A few dollars a bottle of vitamin C can give people 4 types of problems, do you understand?

A few dollars a bottle of vitamin C can give people 4 types of problems, do you understand?

“Hello, I want to buy a bottle of vitamin C. Thank you. The pharmacy clerk turned around and brought me a bottle of 198 vitamin C and handed it to me.

“Isn’t there a small white bottle, the kind of vitamin C of pills?”

“That vitamin C absorption effect is not good, there are side effects, this bottle of vitamin C is natural, fast absorption, has many benefits for the body, suitable for all ages.”

But as a slum girl who had just passed Double Twelve, she really couldn’t afford to buy 200 yuan of vitamin C, and after my repeated requests, the clerk reluctantly brought me a bottle of vitamin C tablets for 3 yuan.

I believe that many people have such an experience, go to the store to buy vitamin C, the clerk will first give you 200 bottles of high-priced vitamin C, and tell you that this vitamin C is more natural and the effect is better, so is this really the case? Which is better, 3 yuan vitamin C or 200 yuan vitamin C?

What is the difference between dimension C for 3 bucks and dimension C for 200 dollars?

The 3 dollar dimension C and the 200 yuan vitamin C are actually different properties.

Vitamin C of 3 yuan belongs to the drug vitamin C, which has the national medicine quasi-brand number and is an OTC logo. But 200 yuan of vitamin C belongs to health care products, is a food health brand, and belongs to

Blue hat logo for health food

The country’s regulatory requirements for these two types of vitamin C are also different, and the production standards for drug vitamin C are more stringent, and its efficacy and side effects must be confirmed before marketing, and it must be tested on animals or humans, while the health care vitamin C is not so strict.


Pharmaceutical vitamin C has a higher content of vitamin C,

The pure natural absorption promoted by health vitamin C does not make much sense, because the human body has no difference in the absorption effect of natural vitamin C or chemically synthesized vitamin C, and in terms of price, drug vitamin C is also more close to the people and cost-effective.

In terms of taste, health vitamin C is better, because health vitamin C adds a lot of auxiliary ingredients, and more than 60% of them are sugar, so the taste will be better.

However, for people with diseases who lack vitamin C, whether it is from the safety or vitamin C content, the choice of drug vitamin C is more guaranteed. If it is just a simple daily health care, it is not impossible to buy vitamin C health products, but pay attention to the dosage of drugs in daily use,

The daily dose of vitamin C for adults should not exceed 1000 mg

Vitamin C is so popular, so what are the effects of vitamin C?

The 4 major effects of vitamin C

The reason why vitamin C is so popular is mainly because vitamin C has many physiological functions.

Vitamin C can improve human immunity

, because vitamin C can enhance the bactericidal ability in the body and improve the body’s ability to recognize and kill foreign malignant cells.

In addition, dimension C is okay

Inhibits the proliferation of viruses

In the season when colds are common, vitamin C supplementation can prevent colds.

Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect

It can inhibit the formation of lipid peroxidation free radicals in the endosomal body, block lipid peroxidation, and prevent damage to human blood vessels.

Vitamin C can also participate in the metabolism of cholesterol

, prevent cholesterol from precipitating in the inner wall of arteries, prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, promote the absorption of iron, calcium and folic acid in the body, and participate in the synthesis of collagen in the body.

So, in addition to drug vitamin C and health vitamin C, where else can vitamin C be ingested?

How to get vitamin C in daily life?

According to the recommendation of the Chinese Nutrition Society,

A daily intake of 100 mg of vitamin C is a healthy standard.

In daily life, in addition to vitamin C for medicines and vitamin C for health care, it can also be consumed through fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C

, such as kiwi, kiwifruit, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, etc. are rich in vitamin C, potatoes, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, etc. are also very high in vitamin C, fruits and greens in addition to rich vitamin C, there are many other substances needed by the human body, such as folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, etc.

In order to let everyone know which fruits are the hidden big accounts of VC, Sister Miao summarized a table for everyone:

Source: China Food Composition Table (6th Edition)

For people who are seriously deficient in vitamin C and need to supplement through health vitamin C or drug vitamin C, it is also important to learn to distinguish between health vitamin C and drug vitamin C.

Health care vitamin C can not prevent and treat diseases, and when using drug vitamin C, we must abide by the use and dosage of drugs. Of course, health vitamin C also needs to comply with the corresponding usage and dosage, and should not be overdosed.

The importance of vitamin C to the human body is self-evident, but it is not necessary to supplement it in large quantities.


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