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How to choose backpacks for boys

You must have seen too many of the following backpacks, practical may be practical, but it is very unaesthetic:

Why do these bags look dirty? In fact, they are designed with reference to outdoor bags.

The material is particularly thick, there are many pockets, the bag type is very inflated, the material is scratch-resistant and water-resistant glossy chemical fiber, and the shoulder straps are thick and thick:

( These three are outdoor bags, are they similar to the computer bags above?) )

This kind of bag has no sense of violation when paired with outdoor clothing, but in the city, when paired with casual wear and commuter wear, it will look very bulky and unfavorable:

Including many boys will buy Swiss Army Knife computer bags, this brand is also made of outdoor bags. Although it has been improved on the basis of the outdoor bag, from a long square version to a short round version, what remains unchanged is the outdoor temperament:

In fact, there are many other options for everyday backpacks, so let’s take a good inventory today.

If you look at the version, it can be divided into

Round or square version;

If you look at the material, it can be divided into

Canvas/chemical fiber or leather.

Then combining these two variables, you can quickly locate:

A round backpack for everyday casualness

▷ How to pick a round backpack so that it is not rustic?

What does a round backpack look like? It is

The shape is minimal, and the material is light and thin


Because its overall lines are rounded and soft, the style is

Young and relaxed

, so it is not suitable to make the shape too heavy.


Shoulder straps and back,

It is best not to choose a style that adds too many sponges and meshes, it will look bloated. In addition, the bag type is round, and it is easy to look like a bulky turtle shell behind it:

Therefore, this kind of bag is also more suitable for daily travel to carry some small things that are not heavy, if it is too heavy, it is easy to deform, and the comfort is not high:

( If you need to carry heavy objects such as a computer, you can choose the square backpack mentioned below.) )

▷ How to choose between the two types of materials?

There are two main types of round backpacks, more casual canvas or chemical fiber, or textured leather.

Canvas or chemical fiber is the most widely used and can be used in all seasons.

Even the chemical fiber material is very different from the outdoor style of computer bags. The one on the left is very reflective, the right one is matte, and at the same time more delicate and textured:

Backpack in a round leather version

It’s actually hard to handle. The casual bag shape with formal leather is very testing its own design, and it will become very earthy if you are not careful:

(Especially glossy leather, or with various dark lines and rivets.) )

It is best to choose a style that is as simple as possible, with a structured package shape and textured leather. And this kind of bag will be visually thicker, more suitable for matching with autumn and winter clothes:

▷ How to choose the color?

Canvas or chemical fiber backpacks, if you choose a solid color, it is more secure to match, such as black or gray:

However, since it is a casual style, you can choose a more personalized color scheme. Just don’t use this too fancy pattern, it will be difficult to match, and it will also look too studenty:

It is better to choose a harmonious color blocking, such as colorless and brown, blue splicing, are more harmonious and attractive:

It is best to have a smaller area of color-blocking, with one color as the theme and another color appearing

Zippers, seams, bottoms, handles and other small places,

This way it doesn’t look too cluttered.

A square backpack better suited for commuting

Some boys may think that the round version is too well-behaved, so they can also choose a more manly square backpack.

▷ Canvas/chemical fiber: suitable for leisure commuting

The round backpack temperament is more casual, and the square backpack looks more masculine and casual because of its angularity:

(You can compare the two styles.) )

But if it is an outdoor bag, then the square style is also very casual. If you want to reduce the sense of leisure, choose it

Pockets as few as possible and a cleaner look


(If there are many pockets, it feels more functional.) But in terms of aesthetics, the natural or neat shape is more textured. )

Nylon material, or backpack top scroll design bag type,

The overall feeling is relatively “soft”,

Perfect for casual outfits:

A square style with a more “hard” fit,

It is more suitable for boys who have a more free working environment when commuting. For example, programmers can change to this type of backpack, which is large and can be installed, not too formal, and the bag type is more attractive:

Salesmen who need to back a computer can choose a more formal style, such as the following

Canvas + leather paneling material

Backpack, leather for added formality:

Such a black bag is very textured, and at the same time not as serious as full leather:

