This time I won’t make up nonsense, and directly give the conclusion: this is the best sleeping artifact I have ever used.

As long as the earbud product is small enough, then it can be qualified to be rated as a “sleeping artifact”, especially the flat head plug, can be used as a sleeping plug is particularly much, but I don’t know if you have found a problem, that is, the flat head plug leaks more badly, if your other half sleeps next to you, you will definitely hate you for being indifferent, except for single dogs… Ahem.

However, there is another kind that can be made into bean-sized true wireless headphones, but the problem is not nothing, wireless + small cavity for the loss of sound quality, in the dead of night we certainly prefer to hear more HUFI sound.

NF AUDIO RA10 is very HUFI, but the premise is that you need a qualified little tail, and you need to accept wired bondage~. So every kind of plug suitable for sleeping has advantages and disadvantages, depending on which one you can accept.

Open the box first, the packaging design of the cheap plug is also so exquisite and very intentional, there is a CD-style tray inside, and the CD style can be said to be the label of NF AUDIO.

The contents of the box are shown in the figure below.

This set (model MS42) is an antibacterial material, may not be very concerned about this, I have oil ears so will be more concerned, antibacterial sleeve for ear health is still quite important, official retail 3 to 69 yuan, this time directly and generously sent 4 pairs of different sizes!

The wire is oxygen-free copper silver-plated, good softness, a slight stethoscope effect, excellent detail workmanship, 0.78 pins, the pins are wrapped in a sleeve for foolproof. So the pin compatibility is better, you can also find a third-party Bluetooth cable to change, or that kind of earhook Bluetooth module can also be, but this kind of wireless device is not so friendly to sleep use.

The figure below is tuning damping, if it is used for a long time to cause blockage in the catheter, find a tweezer to replace it.

Or take a look at the RA10 body, it belongs to the micro-moving coil earbuds, most of the micro-moving coils I have seen before are designed as bullets or cylindrical styles, NF AUDIO is obviously a new design, make it into a shape similar to the male mold, green brown I like it….

It is estimated that it is due to cost considerations, it does not use resin material for the shell, the workmanship is quite good, and the panel is made of matcha green and simple white, so you will see obvious sutures.

The earphones are really small ~ I personally feel quite comfortable in terms of wearing comfort, just one step away from “senseless wear”, unlike the traditional male model earbuds will support the entire inner ear pinna, the tightness is just right, but also can ensure air tightness, little girls as long as you choose the smallest eartips can be worn steadily.

The headphone unit uses NF AUDIO’s self-developed micro-dynamic unit MCL-6, which is also the first time to use its own earbuds, usually the upper limit of micro-dynamic earbuds is quite low, but this small dynamic still brings me surprises, which will be discussed in detail below.


Little Tail: Qianlongsheng MC01, Shanling UA5

Portable Player (DAP): Black Brick 2nd generation

Basic parameters:

Impedance 15ohm

Sensitivity 102dB/mw

It can be seen that RA10 is a giant plug to push, so in order to decorate the press, the main description is the experience on Black Brick 2.

Low frequency: The amount of low frequency of RA10 is not much, the dive depth is average, from my personal preference it is just right, but do you think that’s it~ What surprised me more was that the low frequency can actually give some reverberation, although it is not much, but it is very rare in the micro-dynamic circle!

Midrange: The vocals are more ear-friendly, but not kneeling licking! The clarity is very good, if you listen to Zhao Peng’s music, the graininess is obvious, but most of the voices are still very silky, there is no roughness, for the age modification, I think it is more neutral, male and female voices are not bad, there will be no bias. The midrange of RA10 will be very comfortable if it is used to listen to musical instruments, there should be details, some so-called pine fragrance is also (but not strong), the midrange will not be very prominent, so listening to it does not tire the ears.

High frequency: It is still said that musical instruments, such as violin, piano or suona, the brightness is very good, not dim, and the tooth tone is well controlled, and the medium frequency is as silky.

Transparency: This is also what surprised me, it is difficult for the micro-moving circle to achieve high transparency, RA10 currently sounds the best, because it will not be stuffy, so the resolution highlights some, inside and out, comfortable!

Sound stage and others: not large, but very regular, listening to classical or live concerts will be more crowded, I think RA10 for omnivorous is still very in place, in addition to the large formation, everything else is good, less irritating, very durable, plus it is comfortable to wear, I think it is very suitable when sleeping plugs.

Finally, let’s talk about the NF family’s small musical instrument that started at the same time: the kazoo flute. I first saw this instrument at station B, expensive ones sound like saxophones, like NF this one only sells for 89… First of all, you don’t expect it to blow the saxophone, but I watched a lot of Kazoo flute videos on B station, and I feel that those that sell hundreds of dollars are the same sound level (thousands of dollars for the saxophone level)!! In addition, I found that the effect of this instrument seems to be directly proportional to your singing level and skills, such as if you can sing a little vibrato technique and head technique…….. Emmm~。

All in all, in short, RA10 has exceeded my expectations in terms of appearance and sound, especially in terms of sound, compared to other micro-dynamic structure earbuds, there are many surprises that make me feel surprised, not to mention that it is also a plug that can be used for sleeping, lying on its side without ears, and it is also very comfortable to wear, this wave of grass is worth it!

The above is the introduction and description of High Quality Good Design Safety Protect Sport Hear Protector Noise Reduction Corded Bullet Shaped Sleep Flexibility Earplugs, I hope it can be helpful to you.