Women who have really seen the world rarely wear leggings in autumn and winter, just look at Chen Shu Dong Qing

The cold autumn and winter are coming, open the wardrobe and see, full of cotton clothes and leggings, leggings are comfortable and easy to wear, piled and thickened, resist the cold, the most important thing is easy to match, wear coats, cotton clothes with leggings, simple body, clean and neat. But women who have really seen the world will not wear leggings in autumn and winter.

Whether it is skin tone or black leggings, they are more elastic and fit well, which is not friendly at all for women with thick legs and imperfect leg shapes. In addition, wearing leggings with pressure for a long time will compress blood circulation and is not good for the body. You can take a look at Chen Shu and Dong Qing’s outfit, not wearing leggings, warm and elegant.

The basics – an elegant match for autumn and winter

1. Match suits to maintain a smart and neat image

(1) Selection:

Women who have seen the world prefer to wear a full suit, the complete completion of the suit is better, from the color to the material of the perfect fit, it is more advanced to wear. It will be more appropriate to choose indigo, black, camel and other calm suits for commuting, the color is mature and stable, and it is very elite.

(2) Collocation:

The suit V-neck shirt will be more elegant, highlighting the slender neck, looking more temperamental, if you feel that wearing a suit alone is not warm enough, you can increase the jacket, windbreaker and other silhouette jackets,

Use layering to increase warmth

, but pay attention to keep the lightness of the suit and the inside, thin inside and thick outside, to avoid bloat.

2. How to wear an autumn and winter coat elegant and temperamental

(1) Pay attention to the tightness contrast

The coat has a neat silhouette, clear silhouette and smooth lines, especially the straight fit coat, which is inclusive, and slightly fat women look particularly thin when worn. This silhouette coat should pay attention to the elastic contrast when matching, such as matching with close-fitting sweaters and undershirts,

Creates a feeling of tightness on the inside and looseness on the outside on the upper body

, It is best to choose a dark color underwear to highlight the sense of shrinkage and appear thinner. You can also try matching it with small leg pants to increase the elastic contrast between the top and bottom, highlight the thin legs, and look taller.

Demonstration: dark coat, pants + small white shoes

The straight-fit little black pants tolerate the shortcomings of the legs to the greatest extent, and the legs appear thin and long. The upper body is equipped with a checked coat with a sense of design, the fabric is thick, the pattern is simple and retro, and the whole is very capable. But the overall color matching is relatively dull, with a pair of small white shoes to brighten, not only light all of a sudden, but also very age-reducing.

(2) Highlight the texture of the fabric

Enhance the sense of premium

Cashmere coat> double-sided tweed coat> woolen coat

, the fabric of the coat is very important, and the textured material will be more advanced to wear and easy to take care of. If you don’t consider the budget, wear a cashmere coat, the material is fine and soft, the feel is good, the ball is not good, the static electricity is less, and it is very expensive to wear in autumn and winter. On the other hand, also pay attention to the overall fabric selection,

It is better to have suit pants with a better drape or stiff jeans

to avoid soft collapse and burden.

Demonstration: cashmere + suit, denim

Chen Shu’s set is very warm, and there are more items used, but it doesn’t feel bloated when it looks at. The cashmere coat is light and warm, and it looks more stylish compared to the material of the blazer underneath, and the straight-leg jeans are layered with the coat from color to fabric

, the lining is thin and tall.

Fabric comparison formula: soft + stiff, luster + simple, texture + fineness

Advanced – play with color matching and occupy a bright color in autumn and winter

(1) Match with the same color to highlight the high-class sense of atmosphere

At any time, the same color matching is the thinnest and tall color matching, and the pieces of the whole body are connected together with the same color system to increase the integrity and maintain the overall silhouette, making the matching more advanced. Avoid being black, although versatile and not picky, but slightly old-fashioned, test matching skills, easy to make mistakes, you can try more white, blue, with a little light and bright feeling, more youthful.

Matching tips in the same color

Tip 1: Skin exposure for a lighter look

With the same color, the color is minimalist, giving people a bright feeling, if you add some skin-revealing scheming design, it will look more tall. For example, a woman with thin ankles can try skirts + pointed shoes, exposing the ankles and instep, extending the proportion of the lower body, and appearing thin and long legs.

The upper body is fat, wear clothes with a large neckline, the larger the neckline and the lower the beginning, the longer the line of sight, the more skinny people look.

Tip 2: Pop elements + basic fit

The same color matching is somewhat lacking in terms of fashion sense, the color is single, although elegant and atmospheric, but not bright enough. When everyone is collaborating,

Adding some trendy elements to the same color will be more atmospheric

。 For example, Chen Shu’s matching with the same color, khaki silhouette skirt with khaki crewneck basic top, khaki lays the retro British atmosphere, the top with the popular leopard print pattern, all at once full of fashion, look at the foreign.

Tip 3: Add accessories to enhance your look

Wearing scarves and hats in autumn and winter, in addition to keeping warm, you can also concave shape, but be sure to avoid “mom” woolen hats and large scarves, foreign berets, cashmere shawls are the best choice for elegant women. Hats and scarves are very practical, and at the same time, they can also add layers.

Weakens the thinness of tonal matching

Women who are worried about appearing fat choose chains and earrings, small and delicate jewelry, which woman does not love? This year’s popular a large number of jewelry, dignified atmosphere, but also can modify the face shape, you can try more.

(2) Small areas of bright colors are turned into embellishments

Wear more dark and warm colors in autumn and winter, and look warmer, but also wear some bright colors appropriately, and use a small area of bright colors to embellish and look younger. For example, Chen Shu’s commuting style outfit, black as the main color, with a red and white striped shirt,

Increase fashion with a small range of red

, break the dullness of autumn and winter. In addition, the red and white vertical stripes elongate the proportion of depth and space, and the width of the shoulders is contracted, making the person more petite.

If your skin tone is not fair enough, and you are worried that you will not be able to control the colors and bright colors, you can choose a colorful bag, so that the colors and bright colors are away from the main items and away from the skin of the face.

But pay attention to choosing high-grade textured colors

, such as burgundy, olive green, brownish yellow, royal blue, high saturation, low brightness, the temperament is very good, showing white temperament!


: Bags made of genuine leather are more textured, the shape is more classic and attractive, regardless of the price, you can close your eyes.

Don’t wear leggings this autumn and winter, it’s not elegant and unfashionable, and women who have seen the world have long ceased to wear them. You can try the combination of Chen Shu and Dong Qing shared with you today, elegant and decent, very suitable for middle-aged women.