199 Yuan ! Xiaomi launched a portable electric pump

Earlier, Xiaomi launched a “Mijia Inflatable Treasure”, built-in lithium battery, support digital tire pressure detection, preset pressure to charge and stop, priced at 199 yuan.

This inflatable Poké can be said to be quite practical, does not need an external power supply when working, is small enough to be carried with the car, and is compatible with charging with a power bank.

Designed with a high-precision alloy die-cast cylinder block, it can be easily pressurized to 150psi. In addition to the on-screen display of tire pressure data in real time, the pressure value can also be pre-set and stopped as soon as it is charged.

It is also compatible with various valves in use, whether you are a second-round or fourth-wheel, even a sports ball, as long as it can be inflated, it can be easily done.

The inflatable performance of Mijia Inflatable Treasure is as follows:

With a strong supply chain, Xiaomi has launched many smart products from the very beginning of mobile phones, from air conditioners, washing machines and other home appliances, to a wearable smart bracelet, which can be said to contract your entire home. Not long ago, Xiaomi electric vehicles were launched, so in the future, is it possible for Xiaomi to launch its own motorcycles?