Andy Lau, who wears a red and black checkered neck and drinks red wine, is really handsome

The checks on clothing express different styles and aesthetics in breakthrough and evolution, either fresh or heavy or jumpy. The classic check is the most common form, which never lives up to expectations and always surprises people with unexpected new faces. We can also learn from the outfits of the stars in the circle and wear the classics into new styles.

A generation of immortal male gods – Andy Lau, debuted for decades, now basically everyone knows, no one knows, is the idol in the hearts of many people, his usual outfits are very trendy, very fashionable.

This classic checked jacket, Andy Lau has worn it for three years, every time he wears this coat to attend, he can always turn the whole scene, black and white plaid will never go out of style, it is a good color to match, and a pair of black jeans will make people look very spiritual, casual and generous.

The patchwork color sweater with black straight pants, simple and casual, looks very young, tied with a red and black plaid neck, very fashionable and personal, the fusion of multiple elements may not be so amazing, but the sense of fashion is definitely not low, dressing simple but stylish. The look of drinking red wine is so handsome, no wonder it can be red for so long.