Ask the girls, which of you can hide from the “temptation of wedding dresses”?

In modern film and television dramas, if you want to say which is the most beautiful shape of actresses, it is estimated that many people will blurt out: “wedding dress”.

It is said that the most beautiful woman is when she is married. In modern dramas, many female stars have tried wedding dress styling whether they are married or unmarried, and most actresses are originally high-looking, and they are even more beautiful after wearing wedding dresses, and they look amazing.

Next, let Xiao Yin plate those actresses who look good in wedding dresses, and see which one is beautiful in your heart?

With the broadcast of the finale of “Children of the Qiao Family”, Mao Xiaotong also took advantage of the heat to shoot a lot of retro blockbusters of that era, and this time her wedding dress style was also stunning to the public, once again bringing a retro style.

In the picture, Mao Xiaotong, wearing a white wedding dress, is pure and elegant, curly hair + pearl stud earrings + the same set of pearl necklace + her veil is also just right, full of retro style, really too strong sense of age.

Moreover, this time she changed two sets of wedding dresses, one is a V-neck vigorous skirt style, the other is a tulle round neck ruffle pleated skirt style, both of which are very beautiful and distinctive, inexplicably making people miss the wedding dress style of their parents’ generation.

It’s really like the pictorial girl of that era, she is also too suitable for retro looks, too beautiful.

What girl can refuse such a retro beauty temptation?

and Mao Xiaotong because of the same drama, there is also Song Zuer, not only acting, but also styling.

Qiao Simei in the play said that she wanted a dream wedding and take a set of romantic wedding photos.

As a result, there are all of them in the play, not only their wedding photos, but also the warm wedding ceremony, and in this romantic wedding scene, dads, brothers and sisters all came to the scene to congratulate them.

Song Zuer wearing a retro wedding dress is really young and beautiful, small silver I have been beautiful by her, wearing a crown on her head, hair covered with a veil, the whole look is romantic and beautiful, at this moment she is the most beautiful bride.

Although Ju Jingyi’s plastic surgery history and small vanity have always been criticized by netizens, this is really nothing. As an idol of idol, she is also very competent, beautiful + good business ability + no scandals, I am very tolerant of such self-disciplined and hard-working beauties!

And wearing a wedding dress, she has also been at the forefront of aesthetics, she is really the one I have seen in the entertainment industry who is very good at creating a sense of photo atmosphere.

I just don’t know why I always feel that her face is covered with a layer of fog filter, but beauty is really beautiful, and her appearance has been steadily output, although there is a little bit of high-level Internet celebrity, but the beauty business is really online.

Zhang Xinyu changed several sets of wedding dresses to take photos when she got married, but I personally like this set the most, although the wedding dress style is simple, but the ball head is very cute, and the wedding photos taken by the two are also very interesting, the style is fresh and artistic.

Liu Yifei, standing there in a bandeau wedding dress did not make any unnecessary posture expressions, nor was it stunning at first glance, but it exuded a classical beauty from the inside out, and there was a tranquility that could make people immerse themselves when they saw it.

With such expectant and happy eyes, I felt that her whole person was so beautiful that it shone.

To talk about the wedding dress styling of female stars, we have to mention the modern beauty Reba, Reba has had wedding dress styling in some dramas and variety shows, and each set is very beautiful and feeling, showing Reba’s good figure at a glance.

In particular, the dress of “Happiness” and the set of red rose puffy wedding dress attending fashion events are so beautiful.

And she was not pressed into the limelight by the skirt at all, but complemented the skirt, as beautiful as a princess in a fairy tale.

In fact, Yang Zi has filmed a lot of dramas wearing wedding dresses, and in magazine pictures and activity pictures, wedding dress styling has also appeared, but to say that the most amazing thing is probably this set.

In the picture, Yang Zi is wearing a white wedding dress, with exquisite makeup, exposed fragrant shoulders and superior collarbone lines are very eye-catching, and Yang Zi, who rarely has long hair and shawls, looks gentle and ladylike.

Yang Mi wore a low-cut white wedding dress and shawl hair, which was very beautiful.

Liu Shishi wears a wedding dress, which is really synonymous with elegance and gentleness, like a water lotus flower that is invincible to the cool breeze.

When I was a child, I felt that those long swing wedding dresses in fairy tales were the most beautiful clothes in the world, and looking at the long swing wedding dress and the back of the bride, it was as pure and beautiful as a fairyland, and this, Tang Yan was able to control perfectly in real life.

The sugar candy who married love is really beautiful, when she wore another pink wedding dress, surrounded by flowers, it was also beautiful and dreamy, and a set of trench coat photos successfully hit the hearts of the melon-eating masses.

Zhao Lusi is wearing a gray-white wedding dress, and wears an oversized bow on her head, her thick hair is half-tied up, and her shape is gorgeous and dreamy, with a sense of vitality and vitality bride + cute elf.

And her smile is really too sweet, she has a fair complexion under the tree with a slight smile, and the light gauze dress is interpreted by her to be very delicate and cute.

Naza, in addition to the dress styling can beat, in fact, Naza’s wedding dress style is also very beautiful.

In the picture, she is wearing a white wedding dress, although there is no decoration, but she looks very clean and elegant.

Zhao Liying and Lin Xinxin because of the popularity of Chu Qiaochuan back then, Xingyue and his wife have attracted countless fans.

The two also appeared on the cover of the 2017 spring issue of “Fashion Bridal COSMOBride”, and the wedding photos taken were really beautiful and romantic, of course, the wedding dress she wore at the event later was also very beautiful, but unfortunately Yuwen Yue is still soaking underwater.

The national girl also wore a wedding dress when shooting for a brand of advertising, and she changed two sets of wedding dresses in a row, especially the pink bandeau wedding dress, showing off her shoulders and beautiful legs, and stepping on crystal high heels, showing her good figure.

As a former member of the Rocket Girl, Fu Jing’s tall figure, delicate facial features, and good business ability can be described as a highly recognizable one. And when she wore a wedding dress, she looked beautiful and feminine.

The new drama “Radiance” just broadcast, Wu Lizi’s latest wedding dress style played by Cai Wenjing, has to make people’s eyes shine, hollow white wedding dress with bright red lips, the Republic of China style is too beautiful!

The sister-in-law is going to marry someone else, and the GIF can also be hit.

Zhu Zhu, a rare bead after ten years of amorous beauty, full of femininity + pear vortex makes her very recognizable.

Although most of the beauties played by Zhu Zhu in the play are amorous, the wedding dress she wore when she got married in reality was very simple. THE MOST EYE-CATCHING ASPECT OF THE LOOK IS THE TASAKI PEARL CROWN ON THE TOP OF THE HEAD.

Xu Jiaqi SNH48 graduation wedding dress, pearl necklace + exaggerated diamond earrings + feathers and white veil match each other, plus the upper body off-the-shoulder cut is not dragged neatly, showing her shoulder and neck line and collarbone very well, is a typical princess style.

With the increasing number of single aristocrats, many girls now say: “I may not get married, but I will definitely wear a wedding dress”, which shows the sacred and beautiful status of wedding dresses in the hearts of girls.

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