#National power cuts# If there are students at home, what should I prepare for power rationing

Is your city running out of electricity?

What equipment should I prepare for the day of power cuts?


Home has

Student party, office workers



Desk lamp / flashlight / power bank

Hurry up and prepare

Homework, online lessons, time is not waiting for me!!!

This multifunctional desk lamp brought by Xiaolei today

Built for you

Multifunctional desk lamp

[Come on] It is a desktop reading light, learning to read is inseparable from it;

It is a charging treasure, a mobile phone holder during online lessons;

[ok] It is a bedside wall lamp, and reading before bed is not a dream;

[High five] It’s a hand-held emergency electricity, and it’s safe to walk wherever you go.

Such an excellent multi-functional desk lamp [Force]

It is also a LINEFRIENDS limited edition

You must have a few of them

In addition to desk lamps, there are also these two lamps that families must have all year round:

That’s right, emergency lights and cozy night lights

Ultra-long battery life + suspendable design is simply a king fried combination

Where the power outage hangs, there is no longer fear of power cuts

Is there any other equipment that is necessary for power rationing?

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