Expired and void, vague charges, car service “care package” into “worry package”

However, many members of the public called the Xinmin Evening News Summer Saving Hotline to complain that the “Care Package” was invalid after expiration, and the consumption deduction was not transparent, which was obviously a “worry pack”.

Overdue void Poor user experience

A few days ago, citizen Ms. Chen reported to the summer time hotline of Xinmin Evening News that a number of electronic consumption coupons she bound to the “Ala Booking” expired and were invalid, with a total value of 2,500 yuan. The customer service staff of the platform is very tough and does not allow extended use period. It turned out that at the beginning of this year, Ms. Chen received more than 6,000 yuan of “car service care package” when purchasing PICC car insurance, prompting that it could only be used by binding the Alabing APP, so she bundled electronic consumption coupons. A few days ago, Ms. Chen suddenly found that more than 2,000 yuan had expired, and asked the customer service staff of Alabing for help, and got a reply that “expired is void, and the use period cannot be extended”.

In July last year, when the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission interviewed the operators of Pacific Property Insurance and Alabing, it said that although Alabing electronic consumption coupons are “car insurance value-added services” given to consumers by insurance companies, their use rules should still be fair and reasonable, and consumers should be informed in advance in a conspicuous manner. At that time, Pacific Property & Casualty said it would coordinate with the Aladdin platform to extend the use period for consumers.

A few days ago, the reporter called the customer service staff of Alabing, and the reply was still that the electronic coupon was “overdue” and could not be extended. The next day, the reporter again sent a message to the customer service staff of Alabing, but another customer service staff said that the electronic consumption coupon belongs to the cooperation coupon, Alabing is to provide a platform for use, how to use the electronic coupon, the period of use is set by the issuer, and it is recommended that the user reapply to the issuer. In just two days, the customer service reply was very different.

Chargebacks are willful Channel fees are vague

Caption: The Ala booking page shows that a service fee will be paid Courtesy of the interviewee

The deduction rules of the Ala booking platform have also been questioned. A member of the public, Mr. Shen, complained that he saw that there was an entrance to Dingdong grocery shopping on the APRA APP page and immediately placed an order to buy vegetables. At the time of payment, the Ala Booking page indicates that a service fee will be paid. He chose to confirm without hesitation. After the payment was successful, he realized that the amount was wrong. The screenshot of the payment shows that the total amount of goods is 158.3 yuan, while the amount of electronic coupon deduction is 181.87 yuan, there is a service fee of 12 yuan, and Ala Ding also quietly deducted a channel fee of 10 yuan.

The corresponding figures for “Merchandise Amount”, “Service Fee” and the redemption amount without channel fees on the page are displayed in bright orange font, only the following line is a small gray font: some coupons deduct about 6-17% channel fee, which is very easy to ignore. “The first time I heard it, consumers pay for the service and also pay the channel fee.” A number of consumers complained.

Regarding the questioning of the service fee and channel fee without prompting, the customer service staff said that when the user activates the e-coupon on the APP, there will be a pop-up prompt, and the user needs to agree to the e-coupon use agreement to complete the binding, which contains the relevant terms on charging service fees. Why are sales fees charged and ambiguous? The agent said there was nothing he could do.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Yang Yuhong Intern He Jingwen Wang Yue