Recently, Wawa suspended classes and was locked down and depressed, all of which were cured by this new Disney film

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I haven’t recommended movies to you for a long time, not taking advantage of Disney’s new animated movie, I took potatoes and tomatoes to watch it, and hurried to Amway to you.

Yes, that’s right, that’s it.

“Metamorphoses of Youth” is Pixar’s only female director, of Chinese descent

Ishi Zhiyu


It is estimated that many mothers recognize her, and her previous director of “Pack Baby” won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film.

And this time “Youth Metamorphosis” as her feature film debut has also received great recognition.

The foreign authoritative film review website has a high score of 93% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the harsh Douban score has 8.2 points, which is the best movie in recent times.

After I watched it, I also swept away the mood of the recent emo, it was so cute that Yuki Yu.

However, in addition to being cute and funny, many people also said that they got a lot of touches and thoughts from it, especially the protagonist Meimei and her mother’s mode of getting along, which triggered many people’s empathy.

The story of “Turning Red” takes place in Toronto, Canada. The 13-year-old protagonist Meimei is a very ordinary girl.

She follows the rules, studies hard,

Even when I was on the bus, I was writing math papers.

Studied in the school pipe band

Flute, hanging the class

She said: “It’s already the second grade of junior high school, and I don’t have time to waste it. “

Even three-point shooting in PE class is not a problem at all!

In the eyes of her mother, Meimei is a warm little padded jacket, she doesn’t have to worry about her studies, and her life is also intimate everywhere.

The mother and daughter cleaned the ancestral hall together, worked together to drive away the graffiti teenagers, and received tourists who came to visit, and the two cooperated very tacitly.

After returning home, Meimei and her mother sat in the living room making dumplings and spitting on the plot of the TV series together.

Not surprisingly, according to the current trajectory of life, Meimei will also become another excellent woman in the family, and will never disappoint her mother!

However, the unexpected happened.

By chance, Xiaomei discovered that she would transform into a red red panda when her emotions were out of control, and this was a “curse” from the family to the family to the female and not the male.

Hairy, fat, with a big belly, smelling and smelling…

At the same time, the appearance of the red panda seems to open Pandora’s box, and Meimei’s personality has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Declining grades, making money without her parents, going to concerts, becoming a rebellious girl in the eyes of her parents, and her originally harmonious relationship with her mother has become tense…

The theme of the film revolves around the psychological and physical changes that children encounter during adolescence.

Director Shi Zhiyu said: “The red panda is the perfect symbol of adolescence. In many ways, emotional or physical, red can be considered the representative color of this stage.

And that fluffy, growing clumsiness is similar to the subtle embarrassment of adolescence. ”

Hairy and a little smelly, corresponding to the discomfort of changes brought about by physical development during puberty;

During the transformation, the fear and embarrassment of being discovered corresponds to menstrual shame;

There is also a good feeling in the heart when facing a handsome opposite sex

In addition to revealing the physical and psychological changes of children in adolescence, director Shi Zhiyu also focused on it

With adolescence comes conflict-ridden parent-child relationships

In the film, after learning that Meimei has entered the stage of transforming into a red panda, her grandmother is very vigilant.

In order to deal with the red panda, she not only came to Meimei’s house in person, but also brought a group of family aunts with her.

Behind the Xingshi moving the crowd is my grandmother’s painful experience. The appearance of the red panda took away the intimate relationship between Grandma and Meimei’s mother.

Grandma’s attitude towards red pandas reflects the views of real parents on adolescence.

Adolescence is like a devil’s button, with the press of a button, the well-behaved and sensible child suddenly changes, becomes rebellious, disobedient, and collides with parents, which is simply unacceptable.

But is that really the case?

Is the arrival of adolescence the root cause of the tension between parents and children, or is it just detonating this potential landmine?

In the film, Meimei and her mother Ah Ming appear as soon as they appear as a mother and a child. But if you notice the details of their relationship, the “rebellion” has already been hinted.

When her favorite singer appeared on TV, Meimei immediately showed her face with excitement.

But my mother didn’t like it very much, covered her chest and frowned and said:

Who are these hip-hop artists and why are they called Four City Boys?

Sensing her mother’s attitude, Meimei immediately changed her words:

Well…… I don’t know either, there are a few people in the school who like them.

And Ah Ming immediately reacted:

Is it Miriam (Mimi’s good friend), that girl is strange …

Whether it is for her favorite singer or a good friend, her mother’s casual evaluation attitude makes Meimei a little hurt.

But she still chose to obey her mother and did not dare to say what she really thought.

Even later, Meimei’s notebook that drew her crush fell to the floor, and Ah Ming naturally took it to look at it, and took her painting to make a big fuss about the convenience store.

Meimei is really embarrassed that she wants to get into the crack in the ground and never come out again.

Many netizens also said after seeing it, as if they had returned to the age when they were dominated by their mothers, and their heart disease was about to be scared out.

Meimei was embarrassed. But in the face of her mother’s inquiry, she still squeezed out a smile:

“No, everything is fine.”

Obviously uncomfortable and disliked, but dare not say it to my mother.

