This autumn and winter a pair of pants is called: “woolen pants”, warm and elegant, more fashionable

The most happy thing in winter must be plush and warm things, and the pants that have become popular this winter are woolen pants, comfortable, versatile and warm, the key is to be able to match with various types of items, fashionable and tasteful.

Do you have a pair of warm and elegant woolen pants this autumn and winter?

First, choosing the right pants is choosing the right fashion style

<1> Tweed pants material

The focus of the popularity of woolen pants is its material, thick can cover the flesh and will not deform, first of all, we must first understand the attributes of woolen pants, in order to make the most correct choice in the selection and matching, understand what fit is more suitable for us.

(1) Fine hair

Advantages: The fit is moderate, suitable for slightly fat girls, the thinning effect is good, and the modification of various leg shapes is obvious.

The material of fine woolen pants is relatively soft, the workmanship is meticulous, do not pick the body shape, and will not feel heavy when worn, because the workmanship is fine, it looks more textured, and the inclusiveness is better than ordinary pants.

Reducing the wool brings a feeling of swelling, so that slightly fat girls can better extend the leg line, reflect the long and straight leg shape, easily show their long legs, and look both clothed and fashionable.

(2) Coarse wool

Advantages: warm and thick, good anti-wrinkle effect, suitable for relatively slender thin girls

Coarse wool is very warm, girls who are afraid of cold in winter can choose the material of coarse wool, while the density of coarse wool is small, it looks neat and beautiful, and it is especially easy to control for thin girls, and can look more perfect in body proportions.

<2> Tweed pants fit

* Wide-leg tweed pants

The effect of wide-leg tweed covering the thick legs is particularly good, the woolen pants are not a close-fitting fit, integrated into the design of wide-leg pants, can better cover the thickness of the big and small legs, for fat girls wide-leg pants are the first choice, inclusive of the problem of thick legs.

And wide-leg pants are one of the more advanced fits, even if they are “blind” matched, they can also match a sense of fashion. However, when choosing wide-leg woolen pants, pay attention to the adjustment of the crotch position, choose high-crotch wide-leg pants will not look tower-dragging, so that it is comfortable to wear and also high.

* Tweed pants

Tweed pants have a distinct feature: the thickness changes, the thighs are modified and the calves are thin, and the fabric of the tweed and the tapered shape will not change shape due to walking or sitting, which is comfortable and convenient for movement.

Tweed material tapered pants will not be like ordinary fabric tapered pants, from thigh-width to calf narrow design is too stiff, so the tolerance of tapered woolen pants is also better, especially for the leg shape with similar leg circumference, wear the body to make your straight and thin, leg shape is not good-looking girls must enter.

* Pipe tweed pants

O-shaped legs X-shaped legs star people must love a pair of pants, there is enough space to modify the problem of walking bent legs, it is not obvious that the leg shape is not straight at all, the smoke tube pants as the name suggests and its name is the same, upright smoke pipe type; Another advantage is that it can mask false span widths.

The hips and crotch are designed to be a wide fit, reducing the protrusion on both sides of the hips, the front looks long and straight legs, the side view, the butt is upturned and the waist line, and the thin and excellent is not the pipe woolen pants.

<3> The color of tweed pants

Gentle style → tofu woolen pants

Tweed pants are very gentle because of the fabric, and the choice of white tofu woolen pants is to give full play to the gentleness and elegance, and white can make the tweed pants look particularly good fishing, visual comfort and wearing comfort are also full marks, and the upper body will not add a sense of burden.

If you are worried that white pants will increase the sense of expansion, you can add Morandi color to other clothing items to supplement the layering of matching and avoid bloat; However, girls with fat leg types should not try tofu woolen pants, and can choose dark colors such as black to show a slimming effect.

Skinny and versatile→ black, checked tweed pants

Many people’s impression of tweed pants is fat and loose, worried about wearing more fat, that black tweed pants can definitely solve this problem. The black effect can make people’s vision ignore “obesity”, but when choosing black bottoms, because of the woolen fabric, it is best not to choose light colors for the matching of tops, which will make the color ratio uneven and appear strong in the lower body.

You can also increase the fun of pants, choose checked woolen pants, thin effect and black rule is a truth, more is to increase the richness of matching, reduce vertical vision, H-shaped body girls are very suitable for this upper and lower body proportion division obvious matching.

Temperament→ khaki tweed pants

Tweed pants can also wear a fashionable texture, khaki tweed pants are very lazy, especially can express the atmosphere of autumn and winter, and do not pick the figure at all, and can make the match “minefield”, whether it is with light or dark clothing, can be dark and light transition The overall layered and maintain a strong overall style.

Second, the fashion matching guide of woolen pants

Tips1: Top-down light and dark matching

In addition to the common same-color wear, light and dark wear is used on woolen pants, which can increase the progressive sense of wearing, and this sense of progression is the effect of contrasting dark and light colors; It is not the light and dark colors of the two classes, but the general similarity and not in the same color system, but in one saturation.

Like what

Khaki + caramel + gray

, the same color in the same color ring, will not appear chaotic colors, similar but contrasting effect, giving people a warm and monotonous feeling, easily balancing the overall harmony.

Tips2: Dress up and down

Because of the thick sense and simplicity of the woolen pants, sometimes it seems that the overall matching looks “heavy”, so you can use the law of simplicity and complexity to shift the focus to the lower body, which can appear longer legs.

But it does not mean to choose bells and whistles woolen pants to express this “complicated”, but to reduce tediousness, like you can choose the checked tweed pants mentioned above, full of rhythm and layering, and will not be too messy. As long as you avoid choosing the same style of top, there will be no old-fashioned problem.

Tweed pants summary:


*Earth-colored, light-colored tweed pants are the most attractive and easy to match

* High-waisted, high-end fit shows leg length, modifies height, and does not show bloat

*The fishing feeling of woolen pants is more conducive to the slimming effect, and it is also high-class

◆Lightning protection

* Bright tweed pants other than white only add “heaviness” to the lower body

* Tweed pants with too many patterns decorated with too much top style does not match, it will look unprioritized and fat

* Do not choose sweatpants style tweed pants, the horizontal vision is obvious, showing thick legs and short legs

The shape of the woolen pants is fashionable and durable, so it is “on fire” in the fall and winter of this year, even girls who can’t wear it can wear a sense of fashion, why not hurry up and change into a pair of warm, fashionable woolen pants.