You don’t necessarily know all about the wipers and mirrors

Wipers and mirrors are common

But do we really know them

The wipers are not clean and squeak

How often should it be replaced?

What is the right thing to change?

What exactly does the mirror heating function do?

And how to use it?

Let’s take a closer look

windscreen wiper

Wipers, also known as wipers, after years of use, often appear unclean, squeaking, rain residue and other problems, especially in summer thunderstorms and heavy rain weather affect driving safety, it is very necessary to replace it in time.

Recommended replacement cycle: 1 year

Glass water should be sprayed properly before starting the wiper, otherwise it will cause dry scraping, which will wear the wiper very much, and even scratch the front windshield. Wiper blades are wearing parts, and if the scrape is not clean, it can be considered for replacement.

Classification: bone wipers, boneless wipers

The types of wipers are mainly divided into two categories: bone wipers, boneless wipers, lighter weight, simpler structure, pressure can be evenly transmitted to the wiper rubber strip, can reduce jitter wear, so now more and more models are beginning to be equipped with boneless wipers.

Pay attention to the different interfaces of the wipers

Of course, the interface part of the wiper should also be noted, of which the four categories of U-shaped, snap-snap, dovetail and side-plug occupy 99% of the interface types on the market, and only a few such as Audi A6 and Renault’s models are “unique”.

When replacing wipers, it is not necessary to use the original wiper brand, as long as the size and interface are suitable for your model.

In addition, in non-4S store channels, car owners can also buy the same brand products (not the same product as the original car, only the same brand product), but these brand products will not have an impact on the daily use of the car.

What should I pay attention to when replacing wipers?

In fact, there are some small tricks to replacing wipers, such as in many Volkswagen models, you can insert the key to power up and screw to OFF gear, gently press down the wiper lever brush mode, then the wiper will automatically hang to the 90° vertical position, convenient for the wiper replacement.

Prevents the wiper arm from hitting the front windshield

After removing the original wiper, be careful not to loosen the wiper control arm at will, this piece of iron hitting the front windshield may directly smash the glass, pay attention to put a protective pad or rag on the glass when replacing it to prevent accidents.

After talking about the wipers, let’s talk about mirror heating.

Heated mirrors

The function of “mirror heating” should be familiar to everyone, and now many vehicles will be equipped with a mirror heating function, so what is the function of this mirror heating function? And how to use it?

What is the mirror heating function?

Mirror heating is heating the mirror. When driving in rain, snow, fog and other weather, press the mirror heating button, the exterior mirror can be heated by a heating wire embedded behind the lens, and then dry the mist and frost on the mirror surface, so that the lens surface is clear.

This feature is not only convenient and hassle-free, but also improves safety when driving.

How to use rearview mirror heating?

In fact, most models will combine mirror heating and rear windshield defogging on a single button, as shown in the figure below.

That is, when the driver presses the rear glass heating button, the exterior mirrors also heat up together. After turning it on, the heating function will last for 12~15 minutes, and then it will turn off automatically. (This function does not need to turn on the air conditioner and can be turned on separately).

Of course, there are also some models of rearview mirror heating function, which is independently designed on the mirror knob, such as the Volkswagen series. This knob of its is to adjust the angle of the left and right rearview mirrors, when this knob is in the middle position, it is the rearview mirror heating, and the heating function is automatically turned on.

It should be noted here that a device with such a mechanical structure will not automatically turn off after turning on the heating function.

It is necessary to manually twist the knob to the left or right, which prevents the heating function from working all the time, which can affect the life of the heater.

In addition, there are some more advanced, for example, the rearview mirror heating function of BMW cars is automatic, and the system will judge whether to heat the mirror and to what extent according to the current indoor and outdoor temperature gap and whether to turn on the wipers, so there is no separate switch.

What should I pay attention to when using the mirror heating function?

When the rearview mirror heating function is turned on, it is not immediately able to achieve the effect of defogging and defrosting, but after preheating, the frost and fog will be gradually eliminated.

When this function is used too many times, and each use time exceeds 30 minutes, it will affect the life, clarity and luminosity of the rearview mirror.

In addition, the rearview mirror heating function can generally be activated only if the external temperature is below 20 degrees. And when the outside temperature is high, even if the switch is turned on, the rearview mirror will not heat up.

The rearview mirror heating function is to remove fog droplets and frost on the mirror surface, but it does not eliminate raindrops on the mirror surface in heavy rain environments. Because in heavy rain, the heat generated by the heating element is not enough to evaporate the continuous raindrops, it will still cause blurring of the mirror surface, affecting the driver’s line of sight.

Therefore, the rearview mirror heating function is not once and for all. For friends who do not have a rearview mirror heating function, you can install a rainproof fog film on the car rearview mirror, and the raindrops will slide off quickly when they touch it, which can basically achieve the above effect.

A car with a rearview mirror heating function, its rearview mirror lens is different from ordinary lenses, heated lenses with heating function socket, when replacing rearview lenses, you must pay attention to this ha.