What ornaments should be placed in the car to look classy?

As cars gradually enter thousands of households, there are more topics about cars. Like buying a house for decoration, many people buy a car, always thinking of “moving their hands and feet” on the car, changing here, installing there, even if they don’t change or install, they have to put (hang) an ornament in the car or something, as if this is how it looks tasteful. What’s more, he also talked about car feng shui, and even specially asked the master to open the light for the car, or spent a lot of money to buy some ornaments to “seek luck and avoid evil”, which is really ignorant!

Its practical toes can think of it, if you don’t drive according to the law, don’t improve your driving skills, just rely on an ornament in the car to avoid luck, then why use a driver’s license, why use an internship, directly spend money to ask for an ornament Isn’t everything fine?

The real situation is that these ornaments placed in the car not only cannot avoid murder, but in some cases may become the real murderers of murder! If you are unfortunate enough to encounter this situation and superstitious about car feng shui, then you are really to blame!

Don’t think that this is a fuss or a deliberate exaggeration, countless incidents show that the knick-knacks we usually place in the car have caused great harm to the occupants of the car at critical moments. Because the vehicle is easy to generate a swing moment during driving, for example, when the vehicle turns, there will be a swing moment generated by centrifugal force, which will throw out the ornaments that are not firmly fixed; If it is a collision, sudden braking or rear-end collision, due to the action of inertia, these ornaments will roll back and forth in the car, and if it is a hard texture ornament, then it is likely to cause harm to the human body. In addition, some ornaments may obstruct the view and affect the driving. Therefore, it is better not to put any ornaments in the car.

A real case: In May 2012, a company executive Zhang was killed in a car accident, and the culprit was the CD in the CD bag on the visor. An autopsy revealed only a slight scratch on the temple. The CD piece identified by the traffic police department as the visor flew out during the collision and scratched Zhang’s temple and died.

When a vehicle collides or scrambles the brakes, the CD disc placed in the CD holder is affected by the inertial force of the car and may fly out. At this time, the momentum of the CD flying down is equal to the mass of the disc multiplied by the acceleration of the vehicle, the greater the acceleration, the greater the damage of the CD disc, even like a throwing knife, if it touches an important part of the human body, it will cause injury or even death.

This is true for a small CD, not to mention some heavier pieces than a disc.

Let’s take a look at those places in the car where to place ornaments or carry things with you, which may cause harm to people.

The first is the dashboard, many people are used to putting mobile phones, wallets, etc. at the dashboard for easy access, although they are not very heavy, and in most cases they do not think that these will cause harm to people. Some car owners place perfume and toys (such as car models, etc.) on the dashboard and these ornaments are not fixed, most of them are made of hard plastic or glass, and the consequences are unimaginable in the event of an accident. Someone has done a test, a glass perfume bottle when the speed of 80km/h braking or collision, then the perfume bottle will roll in the car like a cannonball, which is fatal for the members of the car.

The right thing to do is not to put anything on the dashboard, including the plush toys that many female car owners like, although they are soft in texture, but when there is an emergency, they will roll back and forth to distract the driver.

Secondly, at the inner rearview mirror, many car owners like to hang Buddha beads on the rearview mirror for decoration, or hang a string of decorations to ensure safety, and hang symbols such as Chairman Mao’s statue and Buddha portrait here, which not only will not play a role in ensuring safety, but may also become one of the causes of traffic accidents. Because once a violent impact occurs. These hangings will fall off in an instant and “roll” inside the car, and they are very close to our heads. Hanging ornaments on the rearview mirror is like hanging a pistol on it, and it is easy to get shot if there is an accident.

The most fundamental element to ensure driving safety is good visibility, and the pendant suspended on the rearview mirror in the car is definitely the item that most affects the field of view. The shaking of these pendants during driving will greatly distract the driver, and the ability to judge moving objects will be significantly reduced. Therefore, do not hang ornaments on the interior mirrors.

Moreover, at the rear windshield, many people like to put tissue boxes, hats, gloves, and plush toys on the rear windshield, and the biggest hidden danger of this is to affect the rear line of sight. In particular, the sight of the sedan itself when reversing is poor, and I am afraid that I can only reverse by feeling these items, so it is recommended that in addition to using reversing radar and reversing image system as auxiliaries, it is best not to put these debris.

In addition, steering wheels, mats, sun shades, etc., it is best not to place ornaments, especially heavy or hard materials, glass materials and other items, not to mention superstitious what car feng shui, safe driving is everyone’s obligation, not to mention that once an accident occurs, these ornaments not only can not save you, but may also cause harm to you. Therefore, it is best to keep the interior of the car as it is, and do not put any ornaments.