The one who knows the best about feet is socks, have you chosen it?

Are your feet often ice and woody, generally unconscious? Nine times out of ten, because you didn’t choose the right socks, you want to maintain the temperature of your feet at minus a few degrees, and wearing socks is the last word. Today, Little Sugar Jun specially chose warm, comfortable and beautiful socks for boys and girls who have cold feet, and it is time to warm our feet.

1. Ai Yixiu warm men’s socks 5 pairs

This 5-pair men’s sock is made of high-quality combed cotton, the texture is relatively delicate, the feel is relatively soft, and the sock cuff adopts a self-adjusting design, which does not have any sense of restraint and no strangulation marks. The elasticity of the socks is also very large, stretching will not be deformed, U-shaped socks heel design, can disperse the heel stress point, make the heel more wear-resistant.

Price: 39.9

2. Nunay Women’s Tube Socks 5 pairs

Nunay women’s mid-tube socks are made of high-quality cotton and moderate thickness, so the warmth is better, and in addition to the warmth characteristics, it is also antibacterial and sweat-absorbing, keeping the feet dry and fresh at all times. It is very soft and comfortable to the touch with your hands, and the color also gives a small fresh feeling of humanities and art.

Price: 59.0

3. Langsha women’s socks 6 pairs

Langsha socks industry is also a well-known brand, here to introduce 6 pairs of autumn and winter socks, made of combed cotton, in terms of texture, washability and durability have a high quality level. And wearing it on the feet does not cover the feet at all, the breathability can be clearly felt, and there is a super sweat-absorbing function, you can wear it when exercising.

Price: 42.0

4. Celebrity oil painting men’s socks gift box

The biggest striking point of this sock is the personality, and there are some portraits of celebrities printed on the socks, such as the Mona Lisa, Newton and so on. The choice of combed stretch cotton is a pair of socks that breathe, absorb sweat, and make the feet dry and comfortable, which fits the feet better, thereby reducing the pressure on the feet, giving the feet good protection, and more importantly, not balling.

Price: 39.8

5. Langsha Women’s Five Finger Socks 6 pairs

This Langsha women’s five-finger socks can give each toe just the right amount of elasticity, and the socks can also be separated like gloves, which can help the feet breathe well. There is a comfortable cuff on the top, which is not tight or loose, and does not slip off easily. It has an elastic stripe design to keep the socks beautiful while better fitting the feet.

Price: 69.0

6. Nunay men’s socks 5 pairs

This men’s sock is made of the same material as the upper Nunay women’s middle tube socks, which is also high-quality cotton, which has better warmth, and is also more antibacterial and sweat-absorbent, keeping the feet dry and fresh at all times, and can also achieve the effect of anti-odor. The addition of striped elements reveals a refined demeanor.

Price: 58.0

7. Thickened women’s socks 5 pairs

This thickened women’s sock is mainly made of selected materials, supplemented by other elastic fibers, and feels very delicate and comfortable to the touch. There is also a wide version of the Rochet designed according to the principle of ergonomics, which is more comfortable when wearing and will not panic at all. Wear-resistant, wear-resistant, will not deform over time.

Price: 49.9

8. Good and simple pile socks 5 pairs

This pure cotton thick thread women’s socks exudes a literary retro atmosphere, preferably cotton thread, five colors of thread mixed together, is Sen women like pile socks, can stretch the socks, can also pile the socks together, no matter which can appear more natural, simple. If you have a rough experience, you can massage the meridians of the feet.

Price: 56.8

9. Medium tube cotton men’s socks 5 pairs

This men’s socks is thin and moderate, very suitable for wearing now, the warmth effect is very good, and the breathability is also good, to a certain extent to prevent the problem of foot odor. The tight cuff of the sock does not fall off, but it also does not make the ankle uncomfortable. And the color-block design is just right, neither fancy nor dull.

Price: 36.0

10. Cotton women’s socks gift box

The overall style of this cotton socks gift box is relatively sweet, with bears, penguins and other shapes at the sock barrel, and the shape of the ears above, which is particularly cute to wear on the feet. And it is made of pure cotton, which feels soft and comfortable, and is also more washable and wear-resistant. It is good whether you wear it yourself or use it as a gift for a friend.

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Price: 36.0