This “do not dare” mentality has already been revealed,

The so-called intimacy is an illusion

A child’s rebellion and change never happen overnight. The stronger the reaction, the more severe the previous repression.

Adolescence symbolizes children


of the rise

。 On the surface, it’s maddening, like one


But the so-called “rebellion” and “disobedience” are the signs of children’s growth.

Instead of blindly listening to the ideas of adults, they began to feel and judge for themselves. This is the necessary process for the child to eventually grow into a judgmental, independent personality individual.

Such rebellion is actually worth celebrating.

It is not a curse, but a blessing.

Although potatoes are still early from puberty, I seem to have gone through several periods of adolescent rebellion when he goes from a docile little cute who can only eat and drink Lasa, to a stubborn little devil who says no every day, and then to you say a word, he can scare you three times.

At the same time of worry, I felt glad that at least he would definitely not be an unassertive mom boy

In addition, I think the good thing about this movie is that she also focuses on a common type of parent-child relationship in reality – love and kill.

One netizen described his relationship with his mother like this:

I obviously love my mother very much, and my mother loves me very much, but we just don’t know how to get along, and every time we stay at home for no more than three days, we will constantly quarrel.

Although the behavior of mother Ah Ming was called unbearable and too suffocating by netizens. But I still don’t hate the role of Ah Ming.

Especially as a mother, I can see Meimei’s embarrassment and anger, as well as the love hidden behind overprotection.

Mistakenly thinking that Meimei is menstruating, her mother warmly prepared various tips to help her daughter through this sudden growth.

When Meimei drew the picture of a handsome male clerk, her first reaction was not to reprimand Meimei for not thinking about those shameful things, but to care whether the other party harassed her daughter.

She looks like a guardian who stands in front of her daughter and wants to clear all obstacles for her.

Every mother has gone through adolescence, and it is precisely because of this experience that she will be extra careful, resulting in the so-called “overprotection”.

On the other hand, Meimei is also loving her mother.

The reason why she has been suppressing her thoughts is also because she knows very well that her mother loves her very much, how to repay her mother?

Be nice and don’t let her down

“They are the supreme ones who have given you life, and they have worked hard to give you a place to live. In return, the least you can do is be responsive. ”

But such thinking is actually against human nature.

As children get older, they crave independence more and more. However, due to the difference in her growth environment and age, her independence will conflict with her parents’ ideas.

Just like Meimei in the film, she longs to go to the concert of her favorite singer with her friends, but her mother thinks it is junk music and not worth the time.

Thus, the contradiction arises:

Parents often think:

I have done so much, all for you, why are you so disobedient?

But what the child is thinking is:

I’m so well-behaved, why are you still not satisfied?

In reality, stick to yourself, or obey your parents and not let them down? This is also a tangled and contradictory topic for many people growing up.

The story of Meimei and her mother in the movie comes from the real experience of director Shi Zhiyu.

Shi Zhiyu was born in Chongqing, the only child in her family, and immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was 2 years old.

When Shi Zhiyu was growing up, his parents were very protective.

The exaggerated plot in the film of hiding behind a school tree in sunglasses because she was worried about her daughter comes from her real experience.

When Shi Zhiyu’s mother saw this scene in the movie trailer, she said: Oh~ You used our memories in the movie, it’s so interesting!

And what Shi Zhiyu thought to himself was, yes, it’s just fun for you.

For most of Ishi’s childhood, she did everything she could to satisfy her parents.

But gradually, she grew up, she wanted to be independent, but she was worried that it would break her mother’s heart.

“We want our parents to be happy, but we also have a desire for self-exploration and a need for independence.”

How to be yourself without disappointing your mother is not easy.

Differences in age and growth environments, such contradictions between the two generations are inevitable.

But not completely without solutions.

At the end of the film, Meimei meets her teenage mother.

Like her, her mother felt very guilty when she was a teenager for never meeting her parents’ requirements.

She felt exhausted and saddened to disappoint her mother.

Fortunately, in the end, Ah Ming released her self that had been suppressed for many years and achieved self-reconciliation.

And after apologizing to her mother, her mother’s answer also made her relieved:

“You don’t have to apologize, I’m your mother.”

Even though she wasn’t perfect, her mother still loved her.

When I saw this, I burst into tears.

In the process of raising children, we all need to take a step back at the right time.

Let yourself go, and let go of the child.

You don’t have to be a perfect mother, and your children don’t have to be perfect.

At the same time, my mother also understood Meimei. She apologizes for being too Meimei.

She said to Meimei:

Don’t stop for anyone, the further you go, the more proud I will only be.

I think the movie “Metamorphoses of Youth” also reminds us through the story of Meimei and her mother that the proper exit of children when they grow up is destined to be a “small parting” that every parent needs to learn to accept, and it is also destined to be a life challenge that every child has to face.

Love is early companionship, but also timely letting go.

As the famous British psychologist Sylvia once said:

“All love in the world has the ultimate goal of aggregation, and there is only one kind of love with the purpose of separation, and that is the love of parents for their children.”

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