Autumn and winter baby good object sharing cotton era with soft cotton warm autumn and winter

The autumn is getting stronger, the temperature is gradually turning cold, and the baby’s autumn and winter clothes are ready. Today, I brought a few hot baby autumn and winter good things in the cotton era, let’s take a look!

What should I do if my baby gets out? One piece is a must for the babies. The cotton era baby knit cartoon is slightly hug, using 100% combed cotton knit fabric, touch is comfortable and soft, wrap the baby when you go out, you can resist the coolness of the autumn wind, you can give your baby a comfortable experience; Q Meng cartoon style windproof Hat plus the geometric block printing, fresh, bright, high.


Baby sleep needs to be comfortable and free. The cotton era can be removed by the legs and sleeping bags. It uses high-quality combed cotton knit fabrics, soft skin, wide-shaped crotch and leg models, which makes it easy for the baby to turn over, Bao Da Bao Mom doesn’t have to worry about the baby to kick the quilt, no buckle I slept to the big dawn; the clip band is designed, according to the temperature change, free to switch sleeveless and long sleeves, do not worry about heat, do not worry about the cool belly, the baby is comfortable, my mother is more assured.

As the saying goes, “getting cold from the feet”, the baby’s feet in autumn and winter should pay attention to keep warm. The cotton era children’s socks are ventilated with 100% cotton, combed to remove short fibers, only keep long cotton fibers, not easy to start the ball, and more smooth skin. Pure handmade socks are flat and delicate, no feet, socks are proper, not easy to fall off, suitable for this season on the floor.


The above is a good thing to share today, 100% natural high quality cotton, supplemented with beautiful print, comfortable, pure, healthy and non-lost, cotton era baby clothing brings the baby, is a warm and comfortable protection As a mother’s arms; bringing to the mother, it is more assured and safe.