What should I do if my triglycerides are high during the physical examination? Support: These 3 methods are more reliable

Normally, triglyceride levels are less than 1.7 mmol, and as long as they exceed 1.7 mmol, high triglycerides are diagnosed. High triglycerides are a kind of hyperlipidemia, which is easy to cause atherosclerosis, narrowing or blockage of blood vessels, easy to generate thrombosis, and then cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Once high triglycerides are diagnosed, early intervention should be done to reduce triglycerides to normal levels.

What happens to elevated triglycerides?

1. Heredity

Many diseases are closely related to genetic inheritance, and the same is true for high triglycerides. Anyone who has a high triglyceride case in the family is also a high-risk group. Therefore, you can arrange your diet reasonably, exercise more, and use medication in advance to reduce triglycerides if necessary.

2. Poor diet

As the saying goes: disease comes from the mouth, it is true, a variety of diseases and diet are inseparable, high triglycerides are no exception. A diet high in animal protein, high in fat and low in dietary fiber is the main cause of elevated triglycerides, which can only be deposited in the body due to the inability to absorb and metabolize triglycerides in time, resulting in elevated triglyceride levels.

3. Overweight and obesity

The degree of obesity is proportional to the excess of triglycerides, generally overweight or obese human body fat rate is higher, triglycerides can not be absorbed and metabolized, over time deposited in the body, and then damage capillaries.

4. Lack of exercise

Sitting still for a long time slows down blood circulation throughout the body and promotes the deposition of lipids in the body, resulting in high triglycerides. In addition, heavy smoking can destroy endothelial cells in the vascular wall, increase blood viscosity, and promote the deposition of lipids in the vascular wall, thereby increasing triglyceride levels.

How to lower triglycerides?

1. Replenish water reasonably

The cheapest and best blood thinners are water, so ensure sufficient water intake, drink at least 2000~2500ml a day, and drink 100~200ml every half an hour. Especially drinking a cup of warm water on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning can dilute the blood and reduce blood viscosity.

2. Exercise more

At least 4~5 times a week aerobic exercise, such as swimming, golfing, jogging or cycling, can speed up fat burning and reduce blood viscosity. At the same time, it should be combined with 1~2 times of strength training, which can help get rid of excess body fat and improve triglyceride levels.

3. Adjust your diet

Stay away from a diet high in salt, sugar and fat, and refuse to eat animal offal and various fatty meats with high cholesterol, so as not to make the blood more viscous. We should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, which contain dietary fiber that can promote fat decomposition, maintain the normal operation of various organs, and reduce triglyceride indicators. At the same time, smoking and alcohol should be quit and total calorie intake should be controlled.


The most lipid substance in the body is triglycerides, and elevated triglyceride levels will slow down blood circulation, affect blood vessel health, and even cause metabolic abnormalities, so you should find ways to reduce triglyceride levels. Refusing to smoke and drink, not sitting for a long time, maintaining regular exercise, can accelerate triglyceride decomposition. If after 6 months of life intervention, the triglyceride level is still not well controlled, it is necessary to take lipid-lowering drugs according to the doctor’s advice to regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels to avoid serious complications. It is worth reminding that triglycerides seriously exceed the standard in a short period of time, especially when it exceeds 2.3 millimoles, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible to avoid triggering the onset of acute pancreatitis.

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