Is “self-heating underwear” really warm? The mystery that has puzzled for many years has finally been solved

Late cold air arrives in Shanghai,

Shencheng will enter winter overnight,

The temperature dropped to 1.


Self-heating thermal underwear known as a cold artifact,

has become the new favorite of the citizens,

Online and offline sales are booming.

However, while being sought after, questions and doubts followed.

Can fever underwear be hot?

Is its warmth really that good?

The reporter searched for the keyword “self-heating underwear” on major e-commerce platforms, and the product information reached 100 pages, and the monthly sales of one of the heating underwear reached 30,000+ pieces, and the sales volume was very impressive. In the promotional slogans of some products, the keywords of “moisture absorption and warmth”, “37 degrees constant temperature” and “black technology” continue to appear.

Offline, the reporter walked into RT-Mart (Daning International Business Plaza store) and found that these fever underwear brands are numerous.

There are different styles

, the fabric is even more varied,

The price also ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan

In a well-known clothing chain store located on Nanjing West Road, HEATTECH series of heat-generating underwear is widely welcomed by consumers. Customer Aunt Chen took a fancy to a multi-warm HEATTECH women’s top, however

The price of 149 pieces made her hesitate

Similarly, in a branded underwear store located inside the Isetan Department Store on Nanjing West Road, the clerk was enthusiastic

Pitching a can

Hygroscopic and heat-absorbing underwear

。 The store said that customers now like light and warm clothes, and this kind of underwear has sold well in recent days.

Can “self-heating” really heat up out of thin air?

Seeing the three words “self-heating”, I believe many consumers will be puzzled. Energy needs a source, is there really a material that can heat itself for no reason?

With the development of science and technology and technology, “self-heating” fabrics are mostly “De Rong”, because of its unique structure and relatively high fluffiness, it can

A layer of air is formed

to better block the entry of cold air from the outside; At the same time, Dejung will absorb part of the human surface

Water vapor is converted into heat energy

, wicks moisture away while locking in warmth. In simple terms, self-heating underwear heat

The source is

Water vapor exhaled by human skin


In the mouth of the merchant


It’s not the fabric itself that heats up,

Rather, through

Moisture absorption and heat release

Achieve the purpose of keeping warm.

Here, the so-called “self-heating” is just a change in the concept of “hygroscopic heating”, which is essentially just a means of warmth, and does not heat itself.

Is hygroscopic heat really warm?

In fact, whether it is natural fiber wool, silk, or chemical fiber viscose, acrylic, most fibers themselves naturally have the performance of moisture absorption and heating, not unique to black technology, but the degree of moisture absorption and heat is different.

According to public experimental data, fiber moisture absorption and heat release is a dynamic process, so maintaining a constant temperature is not an easy task. The fiber of self-heating underwear has limited moisture absorption ability, and when the water absorption is saturated, it will stop moisture absorption and heat absorption, and instead absorb human body heat and release humidity. That is to say, self-heating underwear has actually been circulating in the process of “moisture absorption-heat release-moisture absorption”, and people feel cold and hot.


Warmth of self-heating underwear

Can exceed some ordinary autumn clothes and autumn pants,

But not too much.

It can be used for mitigation

the cold impact of sudden environmental changes,

But it is difficult to withstand the cold for a long time.

Why is the price difference between self-heating underwear large?

Nowadays, self-heating underwear is hot, and it seems that the price difference of the same product is not a star and a half, mainly depending on


The material of the German velvet blend

Due to the low temperature and humidity in winter, the load generated by friction cannot be derived, making it easier to cause static electricity. If blended with low-cost chemical fiber, it is more likely to cause static electricity, while the blending of German velvet with cotton and better quality fabrics will reduce the friction effect effectively, prevent the generation of static electricity, and the price is relatively high.

In addition, if the delorel is blended with a higher quality fabric, the fabric will be more fluffy than other cheap fabrics, feel unburdened to wear, softer and lighter, and naturally slightly more expensive, so:

Don’t just look at the product name when buying Dejung,

Learning to look at ingredients is essential.

How to choose self-heating underwear?

Because the composition of raw materials of different heating underwear is different, the individual’s skin adaptability, allergens are also different, if worn closely, it is easy to cause allergies and other discomfort, so try to choose fabrics containing good moisture absorption and warmth, such as wool, modal fiber, viscose, acrylic and other ingredients.

For people who have been engaged in physical labor for a long time or children who are active and sweaty, self-heating underwear is not necessarily suitable. Consumers must decide whether to buy according to their own needs on the basis of understanding its principle.

In the face of the cooling rainfall of winter,

Instead of pinning your warmth hopes on heat-generating underwear, it’s better to wear more

。 After all, the more layers of clothing, the more space between clothes and clothes, and the more air, thus preventing the heat from dissipating.

Therefore, consumers should pay more attention when purchasing, do not easily believe false hype, misleading concept propaganda, do not blindly follow the trend, and consume rationally.

Source: Shanghai Jing’an