Poetry life Italian modern bookshelf brand recommendation

Reading people happiness, traveling in the ocean of books, is a lot of people’s favorite relaxation. Therefore, during the home improvement process, they will always add a bookshelf for their own home and place their favorite baby books. For reading enthusiasts, some books are precious, and must purchase a practical and stylish bookshelf. Today, this article recommends some Italian modern bookshelf brands for everyone to choose.

1, Molteni & C Italy Modern Bookshelf

Molteni & C brand was founded in Milan, and it has been strictly controlled from raw materials to every aspect of the finished product process, so that the wood from the choice to semi-finished products, from disassembly to the paint, insist on manual completion. Molteni & C Modern study bookshelf is to cooperate with international names and architects, and a classic of furniture.

诗意生活 意大利现代书架品牌推荐

2, Piarotto study bookshelf

PiaRotto is always one, trying to constantly find new materials and explore leading technology, create practical and beautiful modern bookshelf products, current Italian modern bookshelf brand Piarotto furniture Internet sales can meet the needs of customers who are far from Milan, and also meet customer footsteps Needless to leave home.

3, Carpanelli Contemporary

诗意生活 意大利现代书架品牌推荐

CARPANELLI Contemporary produces furniture adopts modern design, through natural materials (such as timber, metal, glass, leather), combining traditional and innovation, guides the real original furniture design, sensitive way and rich imagination The home space of the user creates an elegant and charming visual effect.


Italian modern bookshelf brand Novamobili furniture design is ergonomic, and is functional, which is characterized by meeting practical needs. Novamobili furniture can withstand the test of time, using a material compatible: This is their environmental contribution to save local and surroundings.

诗意生活 意大利现代书架品牌推荐

5, Mara

MARA is always committed to the innovation of technology and materials, manufacturing technology, and has always followed: functions, cost design, and environmental respect. Combined with professional design and functional creation each beautiful home product.

Today, Italian furniture occupies a pivotal position in the world. It not only has authentic European classic style, but also the spiritual spirit of Italian, the Italian modern bookshelf brand is also true. Italian House focuses on the one-stop service professional platform of European imported home building materials. In home and lifestyle areas, it is already an Italian design, art, and cultural disseminster.