Sorted out an issue of good-looking and exquisite celebrity earrings, which are very suitable for young girls!

Jewelry brands

I wrote two issues of affordable clothing brands that celebrities also love to wear, providing more choices besides big brands and Taobao, and I feel that everyone’s enthusiasm for this kind of topic is very high.

Just last week I wrote hair accessories, let’s plant some good-looking niche jewelry brands today!

The brands introduced today are often flopped by stars, and most of the prices are within the acceptable range, but the disadvantage is that there are fewer official purchase channels, you need to find a purchasing, and you should polish your eyes when you buy~

(Not advertising is not promotion, there is no interest connection, purely just collated for everyone’s reference)

1. wingbling

This brand can be said to be loved by girl groups, and many girl groups will wear it when performing. Most of the earrings of this brand are

Prefer sweet and cute,

With delicate makeup, it’s easy to present a stunning stage look.

Winbling’s earrings are very decorative, but they don’t give a sense of maturity and wealth, but

A girlish delicacy.

The decorations are mainly flowers, moons and other elements, with a medium sense of volume, although shiny, but not exaggerated.

Momo and Jixiu are both frequent customers of wingbling, and the flower stud earrings worn by Momo below are relatively low-key styles in this brand, and they can be controlled by dressing up a little more simply in daily life.

Looking at the picture, you can feel that wingbling is overall sweet, but this very warm and sweet earring style is easy to look greasy and tacky if you don’t master it well. So wingbling will also be often

Use an asymmetrical design to reduce a little cuteness,

It will look more fashionable.

It can be imagined that if the following pair of love stud earrings are both in the shape of three love hearts, it is simply sweet, and the asymmetrical design makes this pair of earrings lighter and more characteristic.

The girl group that wears wingbling most often is Twice, which is very in line with their positioning as a lively girl.

When I checked the information, I also learned that wingbling has a “gratitude green” project, making some wildlife ornaments, and 5% of the income from this project will be donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature. It makes sense, and the animal ornaments are cute too.

If you look closely at the picture, you can identify the shape of the corresponding animal. The one on the right is made even the bamboo that the panda eats, and it is very fine.

wingbling price is friendly,

Most do not exceed 200,

Although some are titanium, you can buy brands and designs at this price, and the cost performance is still good.

2. Glam Ever

Glam Ever is a British fashion jewelry brand, designers Delia and Fabrice are from Central Saint Martins jewelry design specialty, the style level is relatively guaranteed.

Unlike the wingbling above, although Glam Ever is often decorated with diamonds, its volume is relatively small, and its color is generally simple gold and silver.

The style is dominated by geometric lines, and the temperament is more light and mature.

Glam Ever’s popularity in China may all depend on it

Star of the same style

Bring it up, many female stars have worn this affordable brand, and even appeared on many magazine covers.

Qi Wei’s necklace, Zhang Ruonan’s ring, and Liu Chengyu’s necklace all come from Glam Ever.

The female star who loves Glam Ever the most is Zhao Liying, and almost all of her accessories in the TV series “You and My Time in the City” have been contracted by Glam Ever. The stud earrings worn on the advertising image for Longines watches are also Glam Ever.

Li Qin has also worn it many times, and the stud on it seems to be a small one with no features, but it is actually the shape of ice cream, delicate and cute. The irregular curve ring below is also quite special.

The three most popular products on the Glam Ever online store are all letter series, necklaces, rings, ear lines have 24 letter styles to choose from, you can DIY by yourself, not easy to collide with others.

The most picked by female celebrities is the Star and Moon series, which is inspired by the interplay of stars and moons in nature, symbolizing romantic love. The earrings of the Star and Moon series are all asymmetrical shapes of one star and one moon, and there are two styles: studs and ear chains.

Glam Ever will also have some new products, such as this mouse beaded necklace and Valentine’s Day necklace, which are also suitable for gifts.

The necklace pendant on the top is in the shape of a mouse.

Glam Ever is the only brand with a Tmall flagship store in today’s issue.

The price is mainly in the 200-300 yuan,

The style is popular, and there are the blessings of the same style of the star, and it is said that the quality is not bad, it is worth trying.


Remember when you wrote earrings before, did you give Song Huiqiao an example? The little stud earrings she wears in “Descendants of the Sun” are very versatile, and they are not obtrusive all year round.

Many of the earrings in the play come from the Korean brand J.ESTINA, which has been established for 17 years.

It is very popular in Korea.

The style of the jewelry is simple and delicate, which is very in line with the temperament of the doctor role played by Song Huiqiao.

And we are

Watch drama and learn to dress


It is very suitable to add a little tenderness and sophistication to women in the workplace.

