The clothes are not much in the fine, recommend these 5 winter coats to make you from passers-by to male gods

In winter, cold air is reported every three to five, and the temperature is even lowered, and keeping warm has naturally become the primary condition for everyone to wear in winter. In order to resist the invasion of the cold, many people will choose to put on a warm coat.

In addition to the practical effect of keeping warm, we can also take into account the handsome appearance. Below, I will share with you 5 super stylish winter coats, even male gods are wearing.

Winter coat essentials one: a fur-collared denim jacket

▲ There are quite a few variations in denim jacket styles, among which in order to be able to keep warm in winter, there is this fur-collared denim jacket. When David Beckham went out on the street, he wore it.

▲Levi’s added soft plush material to the original jacket collar and inside, so that the original thinner coat has more warm feeling.

▲ Also with different tannin wash, primary colors and other different tones, many color matching styles are intertwined, all of which are quite classic and versatile.

Winter coat essentials two: hooded coat

▲ Hooded jacket can be said to be the most basic item in all coats, whether it is worn or worn inside for layering, hooded jacket is a very suitable clothing. Peng Yuyan demonstrated black clothes and black pants, and the same male style was full of style.

▲ This year, the extreme sports brand VOLCOM from the United States has created a limited hooded jacket, the material of synthetic wool is breathable and warm, and the upper body is absolutely very comfortable.

▲ Other series of hooded jackets are also good, the solid color is simple and spontaneous, and you don’t miss the cool cover that likes the casual route.

Winter coat essentials three: M65 coat

▲ In addition to the familiar MA-1, this M65 is also a key target for many people.

▲This jacket design has a strong degree of recognition, the 4 large pockets on the front are a classic symbol, not only beautiful but also convenient to carry items, with a large area of army green fashionable degree max.

Winter coat essentials four: down jacket

▲As an important warm jacket in winter, how can there be no down jacket? The jacket is based on carefully selected down fabric and sewn into the inner lining of the jacket using sewing technology, so it has a high warmth preservation effect. Edison Chen, the owner of the trendy brand, is a big fan of this item.

▲ Major brands at the same time through short and long different versions to interpret down jackets, tall people wear long styles full of aura, small people wear short neat and spiritual.

Winter coat essentials five: plush coat

▲Recently, this plush coat has become super popular and has become the favorite winter coat of many fashionable elves. Chen Weiting took the lead in the upper body, with a personality silver hair and milk and cool.

▲Not only because of the warm feeling brought by plush fabrics, but also because of the designs launched by many brands, which have led a wave of popular trends.

▲Simple and loose fit, whether it is a hoodie, sweatshirt or shirt, can provide a wonderful matching style for winter clothing.

The 5 winter coats recommended today not only have a strong warmth effect, but each one also has its own characteristics in appearance. If you want to become a male god, why not buy the same coat of the male gods first!

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