ask if this was a divine horse structure. As a result, the professional said: I have not seen it! Later, when talking about the price, talking about the price of 2W for 20 yuan and 10 yuan per watt, he said that he often did not understand, and the total illuminance of this product is only 60 lumens! Indeed, GE bulbs are unusual, and such market positioning determines that it cannot be in the present

The Chinese market with such asymmetric information

Difference. Then I said: This product has half a Chinese character from the outside to the inside, and it is for the European and American markets. Professional friends laughed:

The price of only 3 yuan should indeed be a good thing!

However, however, however, I could not be happy.

GE brand bulbs are niche in China

(compared to Philips and Osram), this product is also niche in its product line (compared to the just released, red to purple

bright stick

)。 But such a unique structure, as well as “

Baby eye protection

“Label, I have to take it home! In fact, Ah Setsing has also been following the footsteps of GE bulbs, and is following the footsteps of all high-quality LED bulbs.

Unboxed display

There are a total of five bulbs of this type (as shown in the title image), three transparent lampshades for visual reports, and two matte non-see-through lampshades. Among them, the short base sheer version that appears in the unboxing text of the Yeelight bulb is the only one with Chinese on the box, and the rest are purely foreign languages (Chinese stickers are all woody).

▼ Five boxes standing together. Four of the boxes have a “cheongsam effect” (see second image).

▼ Only the packaging has Chinese Simplified text, apparently this is Chinese mainland. It is a transparent lampshade with a short base.

▼ After opening, like this. That’s it! Before Ah Shot, Xiaomi Yeelight bulbs showed their faces in the unboxing.

GE Lighting Baby Eye Care LED Bulb E27E14 Screw Warm White Dimmable Bedroom Bedside Bulb Feeding Light…

▼ This is a long base model, and the two are transparent lampshade and opaque lampshade type. It can be seen that this is the Hungarian model, and the voltage in most European countries is the same as in China, and it is safe to use.

▼ It opens like this, which is obviously a little longer than the short base model above. Why is the shape different? In the case of the same power and illumination, the long base model must have a larger heat dissipation component and better heat dissipation effect. Is it a difference between inside and outside?

▼ It is also a Hungarian model, and the box wood has Chinese. It is a long lampshade and candle lamp model.

▼ The same structure, the same E27 screw mouth. It’s just that the shape of the bulb is different.

American General GE LED Candle Bulb Baby TV Eye Care 2W E27 Professional Grade Eye Care Feeding LED Light…

▼ Family portrait display. All are only 2W, very small bulbs. But incomparably refined.

However, found that Mu has? The above models do not express “baby”, “eye protection” and other information whether from the box or the lamp body? However, is this just a gimmick for merchants? Hope to find the answer in the following article.

Inside the lampshade

Round milky yellowish “glowing ball”

Description. This is also the biggest ID of this series of GE bulbs, what is the role of this design that even industry insiders have never seen? Please lock ten sets of CCTV, and after the advertisement, please continue to watch “Exploration and Discovery”… Comfortable toothpaste, anti-sensitivity, all said good… Nipple bottle, baby only recognizes Pigeon…

Welcome back to Discovery & Discovery, where we talked about the “glowing ball” of the GE bulb.

Expert Ah Setsing’s point of view: 1, anti-glare design; 2. Increase the irradiation angle and soft light; 3. Secondary harmonization of spectra and increase display index.

First, ordinary LED bulbs have glare and other problems, if it is a transparent lampshade, it is simply impossible to see, this design is to solve this problem. Because the LED emitting is one-sided and small, it emits a strong light in a very small range, and it is strange that it is not dazzling. GE’s bulbs use a “light-emitting ball” design, in which the light of the LED light-emitting sheet is directly hit on the “luminous ball” with very low transparency and a much larger surface area

Secondary refraction

, greatly reducing the problem of dazzling and dazzling.

Second, although the luminous angle of most LED bulbs is marked as 180°, most of the light is still within 90° directly below, and direct vision is still dazzling. After the “luminous ball” design, the light can be evenly dispersed to the range of 270 °, and the light below the direct light is greatly reduced, so as to illuminate the ceiling, and more light shines on the surrounding walls, not only the global illumination range is significantly increased, but also forms a diffuse reflection of three surfaces, so that the indoor light is maximized


Third, most LED bulbs on the market

Blu-ray problem

Prominent, and

The color rendering index is not high

The “luminous ball” material is a yellowish special material, which plays the role of secondary dimming. In order to solve the problem of blue light and display index is too low, the mainstream practice is to improve the phosphor ratio on the LED light-emitting chip, but the cost is to reduce the brightness and increase the temperature of the chip (because more light can not shine out, is absorbed by the phosphor after the improved ratio, so that the temperature rises), you must know that increasing the temperature is geometrically accelerating light attenuation and reducing the life of the lamp. GE’s design, to some extent, is to put the fluorescent powder with improved ratio on the “light-emitting ball” outside the light-emitting chip, so that the temperature increases beyond the light-emitting chip, and the temperature of the light-emitting chip does not rise while increasing the color rendering index.