If you still want to choose a backpack with full chemical fiber, then there are also such delicate and advanced styles:

(Although this backpack is not leather, it is also very textured.) )

▷ Leather: Ami Click/Business Style

Let’s talk about leather bags. This type of bag is not all business style, and it is more common to have this Ami click:

The shape of the Ami Ka Style is not so square, the material is softer, and some will design a scroll on the top. And this kind of bag likes to use old leather, looks different shades of color, and the overall style is more masculine and wild:

(This backpack is not suitable for business situations.) )

The cortex of the commuter bag is more recommended

homogeneous solid color,

And the package shape is structured and square:

For the design of the bag, you can choose one or two leather ties, and the design of the two is close to the messenger bag/Cambridge bag, and the sense of formality will be stronger:

Finally, the square bag also has a long and short difference, the square on the left is more preppy style, if you want a mature and stable effect, you can choose the rectangle on the right:

After talking about the selection guide of backpacks, let’s take a look at which brands can be paid attention to.

8 backpack brands at different price points

▷ Herschel

Student parties can try this brand’s round backpack, the shape is good, the above mentioned design simplicity and other requirements are met, and there are many good-looking color-blocking to choose from.

The capacity is also very large, such as the Pop Quiz style, 22 liters can put a 15-inch computer, and then put some keys, glasses, books, etc., class bubbles are very practical.

If you need to carry a computer to commute but are not in a business environment, you can also consider its square backpack. It also has a capacity of about 20 liters and can fit a 15-inch computer.

You can buy it in the Tmall flagship store, and the above styles are complete.

▷ Hype

The brand’s round backpack is not bad, and the shape is simple and eye-catching, suitable for everyday wearing.

(However, some of the colors of this house are too mysterious, and it is best to choose its solid color model.) )

The capacity is also good, there are 18 liters, which can put a 15-inch computer. However, the zipper design of this backpack is on one side, unlike the Herschel Pop Quiz above in the middle:

This is easy to have a problem, that is, put too many too heavy things, the bag will sag and deform. If you mind that, think about it before you start.

This brand also has a Tmall flagship store, which is very easy to start.

▷ Comback

The above two brands are more generous and simple, if you want a more stylish and cool style, you can consider this brand. Its casual style square version backpack is very good-looking, and it is a route that is biased towards functional wind:

( Suitable for boys who usually wear more sports style + sneakers and have a relatively cold style.) )

There are also simple round backpacks similar to the above to choose from, suitable for 13-inch computers, which are smaller than the two brands above:

This one also has a Tmall flagship store, you can check it out.

▷ Eastpak

This brand was originally made for the US military, and the products are relatively strong and durable. Its round backpack is relatively soft and casual. However, there are some eye-pleasing colors, such as gray + brown:

The square backpack has a good fit and is three-dimensional and stylish, which can be used as a commuter computer bag for non-business environments:

The brand has also opened a Tmall flagship store, which can also be purchased on East Dane.

▷ Rains

The two bags used above as examples are from Rains. The simple shape and delicate material make it suitable as a commuter bag:

It also has a round backpack, the bag shape is really good-looking, the lines are strong and smooth, suitable for matching with simple and cold wind:

Rains also opened a Tmall store, which is very convenient to buy.

▷ Mismo

Mismo’s bag type is very attractive, the material has woven fabric, nylon and other options, are very delicate, good texture, and very suitable for commuting:

It also has this bag type, which is more casual and designed:

This brand has a small number of styles in the East Dane, and both bags are available. If you want more choices, you can go to the official website Haitao.

▷ Knomo

Finally, let’s recommend leather bags. If you want to start conveniently, you can take a look at the British brand Knomo with Tmall store, the bag type is relatively straight, and the leather also has a texture:

It also has this canvas bag at home is very good-looking, simple and generous, and the student party can also be carried after graduation, and it will not be outdated:

▷ Miansai

If you have higher requirements for leather bags, you can take a look at this American brand Miansai. Its bags are more designed, and many details are particularly good:

There is another style that is also good, is the splicing material + splicing color, the style is younger:

However, this brand does not have any convenient purchase channels, you need to go to the official website or find a daigou.

That’s it for getting started with backpacks!

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