What are the tips for choosing yoga clothes for “Love Burning Dry Goods Sharing”?

Have you bought a lot of yoga clothes and left them idle, buying them all the time but never being satisfied? What kind of yoga clothes are both comfortable and practical? Are there any tips for choosing yoga clothes? Today, I have collected and summarized some yoga clothing shopping tips:

Practicality is the most important thing

Presumably, when everyone is shopping, they have seen many beautiful women wearing yoga clothes, highlighting the figure, good is envious, but this kind of yoga clothes are good looking sexy but not practical, if you prepare for yoga exercises, then it is not recommended that you buy this type of yoga clothing, having a satisfactory yoga clothing is like a soldier on the battlefield with a high-standard gun in his hand, and practicing yoga is also full of happiness. The comfort of yoga clothes is the most important, only comfortable clothes will not have a sense of restraint when stretching the limbs, blindly pursuing the good look of clothes, is not a good choice.

The material should be environmentally friendly

Yoga wear is a personal product, and more attention should be paid to its health and environmental protection characteristics. Practitioners in the exercise, will sweat a lot, if the intimate clothing is not really environmentally friendly and healthy, harmful substances will enter the human skin and body with the relaxation of pores, in the long run, will cause greater harm to the human body. We practice yoga in pursuit of health, if we can’t correctly choose truly environmentally friendly and healthy yoga products, it will really be worth the loss. For example, fabrics containing 95% viscose and 5% spandex are a good choice, and such fabrics use reactive dyeing technology and will not contain harmful substances.

Slim and elastic

Beginners are not recommended to wear loose yoga clothes to practice, if in summer, it is best to expose large joints, such as knees, shoulders and elbows, so that the teacher can observe the muscles of the practitioner, once there is a problem, it can be found and corrected in time.

If it is winter, it is best to wear tighter clothes, and the elasticity must be good. Because yoga has many large movements of stretching the whole body, and not only a few angles, so if you wear loose and comfortable clothing of cotton and linen, although you feel breathable and comfortable, sometimes because the fabric is not elastic, there is a feeling of restraint, and it is impossible to fully stretch.

In addition, tights can reduce friction and make it easier for you to do some close-fitting asanas. Yoga clothes with high-quality soft fabrics can help you improve the effectiveness of your practice. For example, the body needs to be reversed as a dog, handstand, etc., so that the clothes will not be lifted and blocked from sight. Some jumping and crossing movements also require close-fitting clothing to reduce movement resistance.

The color should be soft and the style can be selected according to your preference

When choosing yoga clothing, try to choose a refreshing, elegant color, with pure color as the best, such as pure blue, pure gray, etc., so that your visual nerve can relax, so that you can quickly calm down, focus on yoga practice, in a quiet environment can make concentration, practice to relax yourself, the effect is better and more comfortable.

The above tips hope to help you choose a favorite yoga clothing, if you have not yet made up your mind, you can try the fiery yoga clothing, they are made of 95% viscose, spandex 5% fabric, and hundreds of solid colors to choose from, wear it, you can definitely enjoy a healthy and happy life in yoga practice!