J.ESTINA is basically a household name in South Korea, and it is inseparable from the efforts of brand image, and the spokespersons selected are the most popular stars and athletes in South Korea. Girls’ Generation, Kwon Ji-ryu, and Kim Yuna have all served as brand spokespersons.

The spokesperson of the spring/summer 2020 collection is IU, and the advertising image is very grassy, the gentle tone of nude pink, with small stud earrings and slender watches, both like a girl in need of protection and the delicacy of a little woman.


The price is mainly around 400-800 yuan,

It is generally made of 925 sterling silver. Personally, I think it is suitable for young girls with a certain spending power.

4. e.m.

e.m. is a Japanese brand that has a certain popularity in Japan, and has collaborated with fashion master Reiyuki Kawakubo many times, but it is relatively niche in China.

E.M.’s jewelry style is slim and retro, and does not like shiny decorations very much,

Most of them are pure metal styles.

The above regular styles are good in design and texture,

But the price of the e.m. is on the expensive side,

If the spending power is average, it is not very recommended. The most distinctive is the Love Fruit series, which is weird and cute.

The hottest is this cherry earring, which was popular last summer. I also found out recently

The original is e.m.,

Most of the people on Taobao are imitations.

This cherry earring is really good-looking, giving it a refreshing and summer feeling. There are several other colors, which are also very cute, compared to the crimson above, the following colors are more lively girls.

In addition to cherries, there are grapes, strawberries, pineapples, kiwi fruits, etc., the texture is good, the gloss is very good, and the graininess is realistic enough, making the crystal clear feeling of fruit.

The price of this series of earrings is more than 500,

A pair is more than a thousand, suitable for girls with a relatively large budget.

5. katenkelly

The above brands are mainly earring necklaces, and there are more types of hair accessories. Katenkelly is a local affordable brand in Korea, with a wide range of styles and accessories.

Jun Ji-hyun did not forget to spoil this in the big-name “You from the Star”

Affordable brand headbands.

We could be found in Katenkelly a few days ago

Hair accessories

Most of the hair accessories mentioned in the story.

The first is the thin hairband, and the two more ornately decorated thin hairbands of IU in “Hotel Druna” are katenkelly, which matches her courtly style in the play.

There are also many types of solid color or bow wide hair bands, but thick hair bands seem to be rare, probably because the brand positioning is more affordable and girly, and thick hair bands are more expensive, and the style is not very consistent.

The wide solid bracelet below is available in many colors.

Of course, there are also cheap and easy to use

large intestine hair ring,

This hair band comes in two colors, Son Ye-jin used white in “Love’s Forced Landing”, and Kong Xiaozhen wore red in “When the Camellia Blossoms”, which was consistent with the brightness of their clothes at that time.

The mesh hair loop is more suitable for young girls and has a sweet and dreamy feeling, and the pink mesh hair circle chosen by Joy is very in line with her cute temperament and also adds a small highlight to the hairstyle.

The two chokers worn by the heroine of “Itaewon Class” are also from Katenkelly, in short, it follows the trend and often appears in the latest Korean dramas.

Katenkelly is an all-rounder, and the earrings and hair card are also very good-looking, so I won’t say much about the limited space.

The price is around 200,

Another real affordable brand.

6. Vintage Hollywood

One last one

Gorgeous and noble style

of the brand bar. Compared with the above several girly brands, Vintage Hollywood is not so cute and playful, taking a new retro style, with a Hollywood celebrity style gorgeous.

Vintage Hollywood is best known for its large earrings that are slightly exaggerated and drape strongly, noble and elegant, stealing the eye.

So her earrings are very suitable for mature and gorgeous, feminine looks, like Han Yise, Li Duoxi, Xinya, Xuanmei, they all like this brand.

The earring style is not very orthodox and dignified and gorgeous, and the sense of fashion is also very strong.

Some female celebrities who do not look glamorous themselves will also choose to use Vintage Hollywood to enhance their aura and sense of luxury when attending formal events.

In addition to large earrings, Vintage Hollywood’s pearl jewelry is also very popular, this necklace is a recent hit, the decoration of the smiley face pendant breaks the dignified sense of the traditional pearl necklace, and becomes casual and funny.

In addition, some of Vintage Hollywood’s accessories can be used for multiple purposes, such as the pearl necklace worn by Jennie and Xuanmei can be attached to a dust bag and DIY into a small handbag.

This brand of smaller stud earrings can be bought for about 200, and the long earrings and pearl necklaces introduced above will be a little more expensive, but generally within 600.

Today’s earring brand collection is here, the last time I wrote the headband, many people in the message said that they wanted to see the earrings matching.

In fact, the matching skills Tintin wrote about very early on, including

How to choose different face shapes

How to match in visual presence

, interested girls can flip through it.

If you like this brand recommendation, remember to order one