Premium brands that can’t afford it, love this color

Hello everyone, there is such a color, spring and summer wear is a little out of everyone, but winter out to arrange, that is

The advanced that others can’t catch up with at all!

Lemaire, Peter Do, Low Classic, these do not rely on logos in the fashion industry.

A brand that wins with a sense of premium

, you can see it

Gray-green tones of color


By color contrast, it is obvious.

Highly saturated green

, It’s not that it’s not good-looking, it’s too jumpy,

Easy visual fatigue

Use it on outfits

Very unfriendly for most Minions


The gray-green tone is much more attractive

, because green itself is warm-toned yellow and cool-toned blue, so in and beyond

Color matching is an absolute good-tempered aspect

A gray-green coat is perfectly matched with a blue sweater and a brown-yellow bag.

The gray-green color is wonderful, it

Have personality but not too eye-catching

For example, if you spend a lot of money on a bag, the low-key appearance may not be able to see that you have spent money. Buy a bright color, it is not easy to match, and it feels like you are always carrying a bag. Gray-green solves these two problems perfectly!

And it works

Neutralize other eye-catching colors

! The full set of blue has added a thief’s eye-catching green tie, so you can’t talk about it without drawing a delicate makeup every day! The gray-green trench coat is put on the outside, which is very good at wearing at a glance, and it is better to control it every day.

This color

The larger the area to wear

The more it can reflect the high-class sense of color

Pair it with 5 points

, directly

Fill it with a sense of premium

Single gray-green tone, change

Combine cold and warm tones


And can conjure up patterns

I’ll tell you about it today

Comes with a sense of premium


Don’t pick people


Color—gray-green tones

Full set of gray and green tones

As I just said, this color is especially suitable for wearing large areas.

In autumn and winter, you can buy coats directly

, worn inside

Black underwear


Appears thin

The outside is responsible for showing white and high-level

Bright gray-green coat

Tie a milky white scarf

The heroine of the Korean drama has a sense of sight

Winter is suitable

Calm dark gray-green

, can be used in the same way

Brown-yellow bags with autumn and winter feel to add interest to the color

No matter how warm it is, you can wear it

Cool gray-green trench coat


Blue shirt and white T-shirt to layer

Clean and refreshing

The best thing to harness is

Gray-green suit set

Don’t pick a figure

Matching also saves trouble

Dark green gray denim set



, hard and stiff fabric has a high tolerance for the body,

The skin exposed inside is not pornographic at all

A different shade of checked green dress

The color division is thinner

Grey and green pieces

Gray-green top

Don’t pick your skin tone

, so very

Suitable as a top

Quilted cotton garment



of that’s it


Green patent leather coat

Gray-green fur collar

, there is a change in the hierarchy that makes the slightly more saturated leather coat easier to handle.

Deep olive green cargo coat


This piece can be worn more fashionably under makeup.

Light gray-green cotton garment



Have a



Just hold it!

And also

Knitted vests and sweaters

Gray-green and light pink contrast

It’s not timid at all, but it’s quite advanced

Gray-green sweater

and warm

Light hair color

Combination, proper chic.

Small in winter


, you can buy more

。 Pair it with off-white pants and gold accessories.

hot chick

You can take a look

Plush short cardigan

It looks good on the outside of the shirt, and the lazy temperament is pinched!

Gray-green sweatshirt


Suitable for yellow skin


Sweatshirts, hats and shoes are worn dark gray-green

White straight-leg trousers

The color scheme is refreshing




。 I don’t have time to wash my hair and makeup in the morning, so I wear it like that!

The lower body of the sweatshirt can also be used


Reddish brown pants

Collocation, more biased

Neutral handsome

Light gray-green leather shirt

Everything else is served in white

Suitable for the workplace

Person. When you go out, you can layer it with a thick coat, and the leather is still very warm.

Gray-green pants

Army green cargo pants

Durability is resistant to leg shape

, with a suit suit, full of preppy feeling!

Dark green sweatpants

Wear it in autumn and winter


Don’t worry about showing thick legs

Gray-green sweatpants with white cotton jacket make the overall color fresher.

Gray-green sports yoga pants, go to the gym and wait to be linked!

Gray-green pants with Spice Girl suspenders won’t steal the scene at all.

Gray-green bag

Just said

A bag that is conspicuous and easy to match


That’s it!

Jacquemus’ gray-green cross-body bag

, with a khaki suit suit, the whole is a comfortable high-grade gray color.


Also out

Dark green and light green



Logo model

There is nothing to carry yet, there is a budget to rush a wave!


Domestic designer brand

CHINCHIN’s light green bag


Solid color




Rounded lines


Thick metal chain, cute and stylish.

Gray-green shoes

These two years

Gray-green shoes are definitely a trend


This pair

Olive green big-toe martins

It’s out of the loop. The sole has a certain thickness, or a large head that shows thin legs, which is a new choice for black Martin boots to wear.

Brushing IG can often see bloggers wearing

Martin boots. For daily wear, this is more recommended

Short model

Chelsea boots

, with slightly loose pants on the top, neat and handsome.

Patent leather

It is not easy to have a gray protrusion feeling, and the whole body is ok with low-key colors.

Gray-green boots

The color is special, the legs are good-looking, wear it with a short skirt, and amplify the advantage!

Light gray green cowboy boots

, also with a green trench coat, handsome and fashionable.

Gray-green beautiful eyes

Gray-green saturation is relatively low

, the upper eye is not obtrusive at all.

Wearing it is like drawing makeup without makeup

, directly looks good.

@White Lion LENS@Princess Beautiful Eyes: Larme Lime Green

Can wear a strong sense of mixed race

, and completely

There will be none

Light-colored beauty pupil kind

Sense of cataracts

@OIMG Beauty Eyes: Thai lime green

Green pupils

Draw one

Crushed diamond makeup


@Cookie has died in battle Beauty Hitomi: EYEPONY Yuyu series Harajuku Ash

Wear it with red or orange tones

Pure lust

Hold it too!


Atmospheric makeup

, with low-saturation ones

Bean paste color

Absolutely nothing wrong!

Gray-green manicure

This one

The color does not pick people

Good to match clothes

。 Everyone makes big red nails in the New Year, we might as well make a more advanced one.

Gray-green tones

Solid color

It’s just beautiful.



Smudged version

If it is a little difficult, you can buy this directly

Wear armor

。 particularly

Suitable for nails that don’t stay long


Go to a nail salon to do it,

Translucent base color + curved lines

It seems that the entire hand line looks good

This color

This color

This color









Don’t pick your skin tone