Old things around you can be used like this with a handmade DIY piggy bank!

Paper Roll Core – Piggy Bank

Production materials:

Prepare your favorite fabric and set your own color. Then crop as shown above, and there is also a toilet paper core, scissors, needle and thread, zipper, etc.

How to make it:

1. Take the toilet paper core as the body of the piglet and open a coin opening on the top.

2. Wrap the fabric of the piglet’s body to make a good toilet paper core to make the body and limbs.

3. Then sew the cute little fat face of the piglet

4. Then sew the zipper behind the piglet’s body

5. OK, decorate the piggy’s face and butt, and this piggy bank is ready!


Egg piggy bank

Plastic bottles – turtle money jars

1. Cut off the bottom of the Coke bottle with scissors; Put the Coke bottle upside down on the EVA piece and draw the shape of the turtle with a pen on the edge of the Coke bottle

2. Use scissors to cut off the turtle on the EVA, and buckle the bottom of the Coke bottle upside down on the EVA turtle to make the shell of the turtle.

3. Use needle and thread to fix the bottom of the cola bottle on the EVA turtle.

4. After the end of the line, sew a button to finish, draw the eyes and claws of the turtle, and finally turn the turtle in turn, opening a small opening in the middle of the turtle as the mouth of the piggy bank.

Oh, the little turtle piggy bank is complete, and the children can stuff the coins given by their parents into the little turtle’s stomach and store them.

Small cardboard box piggy bank

Required materials: cardboard, paper cutter, nails (for punching holes), rope

The production process is as follows, drawing lines, folding, and threading ropes, which is very simple!

There is also a cat piggy bank that is also quite good!

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