These are the right ways to open the “turtleneck sweater”, warm and comfortable, versatile and fashionable

Turtlenecks must be no strangers to sisters, usually when the season is cold, one to prepare, can play a very warm effect, in addition, high necks can also create a commuting and casual experience, today let’s take a look at a variety of different styles of turtlenecks, whether it is outside or lining have a special flavor.

First of all, if you want to create a casual style of girls, then you must put black first, black turtlenecks can always present an atmospheric, dashing atmosphere, so versatile black, even as a jacket, can also show a relaxed side.

In addition, since it is used as an external layer, the temperament image shown is also wonderful, black is a dark color, so this is simply the welfare of yellow-skinned girls, it can still set off the skin white, showing the charm of women.

Black is well known as a classic color, so khaki turtlenecks, are you also very excited? Khaki is a relatively popular color, wearing it on the body can show the romance of winter, girls who are excited may wish to try it.

And the best match with khaki is white, wearing a simple khaki turtleneck, without any decoration, under a pair of white jeans, how elegant to look, how to look how ladylike.

Moreover, girls, if they can spread their hair down, the slightly curly hair can add a romantic atmosphere to us, which is a concrete embodiment of pure desire, mixed with some intellectual feelings, very feminine.

Of course, if you are afraid of the cold, we can also match a beige coat over the khaki turtleneck, the combination of khaki and beige, not only in line with the choice of the same color, but also more able to wear a fashionable charm, with a sense of premium.

Girls who don’t know how to get fashionable, then you must try such a striped high collar! Black and coffee color are separated, how to look very outstanding, very eye-catching, want to bring domineering royal sister style, then wear a pair of sunglasses, proper aura suppression.

The sisters who can’t match it quickly learn from this blogger, the turtleneck poses in the shape of a pile collar, providing a casual and comfortable feeling, and a leather skirt is decorated underneath, with the atmosphere of an urban girl, super eye-catching and delicate and attractive.

Now that we’ve seen the outerwear of the turtleneck, can we also understand what the turtleneck can provide us with as an inner lining? For example, this green turtleneck, which is accompanied by a denim skirt casual age-reducing atmosphere, is immediately highlighted, subtle and easy to use.

Whether it is a light mature woman or a mature woman, first of all, we can choose a more slim turtleneck as the lining, and secondly, choose a more beautiful color, such as green, which is close to nature, which allows us to hold the youthful atmosphere and show a vigorous and vigorous side.

If it is used as an underwear for other items, choose a lighter knitwear that is not easy to show fat, if it is worn alone or used to match with thick items such as coats and down jackets, it does not affect whether it is thicker or lighter.

Wearing a turtleneck sweater is most afraid of the collar is too tight, so that there will be a sense of restraint, wearing is not so comfortable, like the blogger’s collar is very good, relatively loose, not strangled neck, and will not be too loose to affect warmth. Autumn/winter simple turtleneck knit sweater, solid color loose pullover thick sweater.

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The whole knitwear is also made of relatively thick fabric, which looks very weighty, and does not lose a particularly slim design, which can hide the fat and look thin and fashionable.

With a checked tweed skirt, it is elegant and retro, fashionable and modern, very simple and daily, and at the same time, with the help of the wearing method of tucking corners, the waist line is enhanced to be more fashionable.

Of course, as the last white turtleneck is a very versatile style, no matter what color it is paired with, it can show a gentle, pure, and elegant feeling, but the only exception is to match red, red and white are combined, all in all, dazzling.

The red knit is used as an outer, and the white turtleneck is selected for the lining, so that the combination of two plain and bright colors can better set off our excellent temperament and show a confident side, and the sisters who can’t dress quickly learn it, with a pair of simple jeans underneath.

When we match clothes, hairstyle is also an important auxiliary decoration, for example, when red and white turtlenecks are combined, then we use a smart short hair to slightly decorate, then the visual impression presented must be particularly perfect.

Turtlenecks have always been warm and fashionable to wear, as long as they are well matched, whether they are worn outside or inside, they will provide us with extremely bright results, sisters, you can try turtlenecks this winter, it will always give you unexpected results. Well, that’s it for today, let’s see you in the next issue.

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