These creams repair and hydrate, lock in moisture and soothe, leaving your skin instantly radiant

Suitable herbal matsutake mushroom multi-radiance cream

Formulated with a rich blend of botanical extracts, it continuously stimulates absorption and metabolism while comprehensively and effectively soothing restless skin conditions, helping to create a firm, smooth skin condition from the root.

Guangyuan good loofah cream

Guangyuanliang this brand, you may not be familiar with, from Taiwan, the positioning of the brand and Dabao, their basic all products, are around the protagonist natural loofah, recommend their loofah cream, very mild and natural, open the lid can smell a smell, very natural and extremely safe fragrance, and there is no trace of oily feeling, very suitable for oily skin, summer cream.

La Mer Face Cream

Needless to say, this cream has long been famous, it is the favorite of many large dry skins, except for the relatively high price, there are basically no shortcomings. Ask many friends, they all say that when there is a preferential price, they must hoard, which belongs to the kind of “I can’t tell where it is good, but no one can replace it”.

Many ingredient parties will say that it is similar to Nivea’s little blue can, but it is actually a lot worse! When I first used lamer, everyone around me praised that the skin had become better and the pores were much thinner. So, sisters, try to earn money to buy lamer.

Flower Yu set rose cream

Keywords: lifting and firming, anti-aging, whitening, hydration and anti-oxidation

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

It is said that a bottle of Huayu set rose cream, which is equivalent to lotion, lotion, beauty serum, mask, and cream in one. Infused with Damascus Rose Oil and Rose Hydrosol, it works well to whiten, hydrate and brighten the complexion, significantly anti-ageing, fine lines, fine lines and dullness. Wherever and whenever our skin is placed, it feels hydrated and supple from within.

Because I often stay up late, my skin pores are large and dull,

The cream is really a blessing for my sensitive skin, the texture of the gel is very light, it is very moist with a gentle push, apply a thin layer in the morning, and come back at night is still moist, and there is a faint smell of nectar, really love.

Especially stay up late, sleep when the face is tender to burst, feel that the whole face is glowing, yellow gas to drive away most of the clean and transparent. And after I continued to use it for a while, I noticed that my skin was noticeably whiter, hydrated, translucent and firmer and fairer.

SK-II big red bottle cream

An anti-wrinkle, youthful-looking skincare product with the brand’s core filtrate ingredient, the cream has a certain effect on improving the skin’s condition.

These creams repair and hydrate, lock in moisture and soothe, leaving your skin instantly radiant