The old towels at home have been used for a long time, no need to throw them away, fold them, you can make a lot of small animals! Tutorials attached

Dolls, I believe everyone has made a lot of cloth, and some have even hooked. However, have you ever thought about folding one directly with a towel, which is more convenient and trouble-free! Owls, frogs, kittens, dogs, hippos, rabbits, bears, and monkeys can all be folded out.

And each one is so lifelike that it takes a short time to fold and can be opened and used at any time later. Both new and old towels can be made at home and used as some decorations in the home. If you have children at home, handicraft classes can also be used as a theme, and the family can make it with their hands, which is a lot of fun.

Let’s start by appreciating these creative towel animals.

Towels transformed into critters.

Isn’t it exciting to see these small animals folded with towels? Want to make one yourself? This folding method is actually not difficult, using a towel to fold into the appearance of a small animal, many hotels are popular! Today, Xiaobian will take you to see how these cute towel animals are folded. In addition to folding animals, you can also fold a towel like paper to make a piece of clothing.

Illustration of folding of the shape of a dress.

As shown in the image:

And the little handbag that was folded out.

Of course, folding into a flower is also very beautiful.

Illustration of folding:

Lollipop folding method

Small mushroom folding

Swan folding

Rabbit folding

The little rabbit folds

Dynamic folding method for baby elephants

Please prepare 1, 1 towel 2, 1 bath towel

Pick up your small towel and find the midline of the towel

Fold the corner of the towel toward the midline and apply firmly! Hard!

Roll tightly towards the midline with extra force, and the other side is the same

Don’t ask me why I know to push too hard

Grab the elephant head semi-finished product and turn the towel up

Then tidy up the shape of the towel and finish the elephant head

Grab your large bath towel, assemble your head and body, tidy it up, and you’re done

Isn’t it easy, after watching these small animals placed, don’t you like to put it down, as long as we work hard, we can fold these cute animals ourselves.

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Rabbit folding