Use the Reviews section

▼ Actually, when you get it in your hand, you feel that this guy is simply an iron tweezer? So heavy! Weigh it right away! The picture above is a short base model as an example (several models listed in this article are iron tweezers), and the picture below is a Philips 3W LED bulb.

▼ The following pictures are the effect after the lamp is put on, the picture exposure and white balance are inconsistent, and the color temperature is 2900K. In fact, the real effect is similar. Then, which effect do you prefer?

▼ The phone took a picture of the light bulb, and black stripes were found. However, Ah Cheng casually picked up a certain Philips 3W LED bulb that showed his face above, as well as the same power bulb made in Guangdong and branded with a certain place, there are also obvious black stripes. The first two pictures are GE bulbs with any stripes in wood; The third picture is a Philips bulb, with relatively obvious stripes, and the static picture is not very obvious (you need to look carefully); The last one is a Guangdong place name plate, and the stripes are very obvious. The four pictures are all light bulb glowing photos below 3000K, divided into white and yellow factions, but the white balance of the mobile phone is different. Strangely, how to shoot GE bulbs are able to white balance to white (just not very accurate), the following two how to shoot are more yellow than you see, the white balance of the mobile phone is indeed scum. What is the reason, please popularize science.

In summary,

It is not dazzling to look at, the light is soft all over the house, and it can better restore the true color.

But at the cost of less illumination,

The 2W bulb has only 60 lumens of illumination!

Whether it is worth it or not, everyone has a scale in their hearts. But Ah Setsu definitely needs this kind of product: I value the quality of the light more than the price-performance ratio!

Let’s talk about the flickering problem. Most cheap LED bulbs on the market have flickering problems, and flickering naturally affects vision. Ah Setsu didn’t have precise instruments such as photodiodes to test, and he wasn’t prepared to take it apart to see the internal power structure (because he couldn’t bear it), but he could use the indigenous method: point the phone camera at the lit light bulb to see the black stripes of wood with horizontal brushes. After changing a few mobile phones for testing, the experimental results were reassuring: the wood had black stripes. Even if the possibility of harmful strobe cannot be completely ruled out, it is not possible to specifically test the degree of strobe that may be possible. But the test results and the actual use experience are: stroboscopic is almost non-existent.

In this way, non-glare and soft light, better color rendering, plus strobe that even the machine cannot detect, and a low color temperature of 2900K (the proportion of harmful blue light at low color temperature is less), is this not what eye protection lamps are most looking for? The label “Baby Eye Protection” is also worthy of the name! Coupled with the workmanship like a work of art and such an ingenious design, Ah Setsu liked it very much, so I recommend it to everyone, and I also have this article.


GE’s series of bulbs is obviously not for the Chinese market, but we can also easily buy them from Tmall. Although the power and luminous efficiency are very poor, considering that most of the domestic families are small and not high rooms, and the rooms are basically multi-lamp design, they can also make up for the use of general purpose lighting, and in most cases do not need too bright lighting. Considering that there is such a design, more light is not thrown directly down, and superior color rendering, and there are too few competitors of this kind, GE’s series of bulbs is worth considering.

For the purchase of LED bulbs, Atsu has never stopped paying attention, has seen a large number of domestic and foreign evaluation articles, in the mainstream brands and models, GE has great advantages in strobe and color rendering index, and also has breakthrough products (light stick) in luminous efficiency. I just don’t understand why GE’s LED bulb products pay so little attention to the Chinese market. I want to tell GE: Chinese users also need high-quality light sources, Chinese are so enthusiastic about buying LV, afraid to pay dozens of dollars more for good bulbs?

I hope to communicate with you. Ah Zheng is not a professional or practitioner in the lighting industry, but as a part-time wedding photographer, he has been concerned about the quality of LED bulbs for a long time, and has been looking for more reliable LED bulbs, and has a second related original, and will continue to write. However, unlike an enthusiast or geek, some people may laugh at me for not taking it apart? Why not discuss whether it is IC constant current or resistance and voltage limiting? I think or write it from the perspective of ordinary users (although I also pay attention to these), because most consumers, like me, do not first take it apart, then study the role of each chip, and then close the lid and use it. In fact, LED bulbs are the same, we need to pay more attention to the type and luminous quality, rather than internal technical problems, technical problems are left to the market and manufacturers to solve.

In the middle of the night, I wrote an original cold book, and there were also people who served a bowl of Japanese-style demoli noodles. I hope everyone supports, like + collect + comment + tip, this “quadrilogy” sings Aunt Zhang!


GE Lighting Baby Eye Care LED Bulb E27E14 Screw Warm White Dimmable Bedroom Bedside Bulb Feeding Light…