Don’t spit this “pajamas”, don’t know how to wear the liner

Recently, when I wore this dress to work, I was curious as my colleague: “How do you have the pattern of your clothes like my pajamas?”


Like pajamas, like a bathrobe, like a cotton quilt, a cotton jacket like a grandmother … The strange jacket in your mouth is actually the line of downpering the down jacket and cotton clothes (as the saying “as: 里子). of.


For the sake of convenience, many coats will take the outer layer and the inner layer to separate sewing. When wearing, it is assembled together, and the outer layer and inner are cleaned when washed.

The greatest role of the line is to keep warm. The liner of thick clothes is generally composed of vacuum cotton, silk, cashmere or cotton, and mainly focused on the outer layer. Just wash the outer layer, you can avoid the problem of warmth of warmth and difficult to dry after the coat.


In recent years, the liner is not willing to be a silent little warm furnace, but to improve the shape while continuing to warm, becoming a fashion item that can be alone.

It did it. Today, “linear wear” has become a trend of epidemic clothing.

The inner bile clothing and other clothes are the biggest clothes, that is, its surface is covered with many close lines, which are exclusive names called Quilting (háng) seams.

Quilting, is a woven textile with a long needle to fix the filler such as cotton.


Its biggest role is to compress the volume of cotton swelling with a firm trace, so that the clothing maintains a reasonable thickness on the basis of warmth, and the upper body is not bloated.

I just started to disappear, because it would make the surface of the clothes were not flat, especially in the liner of cotton fabrics, it was easy to get crumpled.

However, as the fabric is rich and diverse, it is necessary to have quilted and will not affect the level of the clothes, and people will slowly accept it.

Many people now like the trace process of clothing. For example, “Ming Je Jeans” in the past two years is also experienced from “doing work ugly” to “retro beauty”.


People have begun to accept line bile, and they are also unstoppable with retro psychology.

Quilted is a folk traditional crafts, and has been more than 50 years of history. It started in the 1970s and matures in the 1990s. Its application area is also from home fabric, clothing in the clothes.

The earliest of the inner courage is popular in the form of army, called Liner Jacket.

There are many quilted items we have now seen, and they are the “detachable” in “detachable” in some military uniforms of M43, M51, M65, etc., but there is no design, but there is excellent insulation and can maintain soldiers in bad. The body temperature in the environment.


Until 2016, the brand OAMC extracts the liner alone, which has also been popular in the back of it, and there is another name Peacemaker Jacket.

Because of the non-collar design, many people also like to wear it as a “robe”.

Japanese brand Uniqlo launched many liner style jackets, vests, coats as warm basic paragraphs, very popular.

Later, the quilting process also became a classic element of many big names.

For example, CHANEL’s most representative rhodies is quilted process production;

Dior’s Cannage Vair pattern, also appears in a classic package such as Lady Dior in quilting form.

After the weather is turned cold, the stars have also joined the lines of bilenes.


For example, Kndall is wore a relatively gray cotton suit when Kendall out of the street. This liner is relatively “conservative”. Quilting is still in the interior of the clothes, and looks some Chinese tastes.

Yuan Hao’s quilted cotton jacket is completed on the classic style of Burberry, with a harmonious and energetic.

Based on the liner base people can hold, but like “Tian Wang” Kunling wearing this set of bilenes –

To be honest, wear this dress is really looking away. Who dares to wear this talent?

Although people have greatly improved the width of liner wearing, but the liner is still the most fragrance of the basic paragraph. After all, even if the label posted “retro” is not able to change the first impression of people in the years.

The soil to the ultimate is the tide, and I have to come step by step.


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