In the early autumn, what kind of “shirt” is a king? 4 pieces of clothes + 15 sets, come and copy homework

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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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Just after the autumn, the fashion topics alternated in summer and autumn are endless. Leading a fashion medium, always take the trend “steering wheel” with advanced predictions to create more popular topics.

And major businesses have long since started the market to grab the battle, pre-staged a glamorous [autumn autumn]. For ordinary people, wearing autumn seems to be early. It is still in progress with the Tour of the Summer, I want to wear the autumn, and the environment is not allowed.


It seems that there seems to take a horse, and the extraordinary summer is alternate, but it contains another “first machine”. That is the leak, Taobao! Take advantage of the exchange of the merchants, start some

high quality



Classic basic fund

It is another great pleasure of fashion.


For example, the price is expensive silk shirt, as long as the fabric is multiplied, the style is classic, the color is not out of time. There is also a small black skirt, the elegant skirt of the waist, handsome shirt, simple T-shirt, see the price ratio, one shot is wrong.

Today’s share, related to the shirt. With the daily 15 sets, follow the Luowei to enjoy the seasonal beauty of the late summer.

Take a keyword refining:

These 15 sets, a total of 4 shirts and 9 pieces / jackets, a total of 13 items. Analysis of items, just to grasp their style, when you encounter similar styles, you can learn from sex.

4 shirts

Sweet white shirt

The big sleeve is obvious, the version is loose. The style is leisure, but it is not a gorgeous woman.

Blue stripe shirt

Refreshing light blue and fine stripe pattern combined, although the version is relaxed, there is still a sanctuary. Excellent washing temperament, workplace shirt essential.

Induction whitening shirt

And the style of the first white shirt is 2 points: the fabric is thin, the style is too handsome.

Black long shirt

The black long shirt skirt that is not easy to go wrong, it is necessary to change the season than the above 3.

Other 9 items are as follows: gray skirt, black straight skirt, white vest, brown cardigan, dark blue suit, black tape pants, dark jeans, beige casual pants, yellow lady pants, classic wild.

➝ ➝ 15 套 套 衬

The first set


: Sweet gorgeous white shirts, preferred partners are jeans. Slimated calf pants, with the big version, just echoing the casual contour combination. There is no problem with color, style. Dark blue suit with high heels, is also a workplace standard.

If you want a comfortable point, high heel sandals are changed to a pointed single shoe, and the foot feelings are still not exquisite.

Second set


: Blue shirt, the preferred partner is black straight pants. why? Pavigated shirts and sprinkled straight skirts, it is absolutely, both style conflicts, coordinated, naturally cooperative.

Third set


: Hot late summer, the lightweight surface is still the first choice. The loose workfall is obvious, with hipster aura. Can be leisure, it can be officially, and how to stage it. This yellow


Wide leg pants

, Before sharing, you can modify the belly, leg-type ladies style, classic, tie, harder, dressing shirt, more than enough.

Fourth set

: I like to walk a casual pants? The same white, but it can stand out in many styles. Hundreds of good wear, cool and comfortable. Let the black long shirt cooperate with it to casual in the invisible.

A beige scarf, in addition to not suitable for high temperature days, it is a perfect match from a style. If you change to a fine silk towel or necklace, this rough is random. Either change the casual pants into straight pants.

Fifth set

: White with yellow, color color is no problem. Gorgeous wind shirt and wide leg pants will have too expanded suspicion. If the one is not high, the figure is fat, and this kind of match is avoided. The big sleeve of this shirt is too large, and the person is biased.

Therefore, the accessories


Together, it functions. The pointed high heel, exquisite small bag, forms a contrast in a redundant width. At this point, please pay attention when wearing loose clothes.

Sixth set

: Pants, picking fabrics, and styles in the workplace. Suitable material, simple wide-legged pants style, these are an element necessary for texture. With a blue shirt, everything is just right.

The only unfortunate thing is that it will be fat, especially the waist, and it is not careful, and it is not high. If you change to a suspenders, the waist is moved down, the effect is absolutely atmospheric.

7th set ~ 9 sets


These three sets are different. Black shirt skirt, with yellow wide leg pants, what is to


The stunning. When wearing, open it, come up with confidence, you can wear it.

Gorgeous wind shirt + casual buck pants, although it is the same color, but style


The stylish is not to be underestimated. Therefore, there must be a sexy opening of high heels, as well as black west, in order to wear a workplace.


Another set of white shirts + black straight skirts, profile. Simple black and white and simple version, is not enough. You must use bright colored accessories and style hats to improve fashion.

Tenth set

: Dark blue, light blue, beige; suits, shirts, skirts, never wrong workshops. Of course, the half-length skirt is replaced into a beige pants, and the degree of atmosphere is more competitive. This set of points worthy of attention is:


The neckline of the blue shirt and the way of wearing, please keep the shirt neck





Try not to instantly form a hard-working picture, opposite the suit, and look serious.


Not only this shirt, when wearing any shirt, pay attention to the space of the neck and the impact on the neck. It’s too cautious, but wearing a big taboo.


Eleventh set


: Finally ushered in the simply stacked figure. One beige, nothing


The sweater is in the shoulder, the autumn, the cool artistic conception is presented. The style is too handsome, may not be very suitable for formal workplace.

But occasionally when you go out or go shopping, such a set of heads is the most beautiful elegant landscape of the street.

12th set ~ 14 sets


From the style, these 3 shirts are common


The attribute is very obvious. But with different bottoming matches, change the final style. For example, the half-length skirt is elegant, the handsome, leisure of the feet jeans.

The shoes and bags and other accessories are the key to the adjustment style. If you want to strengthen, you will follow; if you want to reverse it, it will be resolved. It is not difficult to do it when you find out your own way.

Fifteenth set


: Like this simple but atmospheric black shirt skirt, Luo Wei feels that it is necessary to change the season. Single wear, stack, when the jacket can, deal with the temperature difference in the morning and evening, it is a good hand.

Length, it is best to be slightly long, the best best in the calf. It has been made to create a high proportion using a long longitudinal line. Decorative, you can have less, keep the simple land. In addition to black, brown, beige, military green is also good.

Ok, the above is the 15 sets of seasonal seizures of the morning shirt. I hope to have a little inspiration to you!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately believe it, welcome to leave a message to discuss, we grow together on the road to become beautiful!